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Sep 24-30, 2012

Laos' divine sunsets at Mekong River (Times of India)
Let's face it. The eight-hour journey across eastern Laos to Luang Prabang, the city lovingly dubbed as the jewel of French Indochina was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. One of my friends was stopping the car every few kilometres or so to throw up, while in the back seat, another friend's face was turning paler with every passing minute. Their discomfort was
Switzerland to step up aid to Laos (VT)
Switzerland will increase financial grants to Laos from US$16 million to about US$19 million annually, alongside a programme to bolster aid at the regional level. Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Mr Martin Dahinden, announced the nation's commitment after he visited projects funded by SDC in Xieng Khuang province
Corruption still plundering forests in Laos for furniture (Mongabay)
The forests of Lao are still suffering from widespread destruction with the government turning a blind eye to a thriving black market logging trade on the border of Laos and Vietnam, according to an update report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). Last year, the EIA found that powerful players, including the Vietnamese military, were plundering Laos
Laos Sets Floor Price For Rice (RFA or VT)
Laos has decided to set a minimum price for rice purchased from farmers to cushion them from a volatile market, the government announced Tuesday. An official with the Agriculture and Forestry Department in Champassak province, the rice bowl of Laos, said farmers have been reeling from erratic demand and prices compounded by the poor quality of
Vientiane motorists unhappy with parking fee hike (VT)
Car owners in Vientiane are unhappy about the prices they are being charged to use public parking areas, as these areas have been created using money the government has collected from taxes. A row of parking spaces on Setthathirath Road in front of Nam Phou Fountain is one area in particular that the authorities have received complaints about, after motorists
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... Laos ratifies three UN conventions (VT)
... Viva vientiane, A survivor with style (BP)
... Northern Laos’ 100 Waterfalls Trek (BBC)
... UXO clearance in Laos remains a daunting task (VT)
... Australia welcomes agreement on Laos's WTO entry (IIA)
... Laos: Give elephants to Japan a bad idea (Conversation)
... Lao-Thai: Another Mekong bridge in pipeline (TTR Weekly)
... Vietnamese children in Laos enjoy mid-Autumn festival (VOV)
... Chinese Embassy in Laos celebrates 63rd National Day (PD)
... Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Luang Prabang, Laos (VT)
... At UN debate, Laos FM urges more support for landlocked nations (UN)
... Laos’ WTO membership terms agreed — next stop: General Council (4-T)
... Vientiane to clamp down on parking (VT)
... Laos gains two-way travel (TTR Weekly)
... Laos, Thailand beef up cross border telecoms (VT)
... Laos’ last chance to save last 6 river dolphins (Panda)
... Govt approves legislation, anti-corruption strategy (VT)
... Thailand, Laos to collaborate on telecom development (TP)
... S'pore officials to visit Laos to boost agricultural cooperation (CNA)
... KBank sees potential for bancassurance in Laos, Cambodia (Nation)
... Laos pulls stunning win to dump Yemen out of AFC U-16 Championship
... Laos, China hail value of strategic partnership (VT)
... Soochow University to build a campus in Vientiane (VT)
... Laos ‘clean up’ crackdown on deadly party town ahead of ASEAN (Scoop)
... Luang Prabang cited as model of heritage city (VT)
... Public input sought for Lao smartphone keyboard (VT)
... Kuwait edge past Laos in 4-3 win at AFC U-16 Ch''ship (KNA)
... Child Sponsorship Report 2011, from Xiengkhouang, Laos (SOS CV)
... Singapore: Charity Group Targets Poor Children in Laos and Vietnam (GV)

