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August 25-31

Suda - Laotian Artisans to Create Jewelry from Detonated Bombs (HL)
No one understands this sentiment better than jewelry designer Elizabeth Suda. Since 2010, the 31-year-old New Yorker has been working with artisans in Laos to craft fine jewelry from the scraps of detonated American-made bombs leftover from the Vietnam War. “Laos is considered the most heavily bombed country, per head, in history. 
Vietnam rubber giant grabbed lands from villagers in Laos & Cambodia (VT)
The state-owned Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG) will directly resolve all issues raised by villagers affected by its plantations in Laos and Cambodia... According to company data, its land concessions in Cambodia cover nearly 150,000 hectares – an area almost as large as London or Manila. In Laos the company oversees almost 19,000 hectares.
Lao Activist Defies Authorities And Builds Home on Disputed Land (RFA)
Undeterred by a three-month detention and defying warnings from the authorities, a Lao activist is refusing to vacate land she had occupied for years and which has been identified for a government road expansion project. Sivanxay Phommarath said she has begun construction of her house on the contentious plot of land in Khammouane province’s Nhommalath
Laos 'halts work' Don Sahong dam (Asia Times)

Laos has suspended construction of its controversial Don Sahong hydropower dam on the Mekong River following environmental and other concerns expressed by neighboring nations, according to the country's new envoy to Cambodia, but the dam's Malaysian developer says the project is forging ahead. Lao ambassador Prasith Sayasith announced
Electricity unit price ‘not expensive' in Laos: Deputy Minister (VT)
The unit price of electricity in Laos is not expensive, it is even cheaper than those of other countries in the region, a deputy minister has said... Laos' average unit price is currently charged at 600 kip per kilowatt hour (kwh), equivalent to slightly more than seven cents, lower than about 16 cents (1,280 kip) charged in neighbouring Cambodia, & lower the than 10 cents
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... Laos to promote energy potential (VT)
... Laotian bourse eyes flood of listing (BP)
... Healthcare law aims to improve health services (VT)
... Sounding off on ADB’s contentious Laos dam project (DE)
... University graduates face uphill battle in Laos' job market (VT)
... Amanta to sell Luang Namtha rights, interests to Mekong (SW)
... Textbooks for students nationwide before academic year starts (VT)
... Lao Official: villagers given compensation in line with regulations (VT)
... Rare Siamese Crocodiles Released as Ambassadors for Laotian Wetland (NG)
... New field of cooperation with Laos (TVR)
... Phu Bia Mining Appoints Linfox (Business Wire)
... Building of road link in southern Laos delayed (VT)
... Teacher quota does not meet school demands (VT)
... Lao fuel consumption predicted to surge (Global Post)
... Laos, Argentina strengthen cooperation (Asia One or VT)
... Ebola virus prevention among topics of Lao Govt meeting (VT)
... THAI Airways to resume Luang Prabang service (TTR Weekly)
... Cambodia, US Share Concerns Over Lao Dam (Cambodia Daily)
... Lao Govt steps up to expand Social Security Systems coverage (VT)
... Hydroelectric plant in Laos puts local farmers under tenterhooks (VN)
... School fees will not rise unless approved (VT)
... Call to cap CP’s export of swine to Laos (PPP)
... Xayaburi, Laos - Dam ‘redesign’ a mystery (PPP)
... Minister calls for education improvement in Laos (VT)
... Vientiane bans heavy trucks from using some roads (VT)
... Laos Gets World Bank Grant To Protect Forests (RTT News)
... ASEAN nations work to strengthen environmental protection (VT)
... Road repairs, highway police required to stem road decay in Laos (VT)
... International hotels to revive Luang Prabang's cultural capital (TTG Asia)
... Laos-China rail link prospects increase (Nation)

... Dishonest enterprises to face legal penalties (VT)

... Lao UXO sector faces challenges to reach MDG 9 (VT)

... Courtesy by motorists will reduce traffic congestion (VT)

... Laos, China Enhance Cooperation On Justice (Brunei Direct)

... Chao Anouvong Park, town shrine to be built in Xaysomboun (VT)
... Savannakhet pilot scheme earns 61 billion kip from wood exports (VT)
... Laos: Christians Accused of Murder Found Not Guilty, But still in jail (WN)
... ASEAN, a united community (VT)
... Laos - New justice minister appointed (VT)
... Cycle from Hanoi to Luang Prabang (Easier)
... Laos seeks funds for national museum (Nation)
... Lao Prime Minister Visits Khammouane (Brunei Direct)
... Gearing up for the AEC - Laos & the rest of ASEAN (Nation)
... Laos, China cement cooperation by people's prosecutors (VT)
... WHO raises Ebola awareness among health workers in Laos (VT)
... Laos receives a grant to strengthen forest protection, management (VT)
... Vietnam gets approval to fly over Cambodia, Lao airspace (VietnamNet or VN)

August 18-24, 2014

Laos to tighten up on illegal foreign workers (VT)
Laos will begin to enforce the regulations on undocumented foreign workers living in the country, starting in August next year. Mostly they are from the neighbouring countries of Vietnam and China and are working on construction sites and as traders and vendors. Illegal workers can be seen in many parts of the country as the current rules that need to
Xylem Pumps for Laos Hydropower Dam to Help Aid 4 Million (Bloomberg)
Xylem Inc. (XYL), the water company whose equipment cleared New York tunnels after Hurricane Sandy, won a customized pumps contract for a Mekong River hydropower dam under construction that will help provide electricity to 4 million people in Laos and Thailand. Flygt pumps for the $3.5 billion Xayaburi run-of-river hydro project will allow fish migration
ADB again under fire over safeguards in Laos dam (Devex)
The Asian Development Bank is again under fire over alleged safeguards violations, this time about a hydropower project in Laos that two NGOs claim will displace indigenous people, affect livelihoods and destroy the area’s immediate environment. ADB decided last week to give the green light to a $50 million loan for the dam in Nam Ngiep River in central Laos
Local residents call for road repairs in Vientiane (VT)

Many people in Vientiane are complaining about the roads being covered in mud and dust during the rainy season, or otherwise inundated with water after heavy rains.  Vientiane Times recently observed that many roads in Vientiane are broken and some are under construction, causing complaints among vehicle users in the capital.
After Joining The WTO, What’s Next For Laos? (EP)
Earlier this year Laos celebrated the first anniversary of its World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership. Laos’ accession to the WTO has been less talked about than that of its neighbours China and Vietnam, who joined the organisation in 2001 and 2007, respectively. This is partly due to Laos being a small, landlocked economy whose accession would not be
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... Lao Govt values ADB, World Bank financing (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam to tighten friendship and relations (VT)

... Hosts S.Korea to face Saudis, Malaysia, Laos in soccer (ES)

... Laos needs to prepare report on environmental sustainability (VT)

... Laos needs to prepare report on environmental sustainability (VT)

... HAGL brings largest number of Vietnam laborers to Laos (VN or VN)

... Nam Ngiep 1 secures financing for 290MW hydropower project in Laos

... Laos - Land mine ban advocate speaking in SW Portland Thursday night

... Foundation laid in Laos for school in memory of Hunterdon benefactor (NJ)

... Thousands of Lao-Hmong Still Risk Torture For Helping U.S. in Vietnam War

... Takeover talks ongoing: PanAust (BS)

... 8 things you can only experience in Laos (MN)

... Lao environment and social project to kick off (VT)

... Lao balcony fall girl 'was murdered' (Bangkok Post)

... Southern Laos: Where the Mekong blossoms (LTB)

... Anti-drug fund to combat drug abuse, smuggling (VT)

... Lao Govt collects unpaid land lease and concession fees (VT)

... Laos - Kamu Lodge Spruces Up Eco-facilities for Guests (LTN)

... Road access key to eliminating the number of poor villages (VT)

... Moonbear called Champa has keyhole brain surgery in Laos (ST)

... Laos Seeks Vietnam's Help In Army Personnel Training (Bernama)

... Lao Ford City Introduces World-Class Service In Laos (Brunei Direct)

... Lao Official, Developer Contradict on Don Sahong Dam Construction (RFA)

... Lao official, developer differ over dam’s status (PPP)

... World Bank supports hydropower sector in Laos (ELN)

... Vietnam and Laos: Indochina in your hand (Travel Weekly)

... Lao PM Inspects Vientiane Satellite Ground Station Project

... Flood victims in Luang Prabang need further assistance (VT)

... Cabaret show to raise money for Laos school (Korea Herald)

... NAFRI and WWF-Laos extend sustainable rattan project (VT)

... Cross border timber smuggling reported in Xieng Khuang (VT)

... Vientiane plans to solve the flooding problem, official says (VT)

... Lao Govt suspends import of 52 million litres of tax free petrol (VT)

... Laos and Australia partner to train government leaders (4-Traders)

... China to Press Ahead With Financing of Lao Railway Project (RFA)

... Land concession, chemical use threatening rural livelihoods in Laos (VT)

... Lao DPM Calls For More Efforts To Combat Illicit Poppy Cultivation (Bernama)

... Vietnam, Laos Ministries Discuss Management Of Guest Workers (Bernama)

... World Humanitarian Day observed (VT)
... Chinese media looks to invest in Laos (VT)
... Illicit poppy fields in Laos need eradicating (VT)
... Vientiane Industrial And Trade Park Officially Opened (BD)
... Illegal mining in Xieng Khuang: Rivers ‘not contaminated' (VT)
... High-Level Gasoline-Ethanol Blends (E85) Introduced To Laos (BD)
... Lao-Hmong Woman jailed, $2M worth of opium seized in Barrow Co.
... Memories of the Mekong (Nation)
... Laos works on Asean Summit preparations (VT)
... Lao coffee should integrate with world trade (VT)
... Driving to Sangthong now quicker and easier (VT)
... Udomxai-The Heart of Northern Laos (Daily KOS)
... Savannakhet province turns to concrete roads (VT)
... Media Fund to promote journalistic profession in Laos (VT)
... Soccer - HBT 2014: Laos 1 - 1 Timor Leste (Brunei Direct)
... Minister pledges villagers' consultation in community road construction (VT)
... From China to Southeast Asia: Major shift in low-cost manufacturing (Gulf-Times)

