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Aug 30-Sep 5, 2010

AIDS kills over 1,000 in Laos (LV/KPL)
Over 1,000 people have died of AIDS in the country over the past nine years (1990-2009) and it is estimated that the number of HIV infected people would reach 7,000 over the half decade, said an official. The HIV infection is attributed to unsafe sex, according to Director of Centre for HIV/AIDS/STD Dr. Chansy
Laos on the Economic Radar Screen (Associate Content)
Laos looks to be the next Southeast Asian to start experiencing rapid economic growth. Its 2009 GDP growth rate was tops in the region, at 6.4 percent according to the World Bank (or 7.6 percent according to the government.) Laos (which is actually pronounced "Lao"--it's a semi-long story) has been experiencing
AF hero's actions in Laos finally recognized after 42 years (CNN)
President Obama will award the Medal of Honor, the military's highest award for bravery, to Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger for his valor in saving the lives of three wounded comrades at a then-secret base in Laos in 1968, the White House announced Friday. After Etchberger saved his fellow airmen, he
Laos and the legacy of Vietnam War (Guardian)
As US combat troops return from Iraq, remnants of another American war – fought more than three decades ago – are still claiming casualties today. The tiny south-east Asian landlocked nation of Laos has the dubious distinction of being the most bombed country, per capita, in the world. During the Vietnam war, US-led secret bombing raids over Laos left behind millions of unexploded cluster bombs that continue to
N. Laos: Villagers left homeless as floods hit Luang Namtha (VT)
Flash flooding in Luang Namtha province's Long district triggered by heavy rain since last week has left almost 100 people in 21 families homeless. The flood swept away houses and household items and caused mudslides that destroyed homes in seven villages, forcing residents to seek accommodation with friends
Central Laos: Xebangfai riverside residents warned of flood risk (VT)
Residents of several villages alongside the Xebangfai River in central Khammuan province have been warned of a flood risk and some villages have already been flooded. The Meteorology and Hydrology Department yesterday advised the rest of the villages to remain vigilant of the situation, as further flooding could occur at
Reducing robberies in Vientiane (LV/VT)
Cases of bag snatching and other robberies have declined in Vientiane over the past three months after police established a special taskforce to deal with the issue.  Police Lieutenant Colonel Khamsuiy Keomanivong told Vientiane Times that between 70 & 80 bag snatchings and other robberies occurred in Vientiane
Doctors urge public to strengthen dengue prevention (VT)
Senior doctors from major hospitals in Vientiane have urged relatives of those with dengue fever to take greater steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes at hospitals or healthcare centres. Deputy Director of the Mittaphab Hospital Dr Phath Keungsaneth said that all people visiting the hospital should protect
Laos: The casualties of cluster bombs must not be forgotten (Guardian)
I have often imagined, living as I do in Laos, what it would be like to have the ground heave under your feet, to be tossed like a caber into the air and to lose parts of your body to a small, US-made cluster bomb lying there since 1969. Specific measures need to be taken to avert death and the immediate risk of
Laos: Tourists warned of flash flood risk at waterfall sites (VT)
The Lao National Tourism Administration has advised tourist companies to closely monitor weather forecasts if they have programmes to visit waterfalls. Director General of the Tourism Marketing and Promotion Department, Mr Saly Phimphinith said on Friday that although there are no cases of tourists been killed
Lao-Thai-Viet: Eco-tourism route proposed (Bangkok Post)
Vitavas Srivihok, the Thai ambassador to Vientiane, said Thailand would raise the issue with Laos and Vietnam to co-operate on eco-tourism as the two routes have good potential for eco-tourism, given the number of caves, waterfalls and other attractive features along the way. Goods transported to Vietnam via Laos on
Other stories about Laos around the world
... In Laos, passion puts wheelchair project on a roll (Yomiuri)