Sep 17-23, 2012

US: Three Laotians arrested in fatal hit-and-run (HS)
The California Highway Patrol arrested three people Wednesday for their involvement in a hit-and-run accident that killed a man near Hanford last month. Investigators said they linked the death of 25-year-old Javier Acevedo to a Visalia family who reported their car stolen — and returned to them — two days after the crash. “The suspects claim that someone took
Court orders Thai coal miner Banpu to pay $955 mil over Laos project (FB)
Thailand's Civil Court has ordered Banpu PCL (BANPU.TH), the nation's largest coal miner by sales, to pay at least 29.5 billion baht ($955 million) to businessman Siva Nganthavee and his associated companies as the result of a terminated joint venture, Banpu said in a filing to the Stock Exchange of Thailand Thursday. The court awarded the plaintiffs THB4 billion
Laos sees 8-per-cent economic growth (Nation)
Laos anticipates 8-per-cent economic growth for the fiscal year that ends on September 30, and 8.3 per cent in 2012-13, state media said Tuesday. The Ministry of Planning and Investment said the agriculture sector would see 3.3-per-cent growth, accounting for 25.9 per cent of gross domestic product for the 2012-13 fiscal year, the Vientiane Times reported.
Laos spending 240 billion kip (~ US$ 30 million) on ASEM Summit (VT)
The government will spend about 240 billion kip on the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit, which includes the purchase of vehicles but not the construction of infrastructure... The government will have 120 Mercedes Benz and 11 BMW sedans to transport heads of state and government and high-ranking officials from Asia and Europe who will attend
Laos tempers 'tubing' tourists (Age)
LAOS authorities have had mixed success in trying to limit damage caused by the tourist craze of ''tubing'' - floating downriver in a tyre inner-tube. After a spate of tourist deaths on the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, Laos, authorities have closed more than two dozen of the riverside and late-night island bars that are pit-stops for tubing tourists. 
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... Laos: Young Pastor Killed (CN)
... Troubles escalate for Banpu (BP)
... Three Christian leaders arrested in Laos (CFP)
... Laos Jails Pastors Over House Churches (BNL)
... Iran beats Laos in AFC U-16 Championship (TT)
... Thai Banpu shares fall after court order on $1 billion damages (Reuters)
... A Laos river cruise and the legend of the man-eating catfish of the Mekong
... Chinese VP Meets Laotian PM (CRI)
... Indochina: Dengue Ravishes Region (RFA)
... Laos: Ministry to evaluate teacher performance (VT)
... Experience Laotian cuisine in downtown Raleigh (TO)
... Laos hopes for more high level delegates at ASEM Summit (VT)
... University of Laos launches renewable energy master's programme (VT)
... New map of Laos to resolve confusion (VT)
... Laos: Law in the pipeline to upgrade job skills (VT)
... Laos: Museum relocation given the go ahead (VT)
... Frequent Flier: Get to know 4000 Islands, Laos (SK)
... Tubing scene is ruined and it's your fault (Sydney MH)
... Laos needs more midwives to stem maternal mortality (ANN)
... Laos, Thailand send personnel to testify in Mekong River trial (GT)
... Recovering Vientiane city walls (TDN)
... Four destinations turn five (TTR Weekly)
... Vientiane police crack down on crime (VT)
... Viet firm wins construction contract in Laos (VOV)
... Korea gives boost to Lao schools with new textbooks (VT)
... PanAust has high expectations for Phonsavan (Mining Weekly)
... Lao Govt speeds up passing of power to local administrations (VT)
... Google adds Lao to Translate as an alpha, for a grand total of 65 languages
... After 47 years of MIA in Laos, Minnesota warrior's wife keeps hope alive (ST)
... More midwives needed to stem maternal mortality (VT)
... Pay hikes, incentives on the way for Laos' teachers (VT)
... Mekong river dam will kill us : protesters tell PM (Nation)
... Cambodia to Buy Power From Laos’ Xayaburi Dam (ON)
... Books needed for Laos fundraiser in Port Hope (NUL News)
... Despite new regulations drunken tubing goes on in Laos (eTN)
... 'Neighbors Not Against Xayaburi' (RFA)
... Surviving the Peace: Laos (Salem-News)
... Lao National Library moving to new home (VT)
... FIFA nullifies Philippines' loss to Laos (AsiaOne)
... Tubing tourists defy new safety measures (Sydney MH)
... Laos readies accommodation for ASEM Summit guests (VT)
... Switzerland gives Laos US$6.3m to boost agro-biodiversity (VT)
... PTT prepares 800 million baht for expansion into Cambodia, Laos (PM)
... Exhibition honors Vietnamese soldiers in Laos in wartime (Saigon Daily)

Sep 10-16, 2012

Lao Holdings Launches Website Shedding Light on Alleged Illegal Activities by Lao Govt (Market Watch)
Today Lao Holdings, and its wholly owned subsidiary Sanum Investment Ltd., launched a website called . The site contains information concerning treaty claims filed against the Government of the Lao PDR to stop the alleged illegal taking of
Ministry moves to stem tide of fake diplomas in Laos (VT)
Education officials are drafting legislation to delegate responsibility to various bodies under the Ministry of Education and Sports to address the problem of fake diplomas, a senior official has said. “Once the new regulations come into effect, they will specify a particular department to be responsible for matters related to graduation for the different levels in
Savan Vegas Casino Set for Seizure (RFA)
A China-based company says authorities in Laos are poised to seize its casino—its last remaining asset in the country—after it sued the government for allegedly breaking treaties protecting foreign investment. Sanum Investments Ltd. said it has learned that the Govt will take over the Savan Vegas casino and entertainment complex in southern Laos
Lao police rev up for Summit security with new motorbikes (VT)
Laos yesterday took delivery of 177 new police patrol bikes to reinforce security measures for the vehicle processions of heads of state and government attending the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in November. The new bikes, or Lod Ma Khao, that were chosen for the meeting are the most modern & fastest motorcycles ever used for security in Laos
In Laos, the Lady and the Jars (UT San Diego)
Stuffed with passengers and piled high with luggage, our minivan careened down a twisting mountain road, descending across northern Laos. The spot where I got carsick, I later learned, was precisely where the unfinished French colonial road had reached its westernmost end in 1932. That year, an archaeologist named Madeleine Colani took
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... Lao Government could sieze casino (RA)
... Laos energy development spawns tensions (DW)
... Foreign investor decries treatment in Laos (ABC)
... Vientiane mayor apologises for road repair delays (VT)
... Laos: Large increase of school fees ‘could be justifiable' (VT)
... EU aid to help Laos still recovering from last year's storms (XN)
... Don Sahong hydropower plant not yet under construction: ministry (VT)
... Soccer: Late penalty helps Thailand pip Laos (BP)
... Senior officials approve ASEM Summit agenda (VT)
... Remnants of ancient wall discovered at Pakpassak site (VT)
... Dien Bien promotes trade, tourism with Laos’ northern provinces (VOV)
... Ministry to ban use of mobiles in Laos' schools (VT)
... EU, WFP jointly close food gap in Laos (New Europe)
... Lao Govt to tighten up on selection of new officials (VT)
... Thai Police Sting Punctures Laotian Drug Pipeline (PDN)
... Asean meeting to spur growth of agriculture, forestry (VT)
... Laos ready to receive ASEM Summit guests: minister (VT)
... Laos transplant interviewed for MHTV show (Wicked Local)
... Rural folk sell cattle as grazing land in Laos gets scarcer (VT)
... Metro looks to Laos, Cambodia for heavy equipment sales (Nation)
... Xayaburi Dam Means Much More Population Relocation Than Laos Admits
... China, Laos agree to bolster relations (China-SD)
... Laos shock toothless Philippines as game ends in fight, 2-1