August 11-17, 2014

Chinese firm to build cement factory in Khammuan (VT)
Lanexang Cement Company will construct a cement plant in Khammuan province which will have the capacity to produce around one million tonnes of cement each year. The signing of the contract on the cement production project's implementation took place in Vientiane on Wednesday between the company and the Lao government.
Yingli Solar Donation Powers Laos School (Energy Matter or Yahoo)
Yingli Solar's Singapore subsidiary has donated an off-grid solar power system to a school in Laos that previously had no access to electricity. The 3kW off grid system provides power for lighting, fans, projectors, audio-visual systems and other related equipment for the school in Ban Lad Khammune, which serves more than 100 primary and secondary students
Transportation, a key for connectivity (VT)
The Lao government has prioritised transportation development as a key factor for building connectivity within the country, between the country and the region. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Saleumxay Kommasith spoke about the government policy when delivering a speech at the high-level ministerial segment of the annual policy session
Schools dismiss irregularities in enrolment rules (VT)
School administrators have dismissed speculation that money from parents is accepted by famous schools in order for their children to gain enrolment. Head of the Secondary Education Division under the Vientiane Education and Sport Department Mr Phouthone Sengdavong confirmed that enrolment in three popular secondary schools in the capital is selected
ISUZU Introduces MU-X in Laos (Brunei Direct)
ISUZU Motors International Operation Thailand launched a elegant design of ISUZU mu-X for different lifestyles in Vientiane Capital on Thursday. ISUZU mu-X is fitted with the latest in sophisticated technology. Built around a high-tensile steel passenger safety cell with side-intrusion bars, the ISUZU mu-X carries comprehensive crash avoidance electronics
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... Govt to include GNI in economic reports (VT)
... Q&A with Kim Mordaunt: ‘The Rocket’ (VOA)
... Soccer - HBT 2014: Thailand 3 – 1 Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Media organisations warned about false advertisement (VT)

... Vietnam Airlines partners Abacus in Laos (Travel Daily Media)

... Small firms, hydropower and mining receive World Bank financing (VT)

... Environment officials learn about watershed resources management (VT)

... Cambodia and Laos construction market growth dropped from 16.3% to 6.4% in 2013

... Lao Govt approves rapid bus lane project (VT)
... Renovation of Hor Phra Keo Museum to start soon (VT)
... Four reported drowned in swollen rivers this month (VT)
... Decree not necessary for Media Law's implementation (VT)
... Authorities consider earlier school time to mitigate congestion (VT)
... Joe Bennett: Ah love with Laotian (Stuff)
... Soccer: Laos 2 - 3 Myanmar (Brunei Direct)
... Flood reports late in flowing to the ministry (VT)
... Lao PM pushes for more rice seed studies (VT)
... Minister asks media sectors to improve quality (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos armies plan co-operation (VietnamNet)
... Broadcasters mull over improvements in programming (VT)
... 11 North Koreans Apprehended Near Laos-China Border (Daily NK)
... A Healer’s Meridian: Where Eastern and Western Healing Intersect - Laos (NG)
... Laotian ambassador urges Thailand to speed up the process of nationality proof
... Govt develops model irrigation project (VT)
... Monday Murder Mystery: Let's Go To Laos (Daily KOS)
... Clear mechanisms for devolution required, officials say (VT)
... NA meeting discusses upcoming 35th AIPA conference (VT)
... Lao Deputy PM meets US Secretary of State in Myanmar (VT)
... Xebangfay tells residents to prepare for instant evacuation (VT)
... Experts consider urban area classification in Laos (VT)
... Soccer: Pinoys draw with Laos in Bolkiah Cup (ABS-CBN)
... Investors head to Savan Seno Special Economic Zone (VT)
... Wang Yi Met with Lao FM Thongloun Sisoulith (FM of China)
... Laos reviews innovative data collection methods project (VT)
... EU to focus on effective and sustainable projects in Laos (VT)
... Holiday weekend boosts Thai-Lao tourism (eTurboNews or NNT)
... Survey, land use plan needed to avoid land disputes in Laos (VT)
... Lao-American Obituaries: Saysamone Phanrana (News-Gazette)
... Boxing: #4 Norasing wins, Laotian Nampetch makes history (Fight News)

August 4-10, 2014

A Vertical Runway In Laos (Air Cargo News)
A runway, by definition, should be more or less horizontal. More or less, because some runways in remote areas such as the Andes had to be constructed over slopes, which makes approaching them a skills test for any modern-day pilot. An almost forgotten remnant of the Vietnam War is the “Vertical Runway” in Vientiane, Laos. The Laotian “Patuxay,”
Christians in Laos found not guilty of murder, yet to be released (CT)
Five Lao Christians have been found "not guilty" for the murder of a Christian convert who passed away suddenly weeks after being prayed for. Pastor Kaithong, three church leaders and another member from the Savannakhet province, were arrested on June 23 for the alleged murder of Mrs Chan, who had come to them for prayer in April after suffering
Lao garment industry booms (Global Post)
An expansion of industrial capacity in Laos' garment industry has caused a five percent increase in export value over the first six months of 2014... According to Lao Garment Industry Association President Onesy Boutsivongsakd, the export value of Lao garments in the first six months of this year reached US$ 95 million, a five percent increase
Govt says casino not part of Savan city project (VT)
The government has confirmed that there has been no agreement reached for a casino to operate under the Savan City project, in the Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) in Savannakhet province. The Secretariat Office of the Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zones (S-NCSEZ) issued an official letter recently, denying a June 27 report
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... Sam Sang pilot program reviewed (VT)
... Laos, UK promote stronger relations (VT)
... Lao Govt aims to deal with land disputes (VT)
... Seventh EAPVP meeting kicks off in Vientiane (VT)
... Champassak floods again after Mekong River rises (VT)
... Laos' Asean membership: peace, stability and cooperation (VT)
... Maplewood man, 84, admits he shot, killed son, 36, after argument (TC)
... Laos take steps to fight Ebola (VT)
... Healthcare mission to Laos (Nation)
... Murder-suicide in Luang Namtha (VT)
... US$5.6 million illegal logs uncovered (VT)
... Monument honors Lao American veterans (Courier-News)
... Officials warn of flooding in central and southern Laos (VT)
... 57 people sentenced for illegal state land deals in Phonhong (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos army mass organisations foster ties (Pakistan Defence)
... Compensation date unclear for villagers affected by National Stadium (VT)
... Laos and China Explore Closer Ties during Beijing Meetings (China Topix)
... University entrance exams kick off in Laos (VT)
... Laos and North Korea reinforce collaboration (VT)
... Donors desert UXO clearance project in Laos (VT)
... Lao fonts for smartphones to be unveiled soon (VT)
... Ministry mulls Laos' anthem makeover (VT or Global Times)
... Lao heritage & the emerging generation of culture-builders (DP)
... Khammuan residents accuse project of unfair compensation (VT)
... Lao-Thai Restaurant Challenges Champion Spellers, Jaded Palates
... Reception To Mark Chinese Army Day Held In Vientiane (Brunei Direct)
... Cruising Southeast Asia's Waterways: The Launch of Aqua Mekong (HP)
... Champassak rice fields in deep water (VT)
... Japan supports oral health service programme (VT)
... Lao stock market closes 1.39 pct down (Global Post)
... Laos, China sign MoU to boost poverty eradication (VT)
... Village authorities illegally turn state land into capital (VT)
... Oudomxay-Pakmong road delays no longer than usual (VT)
... Southeast Asia's finest 'new' heritage hotels (i.e. Amantaka in Luang Prabang)

July 28-Aug 3, 2014

Tourist arrivals may reach 4 million, Laotian minister says (Nation)
The number of tourists visiting Laos could reach 4 million this year if new arrivals keep flocking to the country despite the current political instability in the region and in the world. Professor Bosengkham Vongdara, the minister of information, culture and tourism, expressed his confidence in the projection on Thursday when delivering a lecture for ministry officials
State employee yearly salary increase suspended (VT)
State employees' salaries will not increase in the next fiscal year as originally planned, a senior government official has confirmed. The salary increase will not go ahead due to the current budget tensions, with the government exercising cautious spending and cuttin g unnecessary expenditure. Spokesman and Head of the Office in the Ministry of Finance
Admission quota set for university entrance exams in Laos (VT)
The National University of Laos (NUOL) will hold entrance exams next week for about 15,000 school leavers and expects to take on around 6,000 students this academic year in line with the quota set by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Applications for entrance to the university will close this week and the two-day exams are set to wind up next week
Chinese firm escapes after illegally mining for gold (VT or Nation)
A Chinese firm has absconded back to China after it was discovered that it had extracted gold illegally along the Mekong River in northern Bokeo province, according to a government minister. The firm had received permission from the Lao government to excavate sand and gravel but was found to be using the equipment to dredge for gold illegally,
Other stories about Laos around the world
... UXO Lao lacks funding (Brunei Direct)
... Laos launches human development report (VT)
... Laos okays six decrees proposed by PM (Nation)
... Compensation timeline set for NA building project (VT)
... Smart Lao students win bronze medal in Georgia (VT)
... Ministry prepares contractors for rainy season road repairs (VT)
... Laos Attends Fourth Mekong -Rok Ministers'meeting (Brunei Direct)
... Laotian Chef Helps Diners Feel the Burn of Her Native Cuisine (WAMU)
... Laos, A Risky Cleaning Job In The World's Most Bombed Country (WC)
... Scholarships honor family's journey, help Lao-Hmong students (MPR News)
... As Hmong culture fades, a summer camp fights back (Wausau Daily Herald)
... Free cancer treatment for poor children (VT)
... Vientiane province to transform land into capital (VT)
... Laos, Korea pledge to further enhance bilateral ties (VT)
... Fire crews need better cooperation with electricity sector (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia sign anti-crime joint statement (TN)
... Cabinet approves decrees, discuss issues to drive growth (VT)
... DFSK targets Laos, Vietnam for exports of Chinese trucks (BP)
... Drug-resistant malaria widespread in Southeast Asia: study (ECNS)
... Laos, China pledge to boost bilateral ties (VT)
... Bridge to Laos will boost regional trade (Nation)
... Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Lao President (FA PRC)
... Insufficient conditions for steel processing plant here (VT)
... Dangerous herbicide use found in Bokeo banana farms (VT)
... Viet Nam, Laos agree to step up legal, judicial co-operation (VN)
... Policies for revolutionary fighters set for completion by 2015 (VT)
... Lao authorities and JICA implement rural development project (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam Enhance Agro-Forestry Cooperation (Brunei Direct)
... LFNC outlines public complaints (VT)
... Filipino teachers are in Laos, too (Inquirer)
... China, Laos sign seven deals (China Daily)
... Luxembourg aids local development in Khammuan (VT)
... Civil servant recruitment unbiased, ministry confirms (VT)
... Laos Launches Plan to Stem Illegal Logging After Revenue Drop (RFA)
... Laos, Vietnam to focus on legal documents for border management (VT)
... Parliament of Laos Concerned about Corruption, Money Laundering (PL)