... Unexploded ordinance, from Laos to Iraq & today's secret wars (ADS)
... Laos: 40 AusAid Scholarship awardees revealed (LV/KPL)
... Laos: Cutting edge technology set up to beat avian flu (LV/KPL)
... Preparation for Miss Laos 2010 (LV/KPL)
... Meetings in Laos and Cuba to mark Vietnam’s National Day  (ND)
... New case for US reparations in Laos (AT)
... UN initiative brings clean water on tap to Laos (VT)
... Grade 12 classes postponed due to lack of preparation (VT)
... Hungarian feed company Vitafort carries out $9m of investments in Laos
... Quang Tri builds grand marker on Laos border (VOV)
... Vietnam National Day celebrated in Vientiane (VT)
... Dot VN, Inc. Meets With VNNIC and LANIC to 
    Discuss the Development of Laotian Internet Policy (MW)
... Students nationwide begin new school year (VT)
... Mekong River rises to near-alarm level in Laos (ET)
... Laos plan to reverse region's worst maternal mortality rates (ABC)
... Stanley’s LED streetlight launched in Vientiane (LV/KPL)
... Laos: High price of rice sustains till end-rainy season (LV/KPL)
... Animated film to raise awareness of human trafficking (LV/KPL)
... Photo exhibition marks Vietnam National Day (VT)
... Lao-American: The Refugee Pastor That Could (CT)
... Thai arrested on suspicion of shooting two in Laos noodle shop (ET)
... Northern Laos:Luang Namtha districts cut off by landslides (VT)  
... Lao Diasporas no need to pay for visa during 450th Vientiane (LV/KPL)
... Extended school system gets underway despite poor preparation (VT)
... Laotian officials come to Pattaya to learn city management techniques
... Education Minister urges further development of education (LV/KPL)
... Vietnam helps Laos expand radio, TV coverage (VOV)
... Hmong in US: Farm gave Asian family refuge, purpose (CA)
... Hmong in US: LOR v. HMONG AMERICAN MUTUAL AA Inc. (LEagle)
... Northern wet season travel a hair-raising experience (LV/VT)
... Laos: Monthly Cabinet meeting approves documents (VT)
... Laos: Wet season fails to dampen fish farming (LV/VT)
... U.S trains Lao medical technicians on blood transfusion (LV/KPL)
... Germany pledges $7M for climate change adaptation in Vietnam, Laos
... Nam Lik 1-2 power plant begins commercial operation (VT)
... Chinese-built hydropower plant opens in Laos (ET)
... China’s CWE builds Nam Ngieb tributary dam [in Northern Laos] (VT)
... Vietnamese Culture Centre in Laos celebrates 15th anniversary (VOV)
... Teen to help needy children [in Laos] (Northern Star)
... China succumbs to Mekong nations (VS)

Aug 23-29, 2010

Laos and US sponsor a workshop on copyrights (US Embassy)
The Lao National Authority for Science and Technology (NAST), the United States Embassy and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) are organizing a one-day intellectual property rights workshop on August 26 at the Novotel Hotel in Vientiane. 
Passionate about Pakse (AsiaOne/Nation)
Director Sakchai Deenan returns to Laos for "Sabaidee 2: From Pakse with Love", the follow up to his 2008 romance "Sabaidee Luang Prabang". Also back is Laotian beauty queen Khamly Philavong, reprises her role in "Sabaidee 2: Mai Me Kamtob Jak Pakse" as the tour guide Sornpaiwan. But this second entry in
Tropical storm Mindulle hits Vientiane roads (VT)
Tropical storm Mindulle, which arrived in Laos on August 25, has increased the water levels of rivers and streams in many of the country's central provinces, especially Xieng Khuang, Borikhamxay and Vientiane provinces. High water levels have flooded rice fields, homes and some roads, making transportation
Laos: Opinions mixed over import policy for used cars (LV/VT)
The government’s policy is to allow only second hand cars which retain 80 percent of their new condition to be imported. But most of the officials involved say the country imports very old cars which were abandoned by their owners in foreign countries. According to a report from the Industry and Commerce Ministry’s Export and Import Department, Laos imported US$139 million
LAOS: Rebirth of the midwife (Reuters)
Dozens of Lao women are learning to be midwives as part of a national effort to bring down one of the region's highest maternal mortality rates. Two families lose a mother and nearly 20 babies are born dead every day, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which is supporting the government initiative.