Sep 3-9, 2012

Laos: Lives on the line in river revelry (NZ Herald)
There were several ways I could have died while travelling through Laos - or at least got into a decent amount of trouble. There was the night I was frisked at gunpoint by authorities on the street and almost arrested for being out past the communist Government's midnight curfew. Or the day I took a hot-air balloon ride with a pilot who didn't know how to land.
Laos: Tourism growth slows, but remains strong (VT)
The number of overseas tourists visiting Laos rose to 1.78 million, or by 17 percent, over the past six months compared to the same period last year.  Tourism statistics were on the agenda yesterday at a meeting in Vientiane to review the activities implemented as part of Visit Laos Year 2012 to promote tourism in the country. This is the second time the Lao
Laos proceeds with another dam project despite controversy (Nation)
Laos has begun work on a second hydropower dam on the Mekong River, weeks after its ongoing construction of the Xayaburi dam on another stretch of the river drew sharp criticism. According to International Rivers, construction is underway on the Don Sahong Dam in southern Laos. It is being built by Malaysia-based Mega First Corporation Berhad. 
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... 11 Lao girls held in karaoke raids (PN)
... Lower civil servant intake after salary hike (VT)
... Pestech in Laos joint venture (Business Times)
... Schaefer happy to get warm-up match with Laos (BP)
... Health sub-committee prepares for ASEP7 meeting (VT)
... Study: Laos could become rice exporter in 10 years (VT)
... Bangkok Airways to start Vientiane service (TTR Weekly)
... At a Thai-Laotian Spot, Hot Dishes and Caution (NY Times)
... Laos: Police arrest Christian leader for ’Converting 300’ (CSW)
... Ministry urged to create 277,888 new jobs in Laos by 2015 (VT)
... Khammuan bans students from riding motorbikes to school (VT)
... Bida Manda brings Laotian cuisine to downtown Raleigh (WRAL)
... Land management seen as vital for rural development in Laos (VT)
... China, Laos to strengthen security cooperation on Mekong River (XN)
... Swedish Snuff from Laos (ScandAsia)
... Laos prepares personnel for ASEP7 (VT)
... Persecution of Christians Still Growing in Laos (GR)
... Laos denies 2nd dam construction on Mekong (RFA)
... Foreign ambassadors tour ASEM Summit facilities (VT)
... Laotian restaurant opens in downtown Raleigh (NBC17)
... Mother & diplomat: Laos’s Malayvieng Sakonhninhom (BM)
... $70m from India for Laos' power to Cambodia (Eco-Business)
... Luang Prabang Film Festival unveils selection for 3rd annual edition
... Women demining Laos countryside (Aljazeera)
... Healing and Rehabilitation in Laos (Huffington Post)
... Hmong celebrate traditions in New England (Telegram)
... Luang Prabang hotelier ready to welcome AEC (Nation)
... Luang Prabang opens SE Asian shop window (Film Biz)
... Lower secondary students in Laos have no textbooks (VT)
... Flooding kills four, leaves one missing in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Vientiane to take action to regulate illegal foreign workers (VT)
... Muslim acceptance in Laos stark contrast to Myanmar intolerance (BP)

Aug 27-Sept 2, 2012

Lao Govt details measures to manage foreigners (VT)
The government has instructed relevant sectors to put the already-formulated measures in place for the management of foreigners working in Laos. The Government Office recently made the announcement, instructing the officials to put the measures into action in a move which has been planned for a long time. Amongst other occupations mentioned in
Crackdowns on Christians Increase Across Laos (Persecution)
International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that cases of persecution against Lao Christians have steadily increased across the country in 2012. In the first six months of 2012 ICC reported on fifteen separate incidents of Christian persecution in Laos, the same amount reported in all of 2011. In the most recent incident reported last week,
Cabinet discusses progress report on Laos-China rail project (VT)
The government cabinet heard a progress report on the Laos-China rail project and approved four documents on separate matters at its monthly meeting held last week. Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong chaired the meeting held at the Government Office from August 23 to 24. The cabinet considered and recommended a negotiated outcome
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... Lao National Assembly gets tough (VT)
... Laos rights issue first analyzed (IFLR)
... Laos: The Buddha smiles upon us (West)
... Is the party over in Vang Vieng? (CNN Go)
... Chinese Defense Chief to Visit Sri Lanka, India and Laos (DP)
... Laos, Cambodia set for more listings in stock exchange (Nation)
... Cambodian Govt to inspect Laos' Xayaburi dam (Eco-Business)
... Kolao nets $40m after offering rare exposure to Laos (EuroWeek)
... Laos: New graduates ready to lift national socio-economic growth (VT)
... Lao Airlines grows 50% on last year with the arrival of two A320s (Anna)
... Laos: Study damns Mekong dams (Asia Times)
... Ministry to recheck colleges' qualifications in Laos (VT)
... Xayaburi dam project proceeds as protest grows (DW)
... Laos agrees with Thailand on raising rice prices (Nation)
... ASEM infrastructure projects in Laos progressing as planned (VT)
... Lao-Hmong Community, Project FINE join to celebrate diversity (WP)
... Rural Laotians choose home deliveries over delivery at health facilities
... Laos: detained Christians released after six weeks in prison without charge
... Vietnam to build power plants in Laos (VN)
... Laos: Ministry vows to achieve educational goals (VT)
... Lao PM asks Xaysomboun to boost commercial production (VT)
... Power supply for ASEM Summit in Vientiane to finish on time (VT)
... United States and Laos yet to deal with Agent Orange legacy (RA)
... Lao-Thai 5th friendship bridge planned (BP)
... Pöyry Responds on its Role in the Xayaburi Dam (IR)
... CP expanding agricultural operations in northern Laos (BP)
... Laos Frees 4 Lao, Thai Christians Jailed For Bible Study (WN)
... Mekong dam spree could create regional food crisis (Mongabay)
... International Convention Centre for 9th ASEM progress ahead of plan (VT)
... Four cities in Laos targeted for potential low-emission transport projects (VT)
... Lao Government Announces Dramatic Shift in Land and Forest policy (PRN)