July 21-27, 2014

Illegal logging in Phouphanang stems from lack of forest patrols (VT)
Insufficient numbers of forest inspection officials to police and scrutinise the timber trade have resulted in illegal logging in Phouphanang Conservation Forest area in Naxaithong district of Vientiane, according to a senior government official. Deputy Director General of the Forest Inspection Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Mr Paphakon
Google Street View introduces Laos to the world (VT)
Popular search engine, Google, in cooperation with the Lao government has begun broadcasting images of Laos through the Street View technology.  The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has cooperated with Google Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd of Google Inc. to officially announce Street View for Laos yesterday. This programme captures photos of
China's EximBank Suspends Loans For Roads, Bridges in Laos (RFA)
Export-Import Bank of China (EximBank), the official export credit agency of the Chinese government, has suspended loans for infrastructure and construction projects in Laos, saying it would prefer to only finance mining and hydro-power ventures, according to Lao sources. The move is seen by some as an indication of Beijing's concern over its neighboring
Laos: More than 1.2 trillion kip (~ US$150 million) lost to corruption (VT)
State property valued at more than 1.2 trillion kip was misappropriated through corrupt activities in the period from 2012 to the present, while the abuse of power and delaying document approval were the most widespread negative phenomena.  Head of the Government Inspection Authority Dr Bounthong Chitmany revealed the statistics on Friday while reporting
Laos Focuses On Countering Against Corruption (Brunei Direct)
This was a response of President of the State Inspect Authority, Dr Bounthong Chitmany to the National Assembly (NA) members' queries at the ongoing NA session last Friday. He pointed out the corruption poses a threat and challenge problem to the stability of Party and Government and affects to the socio-economic development of each country.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Top Lao students to compete in Asean Quiz (VT)
... Interview: Laos Prime Minister in Exile (Diplomat)
... Laos honors Chinese police for cooperation (ECNS)
... Potain towers on multimillion dollar dam in Laos (KHL)
... Lottery enterprise denies numbers drawn already decided (VT)
... World Food Programme supports mother and child health (VT)
... CNA Group signs MoU to deliver fuel management system in Laos (ES)
... Ministry to launch quality standards for primary education programme (VT)
... Japan Provides Grant For Uxo Clearance In Saravan & Champasack (BD)
... Villagers occupy forest area illegally (VT)
... The argument for eating dog in Vietnam (CNN)
... Pilot scheme to eradicate illegal logging in Laos (VT)
... Chiang Kham casts its spell - Thai Leu (Bangkok Post)
... Auto industry globalization: Tier I production reaches Laos (PT)
... UXO clearance project completed in southern Lao provinces (VT)
... Climate change adaptation requires better cropping systems (VT)
... St. Paul City Council honors Hmong scholar Shong Ger Thao (Twin Cities)
... Parliament debates independent audit law (VT)
... Rice farmers fear flooding along Xebangfay (VT)
... Wood trade, a major business for corruption (VT)
... Hmong-American photographer is a pioneer (Star Tribune)
... Lao Govt takes action to preserve prime agricultural land (VT)
... Laos extends condolences over Malaysian airline tragedy (VT)
... Australian government funds foot and mouth disease control (VT)
... Khob Jai features American, Chinese, Thai and Laotian dishes (NA)
... T-28s used in Laos return to Sheboygan this weekend (Sheboygan Press)
... Five Amazing Places to Spend Christmas in South East Asia - one is in Laos
... Berwyn East has everything from a high school to a Lao Buddhist temple (CD)
... Lao NA debates anti-money laundering law (VT)
... Forest cover goal possible if managed properly (VT)
... Thailand supports clean water systems in Laos (VT)
... New minister and head appointed to government office (VT)
... Water purification project set for completion in mid 2015 (VT)
... On the right track from Thailand to Laos (AAP/Yahoo)
... Korean-language tourism classes held in Thailand, Laos (KH)
... Neighbours fear dams in Laos will spell disaster for fishery (BIV)
... Potain tower cranes assist with $3.8bn dam building in Laos (CWO)
... Viet cop killed during violent clash with drug traffickers at Laos border (TNN)

July 14-20, 2014

Saravan in southern Laos: highest rate of dengue (VT)

Saravan province has been recorded as hav ing the highest rate of dengue patients this year; however, it is still lower in comparison with the same period last year. About 962 people have caught dengue fever nationwide, with no fatalities. A total of 261 cases were recorded in Saravan province, 188 cases in Attapeu province and 123 cases in Xekong province.
National stadium decaying due to lack of maintenance (VT)
The National Stadium in Dongxanghin village, Xaythany district, Vientiane is becoming dilapidated and is badly in need of maintenance by the sectors concerned.  The stadium, located at Km16, known as the venue for the South East Asian Games in Laos, is decaying everyday due to a lack of use and maintenance after the nation hosted the 25th games back in 2009.
Lao NA asks auditors to place focus on state departments (VT)
The National Assembly (NA) has asked state auditors to place greater focus on auditing state departments in a move to ensure the effective use and management of the state budget. Representing the NA's standing committee, Chairwoman of the parliament's Committee on Economic, Planning and Finance Dr Souvanpheng Bouphanouvong pressed
Lao women leading effort to clear millions of UXO left over from war (ABC)

Women are on the frontline of the effort to find and destroy millions of unexploded cluster bombs which are still claiming lives decades after being dropped on Laos. The US dropped up to 260 million cluster bombs on Laos during the Vietnam War - the equivalent of one bombing mission every eight minutes, for nine years. It left Laos as the most heavily bombed
Dam Projects [in Laos] Ignite a Legal Battle Over Mekong River’s Future (NG)
On a remote stretch of the Mekong River in northern Laos, the silence is broken by the dull boom of dynamite. This is the site of the Xayaburi Dam, the first dam being built on the main stem of the river south of the Chinese border. Concrete terraces now climb the steep riverbanks, and engineers estimate the project is one-third complete. If work remains on schedule
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Call to help girls in Laos get an education (Morley)
... ADB poverty reduction, growth support affirmed (VT)
... First civil servant exam takes place in Laos today (VT)
... Condos, malls helping to transform Udon Thani (Nation)
... Lao-Thai: Man held for rape, murder of mother, her daughter (BP)
... Switzerland supports access to socio-economic data in Laos (VT)
... Effective Implementation Enhances Poverty Reduction in Laos, ADB (BD)
... Luang Prabang Safe and Green Tourism Scheme to Launch “The Mark” (ATT)
... POSCO E&C Begins Construction of Nam Lik1 Hydroelectric Power Plant in Laos
... Lao Govt responds to public hotline (VT)

... Wattay International Airport to expand (VT)
... “The Rocket” to show at Star Hall (Muab SN)
... Man sentenced to death for murder of wife (VT)
... Laos Opens Fifth Consulate-General In China (Bernama)

... Minister responds to information, culture and tourism matters (VT)

... Heavy rains forecast in the wake of Tropical Storm Rammasun (VT)

... IFC, Australian government support downstream risk reduction (VT)
... Laos halts export of coal to protect local cement industry (Global Cement)

... Laos Improves Law On Development Of Organic Agriculture (Brunei Direct)

... Officials dig up the history Phou Bia (VT)

... Laos all set to host the 35th AIPA meeting (VT)

... Fish population in Nam Ngum under threat (VT)

... Poverty rate in four provinces remains high (VT)

... Laos moves to readjust import taxes (Shanghai Daily)

... These Laos-Based Designs Are the Opposite of Fast Fashion (HP)

... NA: Govt needs to work harder on forest management, conservation (VT)

... Laos Warns Facebook Users Who Disrupt ‘Social Order, Undermine Security'

... PanAust Says Global Copper Producers May Rival Guangdong Bid (Bloomberg)

... Laos unlikely to achieve nutrition MDGs (VT)
... Community radio station to open in Xayaboury (VT)
... Ministry focuses on educational improvements (VT)
... NA debates amendments to Law on Handling Petitions (VT)
... Mekong dams causing problems for Viet farmers in delta (Nation)
... Suspended bachelor's, higher level courses possibly resumed (VT)
... Women caught with fake notes withdrawn from Laos' airport (Stuff)
... Laos, Burma and Cambodia Back Thai Labor Policies (Karen News)
... Authorities put brakes on airport project amid subsidence concerns (VT)
... Vietnam border guards shoot out tires to stop Lao drug traffickers (TNN)
... The Groundbreaking Ceremony of CAMCE Laos Luang Prabang Anantara ..
... Laos Still Needs Electricity Import (Brunei Direct)
... Laos to host 35th AIPA in Vientiane (Brunei Direct)
... Growth of Udon Thani brings thrills, new style (Nation)
... Lao NA supports govt promise to not create more debt (VT)
... Spilling the beans on Champassak Lao Coffee Festival (VT)
... EU, World Vision back UXO land clearance and victims (VT)
... The Local Flavor: Lahp is a salad that becomes the meal (LO)
... Investors cast doubt on southern Laos' Road 18A upgrade (VT)
... Brenda Song Goes Shopping with Mom and Younger Brother (WPN)
... Ministry wants committee dedicated to inspecting state projects (VT)
... Luekhamhan joins VTDigger business team as associate publisher (VT Digger)