Lao garment industry benefits from rising Chinese labor costs (VT)
The Lao garment industry is receiving more orders from international trading companies as the cost of Chinese labour continues to rise, according to officials from the Lao Garment Industry Association.  Chinese labour costs in the garment industry have reportedly increased by 30 percent, causing international trading
Laos steps up preparations for cluster munitions conference (VT)
Laos expects to spend over 10 billion kip hosting the inaugural meeting of states party to the international convention on cluster munitions later this year, according to organisers. Officials responsible for organising the conference held a press conference in Vientiane yesterday to review preparation work. 
Over 12,000 infected with dengue fever in Laos (LV/KPL)
Some 12,109 have been infected with dengue fever until August 14, said Director of the Laboratory and Epidemiology Centre, Dr. Phengta Vongphachanh. The number of this year’s dengue fever patients almost doubles those recorded in last year, according to Dr. Phengta. The official said last week that this year’s
Malaysian firm to build dam on Mekong tributary (C&M)
A Malaysian firm has been granted permission to build a 130-megawatt dam in north-western Laos on a tributary of the Mekong River, state media reports said Monday. Malaysia's Asia Pacific Business Lin Snd Bhd Co Ltd (AP Bizlink) last week signed an agreement with Laos' Ministry of Planning and Investment to
Other stories about Laos around the world
... RP, Laos to lead formulation of energy efficiency protocol (PS)
... Flash flood warming in Laos (LV/KPL)
... PM receives World Bank’s high-ranking delegation (VT)
... Picturing Laos: A book by Amherst anthropologist Joel Halpern 
    aims to promote literacy in Southeast Asia (Amherst Bulletin)
... Vietnam to build another hydro power plant in Laos (ND)
... Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia get learning network (ND)
... Vietnamese president concludes “fruitful” visit to Laos (VT)
... City Walk: Luang Prabang (Wall Street Journal)
... PanAust posts profit on strong operating performance, prices (MW)
... Sacombank Securities sets up joint venture in Laos (ND)
... US: Fresno Hmong New Year organizers split up (FB)
... TV trumps films in remote Laos (Nation)
... Lao handicraft to delve deeper into Japan market (LV/VT)
... ASEAN development gaps continue to widen (VT)
... Laos, Thailand sign power purchase agreement (LV/VT)
... Lao-Viet trade continues to prosper - up to $1 billion per year (LV/VT)
... Tiger protection in Laos: Let’s act before it’s too late (LV/VT)
... Chao Anouvong Park honours kingly deeds (VT)
... Laos celebrates Lao Front's 60th anniversary (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos upbeat about their fine relations (VOV)
... President Triet visits Lao province (VOV)
... Viet President Triet arrives in Vientiane (VOV)
... Vietnam and Laos to plant more border markers (ND)
... Flood warning issued for central, northern provinces (LV/VT)
... Luang Prabang aims for 500,000 tourists by 2015 (LV/VT)
... Hongsa lignite power plant to start operation as scheduled (LV/KPL)
... Youth urged to promote traditional friendly ties with Laos (VN)
... Vietnam helps improve Lao officials’ knowledge of political theory (VOV)

Aug 16-22, 2010

Old Bombs Shatter Laotian Women's Lives (WN)
Five years ago, 24-year-old Yue's husband, Lue Ha, hit a bomb while foraging for medicinal herbs in the jungles of northern Laos. The accident blinded him. Since then, Yue, who only goes by one name, says, "Ooh, there are many things that have changed." She feels "like two or three persons in one," having to care for
WHO: Dengue epidemic kills 36 in Laos (AFP/Yahoo)
Mosquito-borne dengue fever has killed 36 people in Laos this year, the worst epidemic in at least five years, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday. "It's a big epidemic year for dengue here," WHO epidemiologist Hannah Lewis told AFP from Laos. She said that in the last five years the highest annual number