Aug 20-26, 2012

Lao Government Strikes Back (Diplomat)
Latter day communist countries still carry the legacies of their past. Somewhat secretive and sensitive to criticism, authorities in one-party states tend to hide at the slightest hint of criticism. It’s a routine in East Asia that is as common in Laos as it has been in Vietnam, China, or even North Korea. But more recently the government of Thongsing Thammavong
Laos is not more for PanAust (Australian)
LAOS-focused miner PanAust expects full-year earnings to be at the low end of previous guidance, after copper and gold prices fell more sharply than it expected. PanAust said it expected earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation for the year through December 31 to be within 5 per cent of $US340 million ($323.3m), assuming the price
'Tubing' bars in Laos shut down amid deaths (9MSN)
Authorities in Laos have shut down riverside bars popular among western tourists after a number of deaths and injuries linked to dangerous watersports. Seven bars were closed along the Xong River in Vang Vieng after authorities found they were "serving tourists alcoholic drinks laced with opium and hallucinogenic mushrooms," the Vientiane Times
Laos Moves to Clean Up Backpacking Hotspot Turned Blackspot (JG)
Laos is clamping down on illegal drugs and dangerous watersports in Vang Vieng, a popular tourist destination on the Xong River. In their efforts to promote the tourist spot 100 km north of Vientiane as a safe ecotourism destination, authorities closed seven bars on the river “after finding they were serving tourists alcoholic drinks laced with opium & hallucinogenic
Laos: Officials investigate counterfeit diplomas at five colleges (VT)
High-level officials are currently checking five colleges in Vientiane to establish if there are students using fake secondary school diplomas to illegally continue their education in the colleges, a senior government official revealed. Those involved in the production and sale of counterfeit diplomas are warned that they will face serious consequences if they are
Oldest modern human in Asia discovered in Laos (Examiner or PHYS)
The oldest modern human skull found in Asia to date was reported in an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on August 20, 2012. The research was reviewed at the Eureka Alert web site the same day. The newly found skull dates to between 46,000 and 63,000 years old and was discovered in a cave in the Annamite Mountains
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... Laos Mum on Lawsuit (RFA)
... The end of an era at the old Talat Sao (VT)
... Laos moves to clean up party town (Australian)
... A tale of revenge in Laos challenges censors (BBC)
... SEA: Five ink deal to form rice cartel (Bangkok Post)
... Laos: shaping up a disaster-prone tubing mecca (GP)
... Film week celebrates friendship with Laos (Vietnam News)
... Vientiane marks Uprising Day, celebrates top ten listing (VT)
... Highs and Laos as crime writer fights to publish novels (C4N)
... Mekong Giant Catfish: Freshwater Species of the Week (NG)
... Thailand, Laos join hands to maintain security along border (PM)
... Laos Frees 4 Lao, Thai Christians Jailed For Bible Study (BNL)
... Gay Travel: My experience at Luang Prabang in Laos (Gayopolis)
... Laos-Vietnam youth friendship house to be built in Borikhamxay (VT)
... Dam projects threaten Mekong biodiversity (Radio Australia)
... Laos Upgrades Burma Border Security at Mekong (Irrawaddy)
... ‘Laos Jails Village Church Leader For Not Renouncing Faith’ (BNL)
... Ikea Supports Sustainable Rattan Production in Laos (Scand Asia)
... Viang Vieng, when a backpacker’s paradise turns into a nightmare (TDN)
... Vang Vieng goes down the tube (Gap Year)
... Speaking out for the Laotian community (Lowell Sun)
... Govt to launch national health insurance scheme (VT)
... Opening of ASEAN Mall celebrates Uprising Day (VT)
... Lao Red Cross delegation visits Vietnam (Vietnam News)
... Tuk-tuks and Buddhas: Laid-back Laos offers peace and beauty in Asia
... Laotians renew call for freedom in homeland (Lowell Sun)
... Bangkok Insurance to sell products in Laos, Cambodia (BP)
... Lao-Thai Human trafficking suspect's assets seized (Bangkok Post)
... Growing pains: Hmong farmers, May Township at odds over farming regulations

Aug 13-19, 2012

Work restarts at Xayaburi dam in Laos (Reuters or Star)
Work has resumed on a controversial $3.5 billion dam across the Mekong River in Laos, its Thai developer said on Thursday, contradicting Laotian assurances it had been suspended following protests over its environmental impact. Laos agreed in December to suspend the Xayaburi dam project and said on July 13 work had stopped after neighbors' Cambodia
Laos Cozies up With Thailand (Diplomat)
statue On the banks of the Mekong River in the heart of Laos’s capital city, Vientiane, stands a defiant Chao Anouvong, the Laotian king who fought the Thais almost 200 years ago, winning the hearts of his compatriots and the wretched anger of the royal regiments in Bangkok. Cast in bronze, his statue was erected just two years ago.
Treetop life in Laos (South African)
When travelling around South-East Asia, accommodation is one of the biggest variables in your trip. For example a visit to Thailand can become two completely different experiences when comparing the boutique hotel visit to the backpacker’s choice of accommodation. I have stayed in a variety of different places on my travels, ranging from sleeping on
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos Govt sued over investment 'misconduct' (ABC)
... Laos: Rio Tinto's Loader leads from the front (Australian)
... Company sues Laos over multi-million dollar investment seizure (RA)
... Laos cracksdown on talkback show for airing land grab debate (RA)
... Laos never ordered work on Xayaburi Dam to stop: official (Mizzima)
... A new look of Laos in Hanoi (VN)
... Laos in denial about dam impacts? (Interpreter)
... Laos: Locals to take on service delivery (PS News)
... Lao artists renaissance has roots in the metro (Star Tribune)
... Chinese railway linked to Asian neighbors, like Laos & Thailand (UPI)
... Laos to celebrate Vientiane City Pillar in November (VT)
... Laos: Diversifying crops to cope with climate change (IRIN)
... Lao PM asks for greater action for Chanthabouly district (VT)
... Local student wins scholarships to study abroad in Laos (TC Palm)