July 7-13, 2014

Laos, China upgrade Boten-Bohan into economic cooperation zone (VT)
Laos and China have agreed to upgrade the Boten-Bohan cross-border area into an economic cooperation zone aiming to attract many more investors and boost development cooperation between the two countries. Boten is located in Luang Namtha province in northern Laos and Bohan is in Yunnan province of China, and the upgrading of the cross-border area
NA members raise concerns about development authorisations (VT)
Coordination mechanisms and procedures for project authorisation are a concern among National Assembly (NA) members who have cautioned that many authorised development projects have caused social, environmental and other negative impacts. NA members questioned the Minister of Planning and Investment Mr Somdy Duangdy on the matter
UN agency dismayed as Thailand deports Laotian refugee (United Nations)
The United Nations refugee agency today spoke out against the deportation of a Laotian man from Thailand back to his homeland, where he could face harsh treatment amounting to persecution. According to information confirmed this week by the Thai authorities, the deportation of the former Lao Hmong leader took place on 13 June, the spokesperson for the UN
Laos, Thailand vow to combat cross-border human trafficking (Nation)
Laos and Thailand have vowed to work together to tackle the ongoing cross-border human trafficking as officials of both sides held talks last week in Laos. Neighbouring Thailand has been a popular destination for Lao job seekers with more than 100,000 Lao nationals working there both legally and illegally, according to information from the Lao Ministry of Labour
Australia pledges AU$86 million education aid for Laos (VT)
The government of Australia has announced it will provide AU$86 million (more than 648.5 billion kip) in aid to finance basic education programmes in Laos over the next four years, the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.  The announcement was made during the official visit to Laos by Australian foreign minister Ms Julie Bishop, the ministry said in a press release.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... ROOM TO READ helps Lao children (VT)
... Laos outlines investment priorities (Global Post)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Xue Lor, hero to many (Willamette Live)
... Unapproved project debts shall not burden budget, NA told (VT)
... Lao Govt vows to achieve poverty target, despite growth cut (VT)
... World Bank Manager Of Laos Bids Farewell To DPM (Brunei Direct)
... Measures against company with outstanding debts remains unclear (VT)
... Lao Press in Foreign Languages and Paxason newspapers relocate (VT)
... Bangkok Golden Owner to Open Laotian Restaurant in Columbia Heights (WCP)
... Cruising the Mekong (Travel Weekly)
... Food Cart Review: Luang Prabang (WW)
... Laos appoints new deputy PMs (Global Post)
... City enforces stricter regulations on heavy trucks (VT)
... Rocket festival stirs flight safety fears (Bangkok Post)
... Malaysian firm expands into Laos (Global Legal Post)
... Govt sets four priority areas for investment next year (VT)
... Samsung funds school construction in Xieng Khuang (VT)
... Education, child mortality goals unlikely to be reached (VT)
... Budget tensions should ease next year, parliament told (VT)
... Dedication set for Lao Veterans Memorial in Elgin (Daily Herald)
... Timor-Leste to establish its embassy in Laos (VT)
... Lao PM sends message of sympathy to Vietnam (VT)
... Govt aware of rising deforestation in Laos, PM says (VT)
... Lao NA members call for stricter project authorization (VT)
... Parliament approves new Lao DPMs, cabinet members (VT)
... US urges SE Asia action against human trafficking (AP/Yahoo)
... Laos, WHO take steps to combat artemisinin-resistant malaria (VN)
... Arrest of one-kilo smuggler sparks investigation along Laos border (TNN)
... Laos On Canvas Drawing Contest Awards Presented To Young Drawers (BD)
... Japanese volunteers greatly benefit the country (VT)
... Spirited away [in Laos] (China Daily)
... Chinese firm to grow organic rice in Laos (Nation)
... Road linking southern Laos, Vietnam inaugurated (VT)
... Lao NA session opens with the economy a hot issue (VT)
... Lao NA concern over govt's economic plan implementation (VT)
... Massive Mekong dams taking a toll on local communities (Nation)
... Authorities prohibit development along Xaysettha district road (VT)
... Envoys [from Laos, Khmer and Myanmar] back labour reforms (BP)
... When the idea of a bomb-free Laos became possible (Daily Planet)
... Govt seeks parliament approval to cut spending, revenue targets (VT)
... Laos Preparing Charges Against Deported Hmong Resistance Leader (RFA)
... Road project delayed in Borikhamxay (VT)
... Chinese firm to grow organic rice in Laos (VT)
... Australia helps schooling in Laos, Myanmar (Yahoo)
... Xieng Khuang residents need infrastructure facilities (VT)
... Australia launches major new education programme in Laos (VT)
... Laos, Thailand vow to combat cross-border human trafficking (VT)

June 30-July 6, 2014

Several escape fire that damages Lao Buddhist Temple in Milwaukee (JSO)
"I was very happy to see the temple when I came," he said as he stood outside the large brick building, though the mood Friday morning was more somber as he surveyed the damage to the temple caused late Thursday night by a fire on the second floor. The building and property inside sustained more than $70,000 in damage, fire officials said, and the cause of the fire
Outbreak of children taking drugs, yaba (VT)
Parents in Borikhamxay province are concerned after the recent outbreak of children taking yaba amphetamine as they sometimes see drug dealers selling the pills near schools and villages. Deputy Director of the Provincial Drug Control Department Mr Langsy Phandanouvong told Vientiane Times , “Provincial authorities found almost 5,100 people
Thailand deports ex-resistance leader to Laos (AP/Yahoo or BP)
Thailand deported a former ethnic Hmong resistance leader whose group fought for the U.S. in Laos in the 1960s, Thai officials and rights groups said Wednesday, raising concerns that he will face persecution in his homeland. Moua Toua Ter and fellow Hmong led a desperate existence on the run in the jungles of Laos for more than two decades. He had been sheltering
Foreign-owned clinics in Laos to legalise their operations (VT)
Some three foreign-owned medical clinics in Vientiane whose operations are currently contravening the regulations ar e in the process of legalising their business operations, government officials have said. Private medical clinics are reserved for Lao nationals to operate, while foreigners are encouraged to invest in and operate larger-scale modern healthcare centers
UXO Assistance by US to Laos (VOA)
Unexploded ordnance or UXO – bombs, shells, grenades, and landmines – the remains of decades of armed conflict, continue to pose a threat to the people of Laos. The United States is strengthening its commitment by increasing its assistance from $9 million in 2012 and 2013 to $12 million this year. Daniel A. Clune, U.S. Ambassador to Laos, and Phoukhieo
Laos - Asset declaration for state employees begins (VT)
Work to declare state employees' assets has begun with some state bodies having already disseminated instructions on how to declare the assets. The declaration will be made in line with the Prime Ministerial Decree on Asset Declaration – the first ever document of its kind that came into effect on January 1. Deputy Director General of the Inspection Against Corruption
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Egat plans to venture into SE Asia (Bangkok Post)

... Australia helps schooling in Laos, Myanmar (Yahoo)

... Laos: Cutting dropout rates a priority in education (VT)

... Students in Myanmar, Laos to get Australian aid (CNA)

... Tough Choices Ahead for Laos Tourism (Travel Pulse)

... Little Mekong Night Market debuts in St. Paul (Twin Cities)

... Bait-and-switch in Laos' dam ‘consultation’ (Bangkok Post)

... Damming The Mekong River: Economic Boon Or Environmental Mistake?

... 150 soccer teams from around the world compete at Hmong Freedom Celebration

... Bishop focusing on 'aid for trade' in Laos (Mail)

... Major drug shipment stopped in Oudomxay (VT)

... Medical sector upgrades to prepare for AEC (VT)

... Laos- Russia Cooperation Expanded (Brunei Direct)

... Unregulated parking lots causing public complaints (VT)

... New programmes to boost production of Lao farmers (VT)

... Laos recommended to consult MRC again on new hydropower project (VIR)

... Media urged to reinforce dengue campaign (VT)

... Explosion at wedding injures ten, motive unclear (VT)

... No war era chemicals found after tests in Saravan (VT)

... Nam Ngum bridge to reduce north-south travel time (VT)

... Pay taxes or have licences revoked, companies warned (VT)

... Low interest loan to fund southern agricultural developments (VT)

... Laos: Deceased woman's friend pressured to recant to faith (CT)

... St. Paul: Annual Hmong festival expands entertainment options (TC)

... If There’s Going to Be a Thai Civil War, Isaan Will Be Its Front Line (Time)

... Laos, China Party leaders meet (VT)

... New ambassador to Austria appointed (VT)

... Japan supports training for disabled people (VT)

... Steering committee reviews water sector projects (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam Seek To Boost Agriculture Ties (Bernama)

... Over 80 Lao booths to run at China-ASEAN Expo 2014 (Global Post)

... Environmental concerns flood Laos dam project on biodiverse Mekong River

... Australian Foreign Minister to visit Laos (VT)

... Lao national caught with medicinal drugs (VN)

... 2 Lao drug traffickers busted in Vietnam (TNN)

... Lao minimum wage under debate (Global Post)

... Laos, Thailand network their tourism industries (VT)

... India hands over completed irrigation schemes (VT)

... Lao stock market closes 1.39 pct down (Global Post)

... New project launched to strengthen National Assembly (VT)

... Australian FM to visit Myanmar, Laos this week (Shanghai Daily)

... Laos hydropower plant threatens Vietnam’s Mekong (VietnamNet)

... Investors pledge to resume work on Road 18A in southern Laos (VT)

... New water supply project to begin in Vientiane's Sangthong district (VT)

... Dhipaya manages a foothold in Laos (Nation)
... Top hotel chains flock to Laos (eTurbo News)
... Bishop heads to Burma and Laos (WA/Yahoo)
... Lao-Thai: Paklai-Phu Doo road link opens (VT)
... Laos Agrees to Studies for Second Mekong Dam (VOA)
... Laos faces labour market challenges ahead of AEC (VT)
... Tourism potential draws top hotel chains to Laos (Nation)
... Savan city project to create international gateway to Asean (VT)
... Investors sought for USD10bn free-zone complex in Laos (Zawya)
... Laos: Christians charged with murder after praying for sick woman (CT)

June 23-29, 2014

90,000 Lao workers in Thailand need proper documents (VT)
Up to 90,000 Lao citizens working in Thailand will need to work out the required documents to legalise their status as workers in the country, as Thai authorities have announced they will take concrete steps to regulate foreign workers. Director General of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare's Skill Development & Employment Department Mr Phouvanh Chanthavong
Laos Detains Church Leaders Over Christian Funeral (BNL)
Authorities in southern Laos have detained four church leaders and another believer for organizing a Christian funeral service as part of a crackdown on Christianity in the area, rights activists told BosNewsLife Tuesday, June 24. Church leaders Kaithong, Puphet, Muk, Hasadee and fellow Christian Tiang were arrested Tuesday, June 24, in Saisomboon village
Thai court takes villagers' case against power firm, Laos dam (Reuters)
A Thai court accepted a lawsuit against state-owned Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and four other state bodies on Tuesday for agreeing to buy electricity from a $3.5 billion hydropower dam being built in neighbouring Laos. The Xayaburi dam, which will be the first on the main stream of the Mekong River in Southeast Asia, is at the heart of landlocked
Mother and daughter die after bag snatching (VT)
A mother and daughter were killed instantly in a road accident following a bag snatching in Sikhottabong district, Vientiane yesterday. According to the Vientiane Traffic Police Department, the victims were Ms Atong, 47, and he r daughter Ms Phone, 14. At the time of the accident, the woman was believed to be in pursuit of some bag snatchers who had stolen her bag.
Experts warn that Laos' public debt must be reigned in (VT)
At the end of 2012, the government's external debt was US$4.2 billion which was in net present value around 32 percent of the country's GDP volume... However, the amount of external debt mentioned does not take into account the debt related to the release of government bonds which is around 6 trillion kip (US$745 million). Dr Bounleua said Laos has faced debt burdens
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... Compromise of sorts on southern Laos' dam (PPP)
... Another MK82 bomb found in Sangthong district (VT)
... First immigrant village for Nam Ou 2 project opens (VT)
... Lao minister calls for more research and development (VT)
... Laos to Hear Out Mekong Neighbors on Hydro Project (VOA)
... Agricultural officials and FAO discuss rice intensification (VT)
... MIA in Laos: Sons of Air Force chief tell dad’s story in Minot (WT)
... Northern Lao provinces exercise vigilance amid school kidnapping rumours
... 50 Years After U.S. Launched Secret War on Laos, UXO Still Killing Civilians
... Interview with Wife of Laos NGO Leader Sombath Who Went Missing in 2012
... ASEAN to tackle cyber crime (VT)
... Massive drug stash goes up in smoke (VT)
... NUOL students access e-learning facility (VT)
... Laos-Vietnam opens 8th international checkpoint (VT)
... KBank focuses on Laos, Myanmar for wealth push (BP)
... Next year's census expected to reveal population surge (VT)
... Ministry seeks funds from Chinese bank for Mekong road (VT)
... Concert, textile sale to help fund ‘Jason’s School’ in Laos (Beacon)