Inside a bear bile farm in Laos (Telegraph)
On a post outside a nondescript property on the outskirts of the historic city of Luang Prabang, there is a small, handwritten notice. It declares in simple Laotian: place where bears are kept. Entering the family home behind the sign, I am greeted by a scene of comfortable domesticity. A baby crawls on the dark teak floorboards; a teapot sits on a table in the front room; a dog pants in a shady corner,
Cholera outbreak kills four in southern Laos (ET or Nation)
A cholera outbreak killed four people in southern Laos before health workers could halt the disease, state media reports said Wednesday. Acting director of the provincial Health Department, Chanthavong Xayasena, said the outbreak began on July 5 when two families in Darkpokmay village purchased tilapia fish
US ambassador ends mission in Laos (LV/VT)
The outgoing US Ambassador to Laos, Mr Ravic R. Huso, yesterday bid farewell to Lao Vice President Bounnhang Vorachit at the Presidential Palace in Vientiane. The farewell took place at the conclusion of the ambassador’s mission as the United States of America’s chief diplomat in Laos. On the same day, 
Raid on mahouts leaves one elephant, one poacher dead in Laos (ET)
A shootout between a gang of poachers and elephant handlers in Laos left one man and one pachyderm dead, news reports said Tuesday. The gang allegedly attacked the mahouts at midnight on August 9 in Hinheup district, Vientiane province, in an attempt to slaughter four elephants for their ivory and body parts,
Laotian in US: Mother charged in death of toddler left in hot car (Tenn)
A La Vergne mother faces a homicide charge in the death of her 18-month-old daughter. Ladda Vorasane, 39, of Chenoweth Lane, had been at her sister's house with her two daughters, 11 years old and 18 months old, Friday preparing for her father's death in Laos, said La Vergne Police detective John Eubank.
Dream of returning to Laos to marry, dashed in bank robbery (DP)
John Kham Lee was in college and working at a bank in hopes of establishing himself and eventually returning to Laos to find a bride raised in his native culture. “He wanted to continue in the traditions,” said a relative who asked that her name not be used for fear of retaliation. “He was Buddhist.” On April 10, 1997, he was
$1.2b power plant in Laos (Strait Times or Penn Energy)
A CONSORTIUM of South Korean and Thai firms signed an agreement on Monday to build a US$900 million (S$1.2 billion) hydroelectric power plant in Laos, company officials said. The consortium involves Thai power supplier Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding and two South Korean firms, SK
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Lao refugee denied exit visa to Australia (Age)
... Birmingham kickboxer murder suspect could be in Laos (SM)
... Sienna Miller and Jude Law 'marry in Baci ceremony in Laos' (Metro)
... Laos: Police announce all vehicles must be registered (VT)
... Discovery unveils site of creation for Plain of Jars (LV/VT)
... PM Bouasone visits Ketsana flood-hit victims in Sekong (LV/KPL)
... State enterprise seeks to mobilise funds for latest power plant (LV/VT)
... Laos: Over 2,000 land concessions granted to investors (LV/KPL)
... Laos: Officials discuss cultural promotion and preservation (VT)
... Asia's new backpacking hot spots - Nong Khiaw, Laos (Guardian)
... New building provides better studying environment for students (VT)
... Art Exhibitions: Journey into Laos (Bangkok Post)
... Laos, Cambodian Armies On Better Footing (Brunei Direct)
... Vietnamese in Laos celebrate major anniversaries (VOV)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Farmers' Market Faces 8 (Winona)
... Dengue fever claims 14 lives in Saravan (VT)