Aug 6-12, 2012

Walk for Life in Laos (Durham Journal)
The trek to gather clean water can be an arduous task in many parts of the world. Local residents can learn a little more about the need for safe, clean water, toilets and life in rural southeast Asia in an upcoming fundraiser in the Ganaraska Forest this month. Port Hope residents Steve Rutledge and Mike Yap are organizing Walk for Life in Laos on Aug. 26
Electricity cut in Xieng Ngeun after flooding (VT)
People in the chief town of Xieng Ngeun district, Luang Prabang province have lost electricity, with more than 10 villages impacted by flooding after heavy rain on Tuesday. More than 100 families along the Nam Khan River were displaced from their homes, and had to stay at schools and village clubs, even as water levels in the river began to recede
Flood cuts off road between Luang Prabang and Vientiane (VT)
Many families living along the Nam Khan River in Luang Prabang province have been affecting by flooding after the area was hit by heavy rains on Tuesday night. Most of people worst affected live in Xieng Ngeun district, while hundreds of hectares of rice and other crops in Phonxay district also have been flooded. Flooding has affected three river valleys
Unprocessed timber exports from Laos continue unabated (VT/ANN)
Laos has a policy to add more value to Lao timber products before exporting them but it is not easy to put the policy into practice as most of the local wood processing firms do not want to change their ways of doing business. According to a survey funded by the World Bank, most of the wood processing firms in Laos have very strong links with the wood
Fight against Xayaburi Dam goes to court (Nation or VOA)
Conservationists and residents from eight provinces along the Mekong River yesterday lodged a petition with the Administrative Court against the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), the Energy Ministry and Cabinet over their involvement in the Xayaburi dam, proposed by the Lao government. They claim the agencies illegally allowed EGAT
The women who clear bombs in Laos (Independent)
The heavy army truck that swings past the paddy fields and between the towering mountains of Xieng Khouang province in northern Laos attracts attention. A family of four squeezed on to a moped give a wave. A lone man herding cattle on the side of the road looks up and smiles. In the back of the truck sit 12 women. Squeals of laughter rise above the roar
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Eyeless spider Found at Laos Cave (FT)
... Economic zones promote development in Laos (VT)
... N. Korea, Laos sign 4 exchange accords: KCNA (Yonhap)
... Lao Govt increases allowances for vocational students (VT)
... Eyeless spider found in Laos adapted to life in darkness (LS)
... Thai Border Areas On Alert Against HFMD From Laos (Bernama)
... Laotian Community Mourns Loss Of Couple Killed In Fire (CBS Denver)
... Two Laotians killed in Aurora fire remembered as generous and kind by friend
... Laos hosts tourism fair (TTR Weekly)
... Laos, North Korea leaders hold talks on bilateral ties (VT)
... US: Coroner identifies 2 Laotians killed in apartment fire (DP)
... World Bank extends support for road sector project in Laos (VT)
... US demands clearer intellectual property law in Laos (VT/ANN)
... Laos Christians Face Expulsion From Village Over Faith (BNL)
... Thailand, Laos To Open More Cross-Border Bus Routes (Bernama)
... Lao-Hmong refugee shares harrowing tale of survival (Appeal-Democrat)
... Thai Villagers Sue Over Laos' Dam (RFA)
... Trans-Asian Railway Unlocks Laos Borders (CLP)
... Lao membership of ASEAN bears fruit, PM says (VT)
... Thais ask court to stop Xayaburi dam project (Bangkok Post)
... New centre to provide mineral analysis services in Laos (VT)
... Lao-Americans: Local temple provides a home to monks (RHB)
... United Nations extends support to reform programme in Laos (VT)
... Three hydropower plants to begin producing this year in Laos (Nation)
... Thai Authorities Monitoring Water Levels In Mekong River (Bernama)
... Thai lawsuit threatens to derail Laos plans for Mekong river dam (EB)
... Viet medical team to treat poor in Laos (VN)
... Lao-Viet: New publishing and distribution facility slated (VT)
... Laos: Ministry to provide scholarships for 200 poor students (VT)
... Lao People's Courts play their part in social justice and order (VT)
... Four countries start fifth Mekong River patrol (People's Daily)
... North Korea's No. 2 visits Vietnam, Laos (Korea Times)