... Boxing: Sen Rady set to fight Laos’s Tharng Bang for CBF title (PPP)
... Viet Nam, Laos hail establishment of border gates, discuss East Sea tensions
... Tackling climate change in Laos (DW)
... Laos struggles to meet vaccine goal (CMAJ)
... Savour the slow pace of Vientiane (Daily Mail)
... World Bank affirms strong support of Laos (VT)
... Court takes Xayaburi dam case (Bangkok Post)
... Egat's access to Laos' dam power in doubt (Nation)
... Laos expresses views on South China Sea situation (VT)
... US help Laos' southern provinces in education, health (VT)
... Amendment aims for better heritage preservation in Laos (VT)
... Vietnamese experts comment on Lao development plans (VT)
... The threat of dams on the Mekong River (Asian Correspondent)
... Financial crisis a priority in Laos NA's 7th Ordinary Session (VT)
... Thai Court Agrees to Hear Lawsuit over Controversial Xayaburi Dam in Laos
... Japan Provides 800 Mil Kip (~US$100K)For Embankment In Luang Prabang (BD)
... Fish Releasing Day to boost sustainability (VT)
... Bank of Vietnam funds $53 million road in Laos (VN)
... Several projects slow in capital town development (VT)
... Korea builds new water supply system in Oudomxay (VT)
... Schools tighten security amid organ trafficking rumours (VT)
... The ride through Laos my five-year-old and I will never forget (G&M)
... Lao President promulgates two new laws (VT)
... Laos: Speeding fine without a receipt incorrect (VT)
... Bank believes identity theft emails from Malaysia (VT)
... Laos-Vietnam bank marks 15th anniversary (Vietnam News)
... Vientiane authorities push for progress on road projects (VT)
... Summit of emerging nations calls for equitable world order (VT)

June 16-22, 2014

Billions on offer in legal gambling alternative in Laos (VT)
Legal football gambling, operated by the Lao Development Lottery State Enterprise, is offering up to one and a half billion kip per day for gamblers wanting to lay a bet on the results of the World Cup competition in Brazil. This figure was calculated by Vientiane Times , based on information provided by the enterprise, which announced that each of its 17 distributors
Laos: Revenue shortfall affects state spending (VT)
Revenue collection may fall short of the target again in the 2013-14 fiscal year, which will intensify budgetary tensions as the government attempts to meet its expenditure plans and fund state investment projects. The government has gained approval from the National Assembly (NA) to collect revenues amounting to a total of 25,261 billion kip (US$3.1 billion)
Ministry steps up to regulate mobile phone use in Laos (VT)
The Ministry of Post and Tel ecommunications has instructed telecoms companies that they must take responsibility for any wrongdoing involving the use of unregistered SIM cards provided by their companies.  The warning came after the ministry has learnt that some telecommunications enterprises or their SIM card distributors have sold SIM cards without
Police request security at World Cup screenings in Vientiane (VT)
Vientiane Police Headquarters has asked a local business arranging World Cup 2014 events at Asean Mall to put more security measures in place to avoid any potential problems during the World Cup period.  The headquarters requested that Television Lao Limited (TV Lao), which together with its sponsors has organised the World Cup 2014 broadcasts at Asean
Lao-American man run over by drunk daughter (Reuters or Guardian)

A California man who tried to prevent his adult daughter from driving drunk was struck by her car and killed, police said Sunday. Soukvilay Barton, 37, faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence in connection with the Friday incident at a home in Riverside, east of Los Angeles, according to Riverside police. Barton had allegedly been
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos needs skills standards development (VT)
... Bank in Laos warns of user password theft (VT)
... KOICA experts help upgrade Laos' police hospital (VT)
... Textbooks distributed to teachers and students nationwide (VT)
... Parliamentarians shape new law on anti-money laundering in Laos (VT)
... Laos faces budget problems as revenue collection may fall short (Nation)
... Sihasak clarifies Thailand's situation to Laos (Nation)
... Lao PM backs Sengdeuane to be leading food farm (VT)
... Independent audit law needed in Laos for integration (VT)
... NGO says work on Laos' Don Sahong dam under way (PPP)
... Lao, Korean diplomats discuss cooperation, assistance (VT)
... Viet People Association Opens New Office In Laos (Bernama)
... Torrent pirates help fund Laos’ first female director’s movie (Kit Guru)
... Mekong River countries face ‘Make or Break Moment’ over Lao dams (RFA)
... Laos urged to address land rights issues and protect rights defenders (FIDH)
... Strategy on human resource development in Laos needs to be modified (VT)
... Thai experts share knowledge on asbestos (VT)
... Turn the volume down, venues warned again (VT)
... Plain of Jars sites seek world heritage status (VT)
... Laos focus on Gross National Income, not GDP (VT)
... Thai officials clarify their country's situation to Laos (VT)
... Rubber Trees Damaged In Champasack (Brunei Direct)
... Is the beautiful game Laos' beautiful struggle? (Daily Planet)
... Climate change adaptation needed to ensure food security (VT)
... Villa Maly Rolls Out Red Carpet for 2nd Luang Prabang Half-marathon (AW)
... Playing with the elephants in Laos (ABC)
... Agribusiness opportunities growing in Laos (BP)
... Japanese foundation extends funding for education (VT)
... Laos, Hungary, China further education cooperation (VT)
... Lao Govt to strengthen infectious disease prevention (VT)
... Laos: Wall of silence around activist's disappearance (Nation)
... Lao and Indonesia National Airlines To Operate Direct Flight (BD)
... Lao NA to discuss laws, socio-economic plan, regional issues report (VT)
... Thai restaurant opening Friday blessed by three Lao Buddhist monks (GDR)
... The poor gets poorer in Laos (KT)

... Quakes become matter for local concern (VT)

... Oudomxay Airport closed for improvement (VT)

... Asean energy meetings boost cooperation (VT)

... Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project's smooth progress (VT)

... Early childhood education and care is a brighter future (VT)

... British embassy ready to help Laos fight sexual violence (VT)

June 9-15, 2014

EU launches three new climate change initiatives in Laos (VT)
The European Union will join hands with civil society partners to launch three new climate change projects in Laos, which are together valued at more than 6 million euros.  The launch was chaired by Chargé d'Affaires of the European Union Delegation Mr Michel Goffin and attended by representatives from the government, EU Member State Ambassadors,
HRW condemns Laos government’s gross rights violations (Asian Correspondent)
The Laos government routinely oppresses citizens, stifles basic human rights, and acts with impunity, Human Rights Watch said in a critique issued this week. The organization blasted the Southeast Asian country’s leaders for restricting “fundamental rights including freedom of speech, association, and assembly.” The critique concerns Laos’ failures to live up to recommendations issued in a 2010 Universal Periodic Review. The country is up
Laos extradites suspects to China in drugs case (AP/Yahoo)
Police from Laos are handing over five suspected members of a drug ring to their Chinese colleagues in an exchange highlighting growing cross-border law enforcement cooperation between the neighbors. Police said three suspects were transported to the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming on Tuesday. Two more were being moved Wednesday.
Travel: India in Laos (Mid-Day)
A languid paced destination, dotted with long lunches, afternoon naps on hammocks, and evenings spent watching the sunset by the beautiful Mekong riverside. The imagery is inviting. Laos that opened up to tourism in 1989, remains a lesser trod, and hence a mystery to most travellers. One of the least urbanised nations in this part of the world, it offers
US increases UXO assistance to Laos (VT)
The US has announced it will be increasing grant aid to assist with unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Laos from US$9 million per year to US$12 million per year.  The US Ambassador to Laos Mr Daniel A. Clune and Director of the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) Mr Phoukhieo Chanthasomboun attended a ceremony at the NRA office in Vientiane on
Other stories about Laos around the world
... World Bank to boost small business in Laos (HB)

... Tobacco control fund to improve public health (VT)

... Storm causes US$23m rubber plantation damage (VT)

... Rubbish burning may curb Vientiane's growing waste problem (VT)

... BOL personnel contribute ideas on foreign currency management (VT)

... Laos to carry out national census (Nation)
... Terratec TBM for Laos hydro project (Water PM)
... Three Dams To Be Built In Huaphanh (Brunei Direct)
... Young Microsoft Office winner from Laos heads for US (VT)
... Ascott enters Laos and Bali new first franchise deals (TDM)
... Germany, Switzerland support Lao vocational education (VT)
... Lao-Japanese project to tackle rising tide of wastewater (VT)
... World Bank approves fund to boost small business in Laos (VT)
... Lao ceremonial blanket auctions in Stockton to benefit school fund (NJ)
... UNICEF, MMG partnership aims to improve child nutrition in Laos (ANN)
... Laos marks ASEAN Dengue Day (VT)
... Laos to undertake census in 2015 (VT)
... My run-in with art pieces in Laos (Daily Planet)
... Lao dam project tests swimming ability of fish (Nation)
... Lao Statistics Bureau benefits from capacity initiative (VT)
... Phila. poet seeks to raise awareness of Lao culture (Philly)
... Vehicle weight restrictions during Tha-Ngon bridge repairs (VT)
... Lao Food: Restaurant review: Sue's Kitchen in El Sobrante (SF Gate)
... Japan supports 800 m yen for Non-Project Grant Aid in Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Transport ministry considers bus lanes, walking streets for a greener Vientiane
... Talat Sao bus station set to be redeveloped (VT)
... Fish passage testing underway at Xayaboury dam (VT)
... France to offer low interest loans for Laos' development (VT)
... Laos Accused of Shirking Human Rights Commitments (RFA)
... Nutrition supplements to improve children's health in Laos (VT)
... Laotian in New Zealand: Where to Go: Bolaven, Mt Eden (NZH)
... China might benefit from the deaths of key Laos officials (Crikey)
... Engineering students from Laos visited Futtsu plant in Japan (Yahoo)
... Laos Urged to Grant Real Human Rights to Its People (Phuket WAN)
... US Increases Financial Support For UXO Clearance In Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Laos: No Progress on Rights (HRW)
... Laos: Reviving a river (Bangkok Post)
... Tapping into the taste of Laos (Irrigator)
... Luxembourg surgeons support cardiac health (VT)
... ASEAN to boost cooperation in energy supply (VT)
... Defectors out of Laos detained by Thai police (Korea JD)
... Govt may lift ban on mining, land concessions ahead of schedule (VT)
... No measures in place to stop disappearance of colonial buildings (VT)
... Lao-Hmong: Graduating senior wins prestigious national scholarship (Sun)
... This farmer can now work safely on his land for the first time in 40 years (Trust)
... Nasak-Khokkhaodor bridge on track despite delays, says local constructor (VT)
... Human Rights Situation in Laos (ISHR)
... Hmong bride price returns (Daily Planet)
... Tree planting for a healthier environment (VT)
... Vientiane canal to expand into car parking (VT)
... China relations boost energy investment in Laos (VT)
... Government efficiency stressed at Laos forum (Nation)
... Two youths nabbed, attempting to smuggle rosewood into Laos (NNT)
... Computer tech graduates struggling to meet new standards, testing finds (VT)