... Mayor examines history of Vientiane (VT)
... Lung Prabang provincial Party discusses future (VT)
... IFC pledges further support for private investment in Laos (KPL)
... Luang Prabang ceases shifting cultivation practices (LV/KPL)
... Laos: Chandler, DFDL, LS Horizon, Milbank 
    and Latham act on multi-billion-dollar power project (LBO)
... Vietnam-Laos relations honoured (ND)
... Widow of late Lao Party leader visits Vietnam (VN)
... Man, elephant die in poacher attack (LV/VT)
... Lao Brewery Co. supports road safety project in Vientiane (LV/KPL)
... Luang Prabang no longer does nomadic cultivation practice (KPL)
... Laos considers international human rights proposals (LV/VT)
... Lao Govt to make decision on new mining investments soon (LV/VT)  
... Laos offers business incentives to Vietnam (VOV)
... Local bank sets up financial consultancy JV in Laos (VOV)
... North Korea, Laos vow to continue friendship, cooperation (PD)
... Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Thailand Will Benefit From EEP Mekong
... Lao-Hmong in US: Building a bridge with cross-cultural cancer education
... Egat inks deal to buy Lao power (Nation)
... Laos: Economic growth to hit 7.8 percent this year (KPL)
... Mitsui, Rio Tinto to start bauxite prospecting in Laos (TM, Platts)
... MMG signs US$70 million logistic contract with local transport company
... Lao-Hmong in US: Wet year washes out local flower farms (ST)
Other stories around ASEAN region
... 'Bold plan' for Mekong area rail link approved (AFP/Google)
... Mekong region rail network to move a step closer (AsiaOne or ST)
... Newest Mekong River Dam To Kill Iconic Fish (JM)
... Asean calls for end to spat (ST)

Aug 9-15, 2010

Laotian in US: Mother charged after child dies in hot car (DNJ)
Police have charged the mother of an 18-month-old girl who died inside a hot vehicle Friday evening with criminally negligent homicide, according to DNJ news partners WSMV-TV. Ladda Vorasane, 35, was reportedly arrested on the charge this morning. She has since made bond pending a court hearing, WSMV is
Laotian in US: Tenn. toddler dies in hot car (Tennessean, WMCTV)
A toddler has died in a hot car in La Vergne. The Daily News Journal quoted La Vergne Police Chief Ted Boyd who said the 18-month-old girl was found dead in her mother's car late Friday afternoon. Boyd said the mother - whose name he did not release - told family members she thought her daughter had been asleep in
High demand for labour but low wages in Savannakhet (LV/VT)
For example, a sugar company in Savannakhet province is hiring people to harvest sugar for a wage of (1.5 baht) per bundle of sugarcanes. An experienced person can earn about 25,000 kip (100 baht) per day. Mr Khampheui said this wage is considered low as labourers can earn at least (200 baht) per day
Conservationists warn of elephant exodus from Laos (Guardian)Pic: Courtesy of Guardian)
It may be known as the Land of a Million Elephants, but conservationists are warning that the imminent exportation of more than a third of Laos's remaining domesticated elephant calves to a Chinese circus could prove disastrous for the endangered species. Once worshipped as gods, the animals are still considered sacred by many in Laos, but loss of habitat
Celebrating 55 years of Laos-U.S. relations (US Dept of State)
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I extend my best wishes to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic as we celebrate 55 years of diplomatic relations between our two countries this August 10. On this occasion, the United States reaffirms our commitment to the peaceful and
Dengue fever claims 26 lives in Laos (LV/KPL)
The dengue fever-a monsoon disease epidemic usually spread out in rainy season has claimed 26 lives nationwide out of more than 9,000 dengue fever victims. The dengue fever (DF) has developed by itself such the infection with appearing and disappearing symptoms, Deputy Pro. Dr Bounkong Sihavong