July 30-Aug 5, 2012

Lao Sex Ring Exposed (RFA)
A Thai official has claimed that more than 500 underage Lao girls are working as sex slaves in eastern Thailand, saying that authorities in both countries need to step up the fight against human trafficking. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a Thai member of parliament and advocate for social issues, said that the girls, aged 13 to 18 years, were discovered in a karaoke bar in
Laos: a small country with huge potential (Bangkok Post)
The recent visit to Laos by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is a sign of the growing interest in a small country with huge potential. Blessed with abundant natural resources and low labour costs, Laos is strategically located near the heart of Southeast Asia and has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world – 7.9% in 2011 (a growth rate it has enjoyed
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Kunming to Laos by bike: Part IV (GK)
... Battle for the Mekong heats up (Diplomat)
... CIMB Thai plans for operations in Laos (Nation)
... Farm truck distributor plans inroads into Laos (Nation)
... Buddhists in Laos make merit by presenting offerings (VT)
... German development bank to support rural infrastructure (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Drive Development Triangle (LP)
... Laos' Ministry of Education reveals plan to train new teachers (VT)
... Hmong in US: Child accidentally shoots toddler in East Side home (PP)
... Som Bao: The taste of a Laotian dream (HR)
... Laos celebrates 2nd anniversary of CCM (VT)
... The saddle saga: stuck in the mud in Laos (Telegraph)
... ADB funds regional development, sanitation projects (VT)
... Plan International extends support to Bokeo health initiatives (VT)
... Thailand's celebrity exports are hitting the big time throughout Asia
... Thai Lao Restaurant serves dishes that will get you out of your Asian food rut
... Wet dreaming in Laos (Online Opinion)
... Laos’ rural women await midwives (Trust)
... Activists urge end to Laos' power deal (BP)
... Lao PM encourages further health system reforms (VT)
... Four-country tourism fair to be held in Savannakhet (VT)
... Chinese-Lao-Thai: Don't miss investment express, TDRI (Nation)
... Lao, Vietnamese delegates discuss border development zone (VT)
... IPS Examines Efforts To Reduce Maternal Mortality Ratio In Laos (KF)
... Laos network launches information campaign on HIV/AIDS (China Daily)
... Laos Airport Upgrading (Phuket Insider)
... Awards honour ASEAN businesses in Vientiane (VN)
... Senior N.Korea leader to visit Vietnam, Laos (AFP/Google)
... Bridging cultural divide: Hamilton woman helps set up program in Laos
... DoGooder Spotlight: Buying Back Bombs to Restore Peace in Laos (HP)
... Laos' 309,400 Residents to See National & Provincial Roads Improvement
... Thakhek to attract tourists by 2015 (VT)
... Laos: Health institutes boost student intake (VT)
... Laos central bank ignores IMF advice (Central Banking)
... Vientiane removes poverty from all villages, districts (VT)
... Lao Buddhist Temple dragon boat team returns to race (DP)

July 23-29, 2012

Rolling the Dice in Laos (San Diego Reader)
I found myself in a unique situation 8,000 miles away in remote Laos. After taking a leap of faith, which involved quitting my cushy consultant job here in San Diego, I bought a one-way ticket to fulfill an itch to get lost in other parts of planet Earth for 10 months. How could I NOT buy that undocumented 100cc Honda Win motorbike from the two German hotties
World Bank ramps up road sector support (VT)
The World Bank Board of Executive Directors in Washington, D.C., approved US$21 million in additional grant financing on Thursday for the Lao Road Sector Project. The grant will build upon the excellent progress made in road construction under the previous grant of US$27.8 million, which was approved in 2010, the World Bank reported. 
Lao Govt approves WTO membership report (VT)
The government meeting held on July 23-24 in Vientiane has discussed four fundamental issues for the nation, including a report on Laos' preparations to receive World Trade Organisation membership at the end of this year. The government meeting was chaired by PM Thongsing Thammavong and attended by other cabinet members, and consensus was
Laos in game of high stakes as it pushes ahead with Xayaburi dam (WWF)
Construction work is marching ahead at the Xayaburi dam site in northern Laos and risks making a mockery of the decision last December by Mekong countries to delay building the dam on the Mekong mainstream pending further studies on the impacts of the controversial project, warns WWF. An international delegation of ambassadors, donors and NGOs
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Kunming to Laos by bike: Part III (GK)
... Team visits controversial Laos dam (BBC)
... ASEM draws nearer, preparations on track (VT)
... Laos to be Venue for Kachin Peace Talks (Irrawady)
... Xayaburi Dam Work Continues Amid Protests, Lawsuits (OOSKA)
... Laos inches closer to expected WTO membership in November (Xinhua)
... How the Next 12 Months of Xayaburi Dam Construction Will Affect the Mekong River
... Work progresses on Mekong dam? (UPI)
... Vietnam, Laos foster ties in science, technology (VN)
... EU to fund climate change adaption efforts in Laos (VT)
... Thai villagers to fight Lao Mekong dam in court (AlertNet)
... Lao, Cambodian parliaments renew cooperation roadmap (VT)
... Ravalli County economic development director headed to Laos (RR)
... Conservation group calls for regional stance against Lao dam (Nation)
... Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique do least to halt trade in animal parts: WWF
... Thai-Laos rail link to be extended (BP)
... Stallions to develop minibike factory in Laos (BP)
... Thai Govt to be sued over Laos' dam (Eco-Business)
... Laos: Banking Institute announces 1,900 student intake (VT)
... Burma Eyes Overtaking Cambodia, Laos Economically (EAR)
... Xayaboury dam will not impede sediment flows, consultants say (VT)
... More national leaders confirm ASEM Summit attendance in Laos (VT)
... Conservation group calls for regional stance against Lao dam (Nation)
... 20 North Korean defectors arrested in Laos, face risk of deportation (Donga)