June 2-8, 2014

Laos Draws Ire of Neighbors With Mekong River Dam Plans (BW or Yahoo)
Laos will push ahead with its ambition to become the “battery of Southeast Asia,” planning a Mekong River dam that has drawn opposition from neighbors and threatens to involve China and the U.S. Four Mekong River nations are scheduled to meet June 26-27 in Thailand to discuss matters including Laos’ plan to build the Don Sahong dam. The Xayaburi dam has
Laotian students denied education because they are Christians (Christian Telegraph)
Education holds the key to a brighter future for children who come from impoverished farming villages in Laos. Three high school students were recently denied that right, however, because they are followers of Jesus Christ, reports MNN. Christian Aid Mission assists ministries in Laos that are planting churches and providing for the basic living needs of persecuted families, some of whom are evicted from their communities due to their faith in Christ. 
No driving permit needed for international licence holders (VT)
Foreign drivers who hold international driving licences can drive in Laos without permission from police and relevant sectors, a transport official said.  Those who hold international licences do not need to seek any permission before driving in the country, Director of the Department of Transport's Traffic Management Division Mr Somnuk Mektakul said.
Lao Govt plans to lift six roads to Asean standard (VT)
The government has formulated a plan to upgrade six interconnected roads to the Asean standard, affecting over 2,375 kilometres of total road length, to help Laos transform from a landlocked to a ‘land-linked' nation. Director General of the Minist ry of Public Works and Transport's Road and Bridge Department Mr Laokham Sompheth was quoted in the Lao
Other stories about Laos around the world
... RHB Group expands to Laos (FMT)
... High Cost of Christian Faith in Laos (Christian Post)

... Don Sahong Dam in Laos: A dim ray of hope (Interpreter)

... Foreign businesses in Laos found to be 'breaking rules' (Nation)
... Mekong Council Set to Discuss Laos’s Don Sahong Dam (RFA)
... New report of persecution in Laos (Catholic Culture)

... Lao ministry accelerates efforts to reach health goals (VT)

... Tobacco industry encouraged to increase tax in Laos (VT)

... Lao Govt encourages constructive use of social media (VT)

... Strangers rescue local woman injured in Laos (8News Now)

... Foreign merchants in Champassak ordered to shut down (VT)

... Lao Government reshuffle to further business development (VT)

... Experiencing life on a river in Nong Khiaw, Laos (Vagabonding)

... Thai-Lao border traffic sees sharp fall in aftermath of coup (Nation)

... Germany steps up support for trade & private sector devpt. in Laos (VT)

... Nine Vietnam War-era bombs cleared from Laos-Vietnam rail link (Nation)

... Flying squirrel and eyeless spider discovered in Greater Mekong (Guardian)

... More than 300 species discovered in Southeast Asia (PBS)

... Savan-Laobao railway ongoing (VT)

... Establishment of new Lao banks halted (Nation)

... Lao stock market closes 0.15 pct down (Global Post)

... Experts make recommendations on city planning (VT)

... University students hear update on MDG progress (VT)

... Lao Govt cuts red tape to make wood exports easier (VT)

... Road link construction begins in Xayaboury province (Nation)

... Thai coup slashes arrivals through borders, airports in Laos (VT)

... Rugby: Rhinos Fend Off Host To Finish Third in Laos (Jakarta Globe)

... Lao gov't suspends approval for new commercial banks (Global Post)

... Students Rising Above: Richmond High Student Helps Deaf Parents (CBS)

... Lao stock market closes flat (Global Post)

... One of plane crash's three survivors dies (VT)

... Road link construction begins in Xayaboury province (VT)

... Nonkhor road in Vientiane should be ready by year's end (VT)

... Lao Govt suspends approvals for new commercial banks (VT)

... Cambodia voices opposition to Laos dam construction (World Bulletin)

... A Christian arrested & mocked by police because refuses to renounce his faith

... Hydro companies plant trees around dam catchment areas for Arbour Day (VT)

... Class of 2014 - daughter of Laos immigrants – embraces educational opportunity

... PanAust Limited Price Target Increased to $2.30 by Analysts at JPMorgan Chase

... Laos marks Int'l Children's Day (VT)
... Laos building its green credentials (Nation)
... Phnom Penh Crown U16s held at home by Laos outfit (PPP)
... Planting campaign to conserve mountain's dwindled forest (VT)
... Laos marks Arbour Day with leaders, citizens planting trees (VT)
... Laos, Korea look to further cooperation on culture and tourism (VT)

May 26-June 1, 2014

School to be built in Lao village in memory of Hunterdon's Jason Fuhr (NJ)
A friend of West Amwell's Jason Fuhr wants to build a school in his memory in a remote village in Laos. Ken Hayes of Delaware Township knew Fuhr from church. They were both members of Stockton Presbyterian Church and they and their wives all sang in the church choir and saw each other socially outside of church, too.  Fuhr died unexpectedly in Feb.
Laos' forgotten opium addicts (Aljazeera/Yahoo)
Sitting high on the steps of his wooden hut in northern Laos, So Te surveys his village with a glassy stare. Children wearing dirty clothes chase chickens among litter and rubble. Te does not have much, but inside his home is an opium pipe and a family who bear the burden of his addiction. "The father should take care of his children, not the children taking care of the father," said 50-year-old Te, who suffers from occasional tremors as he collects his thoughts. "I want to give up but I am in pain." Te is a member of a growing population of
Laos: Christian students barred from taking year-end tests (AsiaNews)
Three Laotian students, aged between 14 and 15 years, were unable to take their final exams at the end of the school year because of their Christian faith. The incident occurred in Savannakhet province, in central Laos, scene of previous incidents of abuse and marginalisation against the Christian religious minority in the Communist-ruled country
Authorities to hold talks over delayed rail project (VT)
Lao authorities plan to hold talks with a foreign investor to discuss why they have yet to begin the US$5 billion Savan-Laobao rail project, a senior government official said. The Lao government signed an agreement with the Malaysia-based company, Giant Consolidated Limited, in Nov. 2012 to develop the 220km high-speed rail to link central Savannakhet
Lao-Thai: Vendors say curfew hits border trade, tourism (BP)
The nationwide 10pm-5am curfew is hindering border trade between Thailand and Laos, Nakhon Phanom food vendors have warned. The military coup prompted border patrols to set up temporary curfew checkpoints on Highway No 212 in Nakhon Phanom and at the border checkpoint in tambon Phailom, Ban Phaeng district. Naval officers are also patrolling
WWF petitions to halt Don Sahong dam in southern Laos (PPP)

World Wildlife Fund is taking to the internet to halt a hydropower project it claims will serve as the nail in the coffin for the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin. On Friday, WWF launched an online petition calling on the developers of Laos’s 120 megawatt Don Sahong dam to suspend the project, which is slated to break ground by the end of this year.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Food: Some more Lao! (Pune Mirror)
... More trees planted to mark Arbour Day in Laos (VT)
... Asean countries urged to promote energy efficiency (VT)
... Hintid residents call for water shortages to be resolved (VT)
... Deputy ministers assigned as acting heads of defence, security (VT)
... Laos: Safety net which may have prevented death of swimmer John-Paul Conley
... The Rocket (DVD Talk)
... S Korea-Mekong links grow (Vietnam News)
... Clean, safe crops promoted at agriculture fair (VT)
... Lao NA to consider law on alcoholic beverages (VT)
... Progress stalls on That Luang marsh roadworks (VT)
... Chinese economist Cheng Enfu presents a lecture in Laos (VT)
... PM marks children's day, promotes anti-violence message (VT)
... Acting Vientiane Mayor, Propaganda Head announced to replace crash victims
... The roads to Laos (Bangkok Post)
... Lao Govt to launch official website (VT)
... Arbour day planting campaign bearing little fruit in Laos (VT)
... Laos Soft Drinks Market: New market data published (Live-PR)
... Wet-season rains to delay construction of ministry building (VT)
... Laos: Centre strives to keep HIV/AIDS infection rate below 5% (VT)
... Oxfam Australia to continue supporting Laos despite office closure (VT)
... PanAust Could Be A Short-Term Trade Or A Long-Term Investment (SA)
... Laos dam construction could drive the Mekong River dolphins to extinction
... Nam Xong River waste dumping decreased after backpacker parties shut down
... Hmong community responds to national push for "Lao-Hmong Recognition Day"
... The legacy of UXO in Laos (ABC)
... Indochina’s Troubled Year (Diplomat)
... Chinese to launch Laos' first satellite (TMCnet)
... Elephant Village takes home TripAdvisor award (VT)
... Ministry predicts energy and mining to rise in Laos (VT)
... Lao PM spells out urgent tasks for cabinet, officials (VT)
... New C&M analysis: Laos Travel and Tourism Market (Live-PR)
... Laos, Mongolia cooperate on management of civil servants (VT)
... Better coordination needed in allocating land concessions in Laos (VT)
... Why Vietnam Can't Count on Its Neighbors to Rally Against China (BW)
... Laotian coffee giant set for AEC expansion (Nation)
... Lao-Hmong Man disappears in St. Croix River (Star Tribune)
... MIA in Laos: Family receives Honor and Remember Flag (WAVY)
... Laos, Vietnam Public Security Ministries Keen To Boost Ties (Bernama)
... Temple run: Vientiane, Laos in 2 days (Rappler)
... Double-asphalting of Road 13 North begins (VT)
... Celebrating World Fish Migration Day in Laos (VT)
... Construction of new trade unions building on track (VT)
... Laotian war veterans seek monument in Elgin, Ill. (Stripes)
... Japan supports education for rural children in Vientiane (VT)
... Caritas Luxembourg improves disaster readiness in Xieng Khuang (VT)
... EU's relationship with Laos will be unchanged by election: diplomats (VT)
... Wausau veteran elected president of state Lao Veterans of America (WDH)