On the road with the elephants of Laos (Herald Scotland)
Elephants were apparently the favoured mode of travel for Laos’s ancient gods and kings, and it’s not difficult to see why. Few forms of transport confer quite the level of panache conferred by six tons of majestic pachyderm. Admittedly, it seems unlikely that gods and kings were helped on to their gigantic mounts
Laos speeds up construction of power plants (Hydro World)
General Director of the Electricity of Laos (EDL) Khammani Inthirath has said at a press briefing that the country will build at least two hydropower plants every year until 2020. To date, the country has a total of 14 hydro power plants with a combined capacity of 2,540MW instead of 10 with capacity of 700 MW in 2006.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laotian in US: Baby Dies After Being Left In Car (WSMV, WMCTV)
... Rio Tinto and Mitsui Open Project Office in Laos (Japan Corp)
... Local Laotian community embarks on community center build (HS)
... RP Embassy in Vientiane Celebrates ASEAN Day with Mini-Marathon
... US gives 205 mln kip to Houaphanh (LV/KPL)
... Vietnam, Laos strengthen press ties (ND)
... Two more dams to power up Luang Prabang (LV/VT)
... Laos to host petanque World Championships (LV/VT)
... Two students see the world through the lens of wine [to help Laos] (NVR)
... Laos: From delivery boy to media mogul (LV/VT)
... Vietnam, Laos boost social science cooperation (VP)
... Viet youth finish voluntary campaigns in Cambodia, Laos (Saigon)
... Lao students set to study at Chinese universities (LV/VT)
... Rain to continue, but no need for alarm: forecaster (LV/VT)
... US: Lao-Hmong Obituary: BILLY LOR, 42 (LC)
... Vientiane fish prices no small fry (VT or LV/VT)
... Theun-Hinboun hydropower expansion on schedule (LV/VT)
... Japanese students explore rural lifestyle in Laos (LV/VT)
... Vientiane eyes on renewable energy development (LV/VT)
... Philippine Embassy in Vientiane Accepts 1st ePassport Applicant in Laos
... US govt reaffirms commitment to UXO clearance in Laos (VT)
... Donations presented to Vientiane City Pillar Pavilion project (VT)
... Unicef program seeks to broaden communication channels (LV/KPL)
... Reason for concern – but not alarm over repatriated Hmong (DP)
... Laos to build 20 new hydropower plants by 2020 (ET)
... To the circus: conservationists warn of elephant exodus from Laos
... Laos: Mechanism to address, prevent employment disputes (VT)
... Govt set to announce details of free medical treatment policy (VT)
... Laos: Doctors warn of wild mushroom risks (VT)
... FM praises roles of Asean, Laos in region (VT)
... Lao Govt expands discounted rice scheme (VT)
... Laos sentences four convicted drug dealers to death (ET)
... What difference do 16.5 kms of rural roads make?
    An answer from the effect of NT2 revenues in Laos (World Bank)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia hold children’s camp (VOV)
... US: Hmong Presence Growing at Farmer's Market (WSAW)
Other stories around Mekong region
... US dips into Mekong politics (Asia Times)

Aug 2-8, 2010

Laos Takes Centre Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty (IPS/Australia)
After being relegated to the shadows for decades by its more powerful neighbours, Laos is finally taking the lead role in a global campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs. It is a role that the poverty-stricken South-east Asian nation of 6.3 million people easily qualifies for. After all, it is the country most affected by
Laos: Cluster bomb focus raises hopes for development (Reuters)
A new cluster bomb ban has finally come into effect, but 37 years after the last US bomb fell here, Laos – the world's most affected country – still feels the impact of unexploded ordnance (UXO) across all sectors of society.  "The UXO problem now constitutes an impediment to socio-economic development in our country.