July 16-22, 2012

Thai PM must stop Xayaburi dam (Bangkok Post)
A controversial hydropower project on the Mekong River is on the brink of causing regional conflict. The Xayaburi project in Laos is the first of 11 dams planned on the lower Mekong and would hurt fisheries, agriculture and food security downstream in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  For a brief moment on July 13, Thailand and Laos received praise from
European Union says more to be done with Laos' summit preparations (Nation)
The European Union is "quite happy" with Laos'preparations to host an Asia-Europe summit this year, but said more needs to be done, state media and diplomats said Friday. An EU delegation visited Vientiane this week to assess the Lao government’s readiness to host the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) on Nov. 5-6, the state-run Vientiane Times said.
Wish You Were Here: Sunrise In Laos (NPR)
Luang Prabang, Laos, is so close to the equator that daybreak happens at the same time each day. Also each day, a few dozen women set up rice cookers on small collapsible tables on street corners next to the more than 30 monasteries that grace this riverside town. If you get up with them and walk the silent streets in the misty Mekong predawn, you smell,
Regional integration sparks job concerns in Laos (VT)
Final year university students are very concerned about job security in Laos once the AEC is established in 2015, allowing the free flow of labour within member nations. They worry that the good jobs available in the country will be taken by skillful workers from other countries including Singapore and the Philippines. Meanwhile more Lao labourers could be forced
Deadly legacy in Laos (Herald Tribune)
In William Faulkner's oft-repeated quote, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." The truth of these words was clear last week as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Laos. Indelibly tied to the Vietnam War, Laos was officially neutral in that bloody conflict. But enemy supply lines to Vietnam ran through the Southeast Asia nation, making it a target
Experts defend Xayaboury dam (VT)
The Xayaboury dam has been redesigned to address cross-border concerns, and will become a world leading modern hydropower plant, according to international hydropower plant experts. Representatives from Swiss Poyry and French Compagnie Nationale du Rhone yesterday presented the latest redesign of the first dam in the lower Mekong basin
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Trunk appeal in laid-back Laos (Herald Sun)
... TV series takes tour of Laos (Vietnam News)
... Laos denies lying about dam construction (BP)
... What Clinton ignored in Laos (Concord Monitor)
... Luxuriate and laze around Luang Prabang (Global Times)
... Kunming to Laos by bike: Part II (GK)
... Lao-Americans: A moving community (DI)
... Orchestra to tour Laos, Cambodia (Vietnam Net)
... Young Vietnamese doctors volunteer in Laos (TN)
... Fish studies underway at Xayaboury dam project site (VT)
... Laos Pushes Xayaburi Dam to Critical Point (International Rivers)
... Laos, Vietnam tourism and cultural cooperation mapped out (VT)
... World Bank boycotts Finnish study of Xayaburi dam (Eco-Business)
... Mending Fences in Laos (FCJ)
... Vietnam opens gold mining in Vientiane (VT)
... Full Frame: The Hmong rebels (Alaska Dispatch)
... Southern Viet province promotes investment in Laos (VN)
... Lao trade and business development roadmap unveiled (VT)
... Lao police interrogate suspect of Mekong River murder (China)
... Laos: Phu Kham output drops in June Q - PanAust (Mining Weekly)
... European Union satisfied with preparations for ASEM Summit in Laos (VT)
... AsiaBaseMetals Terminates Definitive Agreement to Acquire Laos Potash Project
... Copper-gold miner PanAust hits roadblock in Chile, but on target in Laos (Australian)
... CK shrugs off Laos' dam report (BP)
... Laos-Vietnam Celebrate Friendship Year (VT)
... Thai arm of IBM spreads wings in Laos (Nation)
... Four universities to accept over 13,250 students (VT)
... Exhibition marks Laos-Vietnam Relationship Year (VT)
... National land policy the key to solving land disputes (VT)
... Phu Kham output drops in June Q - PanAust (Mining Weekly)
... Local teacher, Laos student to speak at Marblehead UU Church (WL)
... Laos moves on growing momentum to modernize financial institutions
... Lao Premier pledges to work with Vietnam to deepen special relations (VT)
... FOOD: Laotian Brother, Sister To Open New Restaurant In Downtown Raleigh
... Laos Delays Xayaburi Dam, But Allows Sitework, Resettlements to Continue
... Laos Approaches Final Stages of WTO Accession Process (ICTSD)
... Laos, Malaysia explore investment (Nation)
... Thai PM Yingluck vows to halt Xayaburi (Nation)
... Laos Backtracks on Controversial Dam (Diplomat)
... Luxgen brand of Taiwan well received in Laos (FT)
... China's Big Designs On Small And Strategic Laos (WC)
... Senior Japanese volunteer promoting judo in Laos (Yomiuri)
... Lao Deputy PM invites investors from HCMC (Saigon Daily)
... Women speak out on violence against women and children (VT)
... Privately funded projects driving state costs higher: Ministry (VT)
... Consultants say Lao dam's redesign will protect environment (Nation)