May 19-25, 2014

Laos “land grabs” drive subsistence farmers into deeper poverty (IRIN)
"Land grabs" in Laos are driving poor farmers, including ethnic minorities, off their land, away from livelihoods they know and into further poverty, activists and experts say. “When these lands [are given] to companies and converted to industrial agriculture or other uses, it destroys the foundation of rural people’s lives, livelihoods and knowledge systems
Public concerned Lao forests will be left with no big trees (VT)
People are seeing scores of wood trucks on the roads every day in some parts of the country, prompting concerns that Lao's forests may soon be stripped of all big trees. Most of the trucks look overloaded and some do not display number plates, leading to suspicions of illegal timber trading. “Logging is not taking place in all the woodlands of the country as the public think,” Deputy Director of the Forestry
Champassak to shut down 226 foreign-operated shops (VT)
Up to 226 shops run by foreigners in Champassak province whose operations contravene regulations are expected to face shutdown within weeks, the provincial authority has announced. The foreign merchants, most of whom are Vietnamese and Chinese, are undertaking jobs reserved for Lao people, according to the provincial Industry
Three plane survivors still alive, hospital confirms (VT)
Military Hospital 103 in Vient iane yesterday afternoon dispelled the rumour that two of the original three survivors of Saturday's plane crash later died from their wounds, with the Director of the hospital confirming they were still alive. The hospital director Dr Sonsay Saenvongsiya told Vientiane Times two of the original three survivors were alive but in
Laos Declares Days of Mourning After Plane Crash (WSJ)
Laos entered a period of national mourning through Monday after a plane crash on Saturday killed a number of senior officials, including the defense minister, but the tragedy is unlikely to destabilize the country's one-party communist government. The government said Defense Minister Douangchay Phichit, who was also a deputy prime minister, Minister of Public
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... Laos, EU hold working group on human rights (VT)

... Outstanding development projects recognised (VT)

... Farmers hoarding rice boosts price in some markets (VT)

... Art Exhibition Promotes Vietnam-Laos Ties (Brunei Direct)

... EU Raises Press Freedom, NGO Concerns With Laos (RFA)

... Phl Azkals beat Laos 2-0 for first win in AFC Challenge Cup (DJ)

... Laos to institute asset declaration to fight corruption (Global Post)

... Police determined to stop criminals using Laos to transit drugs (VT)

... Experts vow to improve obstetrics and gynecology services in Laos (VT)

... Eleven Christians arrested for praying are ignored by Laos-EU talks (AN)

... Laos Christians Still Detained as EU-Laos Human Rights Talks Begin (CP)

... Hisham expresses condolences to Laos (NST)
... Govt promotes job creation, managers still lacking (VT)
... The best bicycle kick goals come from Laos (SB Nation)
... Lao, Japanese officials discuss riverbank protection (VT)
... Thai King, princess share mourning over plane crash (VT)
... EU, Laos Hold Working Group On Human Rights, Governance (RTT)
... Xayaboury executes mass timber factory closure to save forests (VT)
... Myanmar president, Chinese Premier send condolence messages (VT)
... Officials to begin declaring assets next month as govt fights corruption (VT)
... Viet bank donates cash for crash victims (VT)
... Bokeo to get more teachers back to school (VT)
... PanAust shares are trading below offer price (Courier Mail)
... Economic prosperity beckons for Laos in the AEC era (BP)
... Laos seeks US$30b to keep growth on track for next five years (VT)
... Russian, Belarus, US leaders send condolences over plane crash (VT)
... Burma Faces Foreign Investment Competition From Cambodia, Laos (I)
... US Embassy Builds Hospital Facilities In Borikhamxay, Khammuane (BD)
... Hmong youths aim to preserve history, culture with showcase event (WDH)
... Corrupt officials in northern Laos jailed for laundering teachers' salaries (VT)
... Quality of UXO clearance needs to improve (VT)
... Plane crash victims mourned at Vientiane cremations (VT)
... Singaporean, Japanese leaders write letters of condolence (VT)
... JICA funds infrastructure and human resource development (VT)
... Chinese president offers condolences for plane crash victims (VT)
... PATA Picks Lao star as tourism’s “Face of the Future” (eTurboNews)

... Toyota Boshoku begins manufacturing of automobile seat covers in Laos (AW)
... Xi sends message of condolences to Lao leader over deaths of senior officials
... Proposed memorial in Elgin to mark Lao military veterans’ place in history (CN)
... Mourning announcement (VT)
... Notice from the funeral ceremony committee (VT)
... Thai PM sends Lao plane crash sympathy (Bangkok Post)
... Govt pushes penny-pinching with new eight-point plan (VT)
... Air Crash in Laos Kills Top Officials for Security (NY Times)
... Politburo assigns funeral committee for air crash victims (VT)
... Lao leaders pay respect for those died from the plane crash (VT)
... Air Crash Kills Senior Lao Officials, Leaves Power Vacuum (RFA)
... Foreign leaders express their condolences to Lao government (VT)
... EU Asked to Push for Improved Human Rights in Laos (Phuket WAN)
... South Korean company grows pines for carbon credits in Xekong (VT)
... Hagel Offers Condolences for Fallen Laos Defense Minister (US Dept of Defense)

May 12-18, 2014

Thongkhankham market fire was not arson: official (VT)
The recent devastating fire at Thongkhankham market, one of the biggest markets in Vientiane, was not caused by arson motivated by any conflict of interest but by an electrical short-circuit, a high-ranking official confirmed yesterday. The March 26 fire, which damaged more than 400 shops, occurred as a result of old electrical wiring, Vice Mayor of Vientiane
Laos air force plane crashes, defense minister reported dead (Reuters or Telegraph or BS/AP)
A Laotian air force plane with at least 14 people on board crashed on Saturday, a defense ministry source said, and a witness at the site said the defense minister was among the dead. "A Laos air force plane has crashed on its way to Xiang Khouang province in the north of the country. The mayor of Vientiane, the defense minister of Laos and his wife were on board, but he had no further details. A witness at the crash
Why Is Laos the Least Anti-Semitic Country? (Forward)
If you saw the Anti-Defamation League’s scary new report on global anti-Semitism, you might have been intrigued to learn that the least anti-Semitic country in the word is…Laos. Laos? Yes, Laos. But why Laos, you ask? Good question. Maybe the landlocked Southeast Asian country has an amazingly tolerant and morally evolved population? 
Chinese Firm Is Rebuffed in Bid for Laos Miner (WSJ or Deal)
China moved to cement its influence in tiny Laos as a state-owned company offered more than US$1 billion to buy a copper- and gold-mining company that produces close to one-third of the developing Southeast Asian nation's exports. PanAust Ltd. PNA.AU +2.83% said Tuesday it had rejected the bid from Guangdong Rising Assets Management, which valued
Laos sees rise in bag snatching (Telegraph)
The Foreign Office has warned travellers of a rise in violent bag snatching and muggings in Laos, a country known for its traditional values and sleepy atmosphere... “There has been an increase in reports of violent muggings with guns and knives in Vientiane, especially at night,” it continued. “Be aware of your surroundings & avoid unlit roads, especially if you’re alone.”
Ministry relocation in Vientiane delays due to financial difficulty (VT)
A project to relocate ministries and other public offices to the Dongmarkkhai area in Vientiane's Xaythany district has seen some delays due to the government's financial difficulty, according to officials in charge of the project.  Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Land Administration Department Director General Mr Siphandone Sihavong
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... Laos military plane carrying defense chief crashes (AP/USA Today)
... Plane carrying Laotian government officials crashes near Vietnam (CNN)
... Work begins on road linking Laos to Thailand (VT)
... Honda Y-E-S Award 2014 applications launched (VT)
... Lao government awards medal to UN coordinator (VT)
... Lao-American: A letter to my father in 1984 (Daily Planet)
... Laos’ Dam Schemes Challenge Regional Cooperation (AOM)
... Five new foreign ambassadors to Laos take up their posts (VT)
... Laos considers national plans to push socio-economic devpt (VT)
... World-class commercial complex to sustain Lao economic growth (XN)
... Chinese Demand Fueling Rosewood Extinction in Mekong Region (RFA)
... Laotian, Hmong-Americans Join U.S. Senators, CPPA, in Renewed Offensive
... Asean ‘free of drugs' may not be possible by 2015 (VT)
... Crackdown on foreign run clinics underway in Laos (VT)
... British Embassy in Vientiane ramps up visa service (VT)
... Rockford's Bamboo specializes in food from Thailand, Laos (GE)
... GNI launches community-based education project in Xieng Khuang (VT)
... Lazy days in Laos: five authentic experiences in Luang Prabang (SCMP)
... World Bank supports education and environmental protection initiatives (VT)
... CIMBT in Laos to target locals (Bangkok Post)
... Lao President advises local military forces (VT)
... Red Cross instructs military officers on humanitarian law (VT)
... Calif. museum to display Lao-Hmong exhibit (Stars & Stripes)
... Legal improvements a priority for integration: Lao minister (VT)
... Lack of quality teachers remains a challenge in Khammuan (VT)
... ASEAN assembly meets in Vientiane to discuss drug control (VT)
... CIMB Thai Bank's Vientiane branch to focus on local clients (Nation)
... China’s Demand Threatens Rare Hardwoods in Mekong (NY Times)
... Reaching forest cover target ‘a challenging task': Lao minister says (VT)
... Anti-Semitic Sentiments Are Harbored By 25%, the Least One is Laos (HP)
... Legacy of war in Laos (Aljazeera)
... Japan pledges $30m to Laos (AsiaOne)
... Lawmaker off to Laos for drugs meet (WN)
... Foreign Investors Interested In Bokeo (Brunei Direct)
... Laos: Crony scheme in control of press and civil society (IoC)
... Chinese Bid Values Gold Miner PanAust at A$1.46 Bln (WSJ or Bloomberg)
... Japan pledges 2.4 billion yen to Laos (VT)
... Laos repatriates remains of Viet soldiers (VT)
... Lao students' bright idea wins bronze medals (Nation)
... Vietnamese firm begins rubber production in Laos (Gupta)
... 24th ASEAN leaders' meeting opens in Myanmar capital (VT)
... Lao National Assembly hosting AIFOCOM to combat drugs (VT)
... IFC helps improve tax transparency, fairness for SMEs in Laos (VT)