Vientiane warns dengue fever outbreak may get worse (LV/KPL)
The trend of dengue fever is likely to increase and the disease have already claimed three lives and infected 1,876 people in the capital city, according to an official. Of the human deaths, two have been reported in Saythany and one in Saysettha districts.  “Over the last one week, 20 more people have been infected with dengue fever and most of them are from Saythany,
Bradford man jailed in Laos can seek parole (BBC or Telegraph)
A Briton serving a life sentence for a drugs offence in South-East Asia can have his case referred to the Parole Board, a judge has ruled. John Watson, 48, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was transferred to the UK to serve out his sentence in April. He was convicted in 2006 in Laos of trading and possessing drugs after
Laos sentences four convicted drug dealers to death (ET)
A Lao court has sentenced four men to death after finding them guilty of smuggling a huge haul of drugs into the country, media reports said Wednesday. Vientiane's Primary Court last week found Lao nationals Tobee Her, 35, Xayvisith, 35, Seng-Athith, 47, and Thongphanh, 32, guilty of attempting to smuggle 2,180 Kg
Savannakhet: Dengue fever kills three and infects thousands (VT)
Savannakhet provincial hospital is currently treating an average of 40-50 inpatients with dengue fever per day, but doctors say the outbreak situation is stable. Between January 1 and July 25, three people have died and 1,205 people have been infected with dengue fever in the province. The deaths occurred in
As cluster bomb ban takes effect, the view from Laos (CSM or FT)
The young woman brushes her metal detector over coarse, dry grass in a field near a primary school. Against the sound of children playing, the machine beeps as she searches for unexploded bombs dropped by American aircraft four decades ago.  Most of those were cluster bombs – shells that open midair
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Police putting more eyes on Vientiane (LV/VT)
... Family of Laotian refugees uses hard work, education to succeed (DC)
... Work on Borikhamxay-Xieng Khuang road link washed out (LV/VT)
... Vietnam supports poor youth in Laos (ND)
... Blue-ear pig disease epidemic recedes, but close surveillance is necessary
... Freedom home for Halifax man tortured in Laos jail (HC)
... Laos: place of perfect serenity and happiness (Korea Times)
... More efforts needed to control dengue: Lao PM (VT)
... All schools in Laos to be exposed to global language (VT)
... Communist Laos approves free health care for tots (ET)
... Yunnan-Based Bank to Establish Office in Laos (CRI)
... Information and Culture Ministry outlines future direction (VT)
... Laos can achieve MDGs by 2015: DPM (VT)
... Yorkshire man jailed in Laos given hope of freedom in UK (YP)
... Royal foods of Vietnam and Laos (eTravel Blackboard)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Lee released from prison, won't be retried (AC)
... California's first Hmong charter school opens in Sacramento (SacBee)
... Vietnam helps Laos build youth village (VOV)
... Thua Thien-Hue pledges assistance to Lao province (VOV)
... Work on Luang Prabang link road halted by rain (VT)
... Champasak: dengue fever infection doubles (LV/KPL)
... La Residence Phou Vao in Luang Prabang launches Promotion (ATT)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Minn. man jailed in fatal crash seeks 
    retrial based on alleged Toyota defect (Washington Post)
... Support funds announced for outstanding students (VT)
... Vocational training gets a major boost from $23 million donation (VT)
... Laos, Burma links [with Thailand] approved (iSA/BP)
... Russia-Laos: Lengthy talks over Tigo sale still “ongoing” (LV/VT)
... Blue ear outbreak continues to gain momentum (LV/VT)
... Lao, Thai banks boost shared services (LV/VT)
... Thang Long-Hanoi exhibition opens in Laos (VOV)
... Laos still facing legacy of cluster bombs (Radio Australia)
... 711 students graduate from Vientiane Provincial Technical School (KPL)
... Franken Visits Laos To Check On Returned Hmong (WCCO)
... Two new possible bidders for MIC’s Laotian subsidiary? (TG)
... Local investor kicks off That Luang road expansion (LV/VT)
... US: Hmong General Vang Pao Visits Valley Veterans (SH)
... John Vang & Thong Vue accused of chaining their 13 years old son
Other stories about Mekong region
... Insects: The Future of Protein? (World Changing)
... Mekong Basin countries discuss river development, protection (VT)
... US-ASEAN: Lower Mekong Initiative (VOA)
... Why damming the world's most productive river 
    could have serious negative consequences (National Geography)

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