July 9-15, 2012

Laos confirms has suspended controversial Xayaburi dam (Reuters)
Laos confirmed on Friday that work has been suspended on a controversial $3.5 billion hydropower dam on the Mekong River after requests from neighboring countries and environmental groups, the first time the government has publicly declared the project halted. "The Lao government decided to postpone it. We have to do further studies," Lao FM
Vietnam War’s Legacy Is Vivid as Clinton Visits Laos (NY Times)
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made a brief stop on her Asia tour on Wednesday in Laos, the first visit by an American secretary of state here in 57 years and one that brought into stark relief the enduring legacy of the Vietnam War.  At an artificial-limb center, Mrs. Clinton met a 19-year-old who lost his forearms and eyesight when a bomb, dropped by
Historic opportunity for Laos with Hillary Clinton visit (Nation)
Hillary Clinton touches down in Vientiane today - the first US secretary of state to visit Laos in 57 years. Clinton's historic visit is intended to strengthen the goals of her Lower Mekong Initiative, but for a key lobby group in Washington it represents the best opportunity since the Vietnam War to finally bring that conflict's deadliest legacy to an end.
Laos playing growing role in illegal ivory trade: report (AFP/Google)
Laos is playing an increasingly important role in the illegal international ivory trade with foreign tourists, particularly Chinese, driving growing demand for the substance, a report said Tuesday. The report, by wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, highlights a "significantly higher volume of ivory items openly on sale" in Laos and multiple seizures of African ivory
Six Airmen Lost Over Laos in 1965 Buried at Arlington (Yahoo)
Six Air Force airmen killed in a 1965 plane crash in Laos during the Vietnam War were laid to rest today at Arlington National Cemetery, the culmination of a decades-long effort to find their remains, which were all interred in one casket. The airmen were killed when their AC-47D "Spooky" gunship crashed on Christmas Eve, 1965, while on a combat mission over Laos
Other stories about Laos around the world
... In Laos, reminders of war (ST)
... Kunming to Laos by bike: Part I (GK)
... Asian Café: Remember to hydrate (NR)
... In Laos, the Lady and the Jars (NY Times)
... Lao Airlines Orders 2 ATR 72-600s (ATT)
... Land issues top public concerns in Laos (VT)
... Laos disarmingly looks toward the future (China Post)
... Lao NA members concerned about regulatory confusion (VT)
... Laos: Doctors on alert for hand, foot and mouth disease (VT)
... Clinton vows more help to clear Laos of Vietnam War bombs (WT)
... Ch. Karnchang Already Causing Food Insecurity Near Xayaburi Dam Site
... Hillary Clinton's visit historic for Laos-US relations (VT)
... In Laos, Clinton grapples with Vietnam War legacy (Reuters)
... Clinton given stark reminder of Vietnam war’s legacy (G&M)
... Clinton Presses Laos for More Studies on Mekong Dam in Visit (BW)
... Japan gives US$1m to help WFP fight malnutrition in Laos (VT)
... Northern Laos: 1,000-year-old tea forest to open for public (VT)
... Clinton faces legacy of Laos bombings (AFP/Google)
... European tourism to Laos in decline (VT)
... Laos calls in army for UXO clearance (VT)
... U.S. Looks to Tiny Laos for Influence (WSJ)
... Clinton to make landmark visit to Laos (AFP)
... Chinese state councilor meets Lao president (PD)
... Laos seeks to improve reproductive, maternal health (Sina)
... Lao PM calls on Saravan to boost commercial production (VT)
... Slide show on Laos' ethnic villages and groups: Films & programs (LA Times)
... Lao and proud: LGBT rights in Laos (GSN)
... 2012: Vietnam is third largest investor in Laos (VN)
... Japanese group eyes investment in healthcare (VT)
... Savannakhet villages to have better sanitation (VT)
... Human resource development still an issue of concern (VT)
... Lao Buddhist community in US opens ordination hall (Republic)
... Laos: Clinton Should Urge End to Abuses at Drug Center (HRW)
... U.S. Urged to Increase Bomb-Clearing Aid for Laos (International)
... Laos: Prison conditions at rehab center cause concerns for global advocates

July 2-8, 2012

Laos to host first top US diplomat in 57 years (Rappler, AFP or ABC)
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to become the first top US diplomat to visit communist-run Laos in 57 years, as part of an eight-nation tour that also takes her to Egypt and Israel, the State Department announced Thursday. "Clinton will travel to France, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Egypt and Israel departing Washington, DC on July 5," said
Interview: HIV/AIDS on the rise in Laos: UN official (XinhuaNet)
Despite a well-run domestic prevention and treatment programs in Laos, the overall incidence of HIV/AIDS in the country seemed to be going up, according to UNAIDS Country Coordinator for Laos Pascal Stenier. "The number of new cases for last year is estimated to be one thousand, which is three new infections per day," Stenier said recently in an exclusive
Laos' work on the Mekong river draws criticism (BBC News)
In a dusty gorge deep in landlocked Laos, work is underway on a project that could change South-East Asia forever. Despite the protests of countries downstream and the warnings of scientists, a construction company has begun building the first dam across the lower reaches of one of the world's great rivers. Officially the Lao government says it has not decided
Lao NA asked to push govt to address local concerns (VT)
Members of the National Assembly have been asked to reach out to more people in remote areas, and bring their issues of concern forward so that solutions can be sought.  Despite praising the NA for its strong performance, President of the Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) Dr Phandouangchit Vongsa representing the organisation, other mass
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos unveils strategy on Xayaboury dam (VT)
... Laos eager to learn from Korea (Korean Times)
... Laos vows to address Mekong dam fears (AFP)
... Laos denies pushing ahead with controversial dam (Reuters)
... Lao, Korean leaders discuss cooperation expansion (VT)
... Laos to boost hydro-electricity output by a quarter (Nation)
... Laos, Vietnam push for greater progress in border demarcation (VT)
... Wartime remains of 6 US airmen located in southern Laos (WP or SacBee)
... Laos, Vietnam committed to special relations (VT)
... Lao NA to quicken response to public concerns (VT)
... Pacific Securities to set up JV in Laos (China Daily)
... ADB backs efforts by Laos to reduce poverty (Nation)
... Ministry elects Party leaders, approves future roadmap (VT)
... Lee discusses economic cooperation with Laos PM (Yonhab)
... Menswear market in Laos analysed in a detailed industry guide (TWN)
... U.S. - Laos Bilateral Dialogue (VOA)
... Laos, Vietnam renew cooperation framework (VT)
... Construction continues on controversial Laos dam (ABC)
... Lao NA: Land, inheritance disputes top public petitions (VT)
... Slide show on Laos' ethnic villages and groups: Films & programs (LA Times)
... Local authorities to play greater role in development (VT)
... Ministry, Chinese company hope for more fruitful cooperation (VT)
... St. Paul Hmong Festival: 3 men stabbed, 7 arrested after riot, police say

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