May 5-11, 2014

Laos cuisine has been unfairly overlooked (Global Times)
The culinary map of Southeast Asia is becoming more charted by eaters across the world. Any big city boasts at least a score of Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, and Singaporean spots serving up authentic flavors. But within that same canon of cuisines, you'd be hard pressed to find Laotian food. Laos has always seemed to hide in the shadows relative to the bright glow
Lao Villagers Complain Drinking Water Contaminated by Pesticides (RFA)
Residents of at least six villages in northern Laos are getting sick from drinking water they believe has been contaminated by residue of pesticides and weed-killers, confronting nearby farms for overuse of the chemicals, local sources said. The ethnic minority villagers in mountainous Oudomxay province’s Beng district have sought the urgent intervention
Lao Dam Troubles Mekong Waters (Irrawady)
Being landlocked and poor has always placed Laos at a disadvantage to its more powerful neighbors. The only body of water that offers Vientiane an international reach is the Mekong River, which flows through the heartland of Southeast Asia. Now, that river, which laps the western fringes of the capital Vientiane, has become the staging ground for Laos to flex its diplomatic muscles. The secretive communist party that runs the country is even prepared to stand up to the region’s other, more powerful
Laos risking decades of co-operation with Mekong dam project (SCMP)
Agreement between Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam on shared use of the Mekong River has long been hailed by the United Nations as a shining example of resource management. For 55 years, the countries have been able to shelve differences to co-operate and consult on the river's development and use of water and fisheries.
Lack of incentives hinders cattle farm investment in Laos (VT)
The government has been struggling to promote investment in cattle farming operations in Laos as the business lacks incentives, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vilayvanh Phomkhe said recently.  Although the government has imposed a tax-free policy for cattle farms in an effort to promote greater investment and ensure food security the incentives
Captive elephants in Laos face extinction (UQ)
The captive elephant population in Laos will be extinct in just over a century if current management practices do not change, a University of Queensland study has found. It is estimated that only 480 captive elephants remain across Laos, and the study shows that changes to conservation management are necessary to prevent extinction.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... ILO pledges to expand support in Laos (VT)

... Donations to PATH for Childhood Vaccinations in Laos (Microsoft)

... Japan grants 192 billion kip (~US$24 million) for two projects in Laos (VT)

... ECPI of South Korea launches renewable energy project for remote areas (VT)

... Laos: The Plain of Jars (Happy Trips)

... Vientiane people have safe water on tap (VT)

... EU announces new aid programme for Laos (VT)

... How to Cook Lao Food Like a Pro (Serious Seats)

... Viet firm starts making latex in Laos (VietnamNews)

... LiuGong opens dealership in Laos (OEM Off-Highway)

... Lao PM to attend the 24th Asean Summit in Myanmar (VT)

... Lao President sends condolences after Afghan landslide (VT)

... Deputy PM Somsavat urges promotion of agro-forestry benefits (VT)

... Tacoma Airman killed in Laos 44 years ago finally comes home (AMC)

... The future of rice farming among the nations of the Mekong (Radio Australia)

... Concrete improvements to Road 11 South a relief for Pakngum residents (VT)

... 10 Places We're Meh - 7. We're meh about Thailand, but we're loving Laos (HP)

... Laos, Australia to build on cultural ties (VT)
... Lao 3G needs more towers for high-speed internet (VT)
... Report card on Asean economic integration (Straits Times)
... Education ministry cracks down on fake diplomas in Laos (VT)
... Russia, Laos greet Vietnam on Dien Bien Phu anniversary (VN)
... Working elephants in Laos face end of the road (Radio Australia)
... Villagers urged to raise livestock to halt deforestation in Laos (VT)
... Health ministry confirms dengue, bird flu under control in Laos (VT)
... Tacoma Airmen killed in Laos 44 years ago finally home (62nd AW)
... CIA spy’s recollection of “Rice Drop” in Laos during the Vietnam war (GR)
... Exploring Luang Namtha, Laos and overcoming sickness (Vaga Blogging)
... Japan pledges „2.45 billion to Laos for infrastructure, training (Japan Times)
... RHB gets bank licence in Laos (Star)
... Lao VP pushes for more rice seed research (VT)
... Moon Bear Rescue in Laos (National Geographic)
... Laos tourism school wins global award (Travel Mole)
... Carbon credit sales stall as agencies work slowly (VT)
... Aftershocks from Thai earthquake create fear in Laos (VT)
... Lao PM pushes for sustainable agribusiness ventures (VT)
... Students, others “Give A Shirt” for Laotians (Cold Lake Sun)
... From a refugee camp to the halls of higher learning (Minn Post)
... New Lao ambassador to Brunei Darussalam takes up post (VT)
... Officials review special economic zone policies in Vientiane (VT)
... Laos - Southeast Asia (Care2)
... Smart investors head for Sangthong (VT)
... Laos, Russia set to enhance cooperation (VT)
... Laos to join regional agricultural project (Nation)
... Lao Govt urged to create effective logistics system (VT)
... ‘Baby Bonus’ may help captive elephants in Laos (Futurity)
... Pilot to discuss book about sorties over Laos (News Tribune)
... The legacy of unexploded ordnance in Laos (Science Devpt.)
... New bridge across Nam Ngum River to open next month (VT)
... Laos presses ahead on railway talks with China (VT)
... Unions pushing for minimum wage increase in Laos (VT)
... GAPE helps ministry with Champassak school renovations (VT)
... Regional initiative to preserve unique foods and agriculture (VT)
... A view from Smithfield: Lao New Year festival is a moving tradition (PJ)
... Agriculture Minister vows to speed up forest surveys, rehabilitation efforts (VT)

April 28-May 4, 2014

Living, learning in Laos (Minda News)

Always in tandem, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Communist Party flags were the first things that struck me when I landed in Vientiane a year ago. It’s a country, indeed, and a communist-led state. But, other than that, I never knew anything else about it before I became a fellow of FK Norway exchange program. Laos. Sabaidee. Tuktuk. Monks.
Countryside ‘land rush' attracts Vientiane buyers (VT)
Many people in Vientiane are eagerly buying up cheaper plots of land in the countryside surrounding the city in the hope of cashing in at a higher price in the future. Buying a block of land and waiting for it to increase has become a popular technique recently among those seeking a perceived safe return on their investment.  A resident of Viengchaleun village
Siam Cement ready for Bt10 bn plant in Laos (Nation or BP)
SIAM CEMENT GROUP'S board of directors has approved a Bt10-billion investment to build its first cement factory in Laos, as the group continues to expand in Asean. SCG also announced its first-quarter results yesterday, showing a 5-per-cent drop in net profit and 11-per-cent increase in sales revenues. President and chief executive Kan Trakulhoon
Lao activist missing 500 days, wife seeks answers (AP/Yahoo or AFP/Yahoo)
Five hundred days after Laos' most prominent civil rights advocate went missing at a traffic police checkpoint in the capital Vientiane, his wife said Tuesday she remains completely in the dark about what happened to him. Sombath Somphone's disappearance was recorded on closed circuit television. The footage shows the activist being escorted by two men to to a pickup truck and driven away. But Laos has released scant information, & Sombath's disappearance
JETRO opens office in Laos to promote investment from Japan (Global Post)
The Japan External Trade Organization on Monday held an opening ceremony for its Laos office in the capital city of Vientiane. The new office, expected to be fully operational in July, will be the 74th overseas base and 10th in Southeast Asia for JETRO, a public body which supports foreign investment by Japanese businesses through its network covering 56 nations
Lao Govt to address deficit in remainder of this fiscal year (VT)
Addressing the budget deficit will be a main focus of the government in the second half of this fiscal year and next year to maintain the stability of the national economy. The midterm government meeting for the 2013-14 fiscal year held last week established guidelines to address the difficulties the government is facing with implementing its fifth five-year national
Other stories about Laos around the world
... JAOL Meet In Vientiane Capital (Brunei Direct)
... Lao-Thai: Police seize drug suspect's assets worth Bt150m (Nation)
... Train: From the underbelly of Bangkok to Laos in the lap of First Class luxury
... Laos, Vietnam to plant more border markers (VT)
... Laos: Picks words and leaves (New Zealand Herald)
... Lao Posts minister clarifies internet speed issues (VT)
... Info, culture and tourism ministry delegates duties to local bodies (VT)
... Viet enterprise divestment delays projects in Laos and Cambodia (VT)
... MIA in Laos: Procession honors return of missing American veteran (NT)
... Lao-Hmong culture is celebrated for the first time on campus (State Hornet)
... ‘I of the Sun’: An Adventure in South East Asia (Boar)
... Laos hopes to start train negotiations with China (China)
... Film week in Laos celebrates Dien Bien Phu victory (VietnamNews)
... Lanith of Laos Wins Tourism for Tomorrow’s People Award 2014 (ATT)
... In Laos, you can run through a UNESCO World Heritage site (Russian TN)
... Dept of Skill Development holds training program for Laotians (Pattaya Mail)
... Centara moves into Laos with 5-star Grand hotel in downtown Vientiane (PM)
... Officials to start checking fuel quality (VT)
... Clothing the children of Laos (Sherwood Park News)
... Lao-American: A crêpe for every occasion (Star Phoenix)
... Japan helps develop Lao business sector capacities (VT)
... Pii Mai in Laos: Another year to renew hopes (Minda News)
... Changes to Golden Triangle SEZ agreement proposed (VT)
... Wife of missing Laos activist appeals for help in US (AFP/WA)
... Laos, Thailand mark 20th anniversary of agricultural centre (VT)
... Vietnam screams for halt to Mekong dams as delta silts up (Nation)
... Meeting hits pause on TV, radio projects due to budget deficits (VT)
... Missing Lao Civil Society Leader’s Wife Urges Action on His Case (RFA)
... Laos: Small & Medium Busineses - environmental & social management framework
... PanAust reaffirms FY guidance (Australian)
... Job fair opens doors for Vientiane career hunters (VT)
... Ministry's need to improve highlighted in meeting (VT)
... Xekong unlikely to achieve poverty target: governor (VT)
... HRH the Princess Maha Chakri pays a 2-day visit to Laos (NNT)
... Excellence exam shines the light on bright students' potential (VT)
... Laos Fortified Wine Market: New market analysis released (Live-PR)
... Vietnam-Laos working group meets, focusing on border marking (TN)
... One million land titles by 2015 ‘possible' despite major funding gap: minister
... BioCSL provides more than 700,000 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine to Laos
... Vientiane expects rise in growth, GDP (VT)
... Laos' central bank governor reassures investors (VT)
... Lao Govt considers revoking 10 mining concessions (VT)
... Lao-Thai bridge boosts visitors from China (Bangkok Post)
... World Eats: Fiery Laotian sausage in south Sacramento (SacBee)
... Laos must further improve intellectual rights, despite progress (VT)
... SCB eyeing Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam economies (BP)
... Living in Laos: Her experiences as a mission intern for Global Ministries (DN)

April 21-27, 2014

5 Bites: Enticing Lao Cuisine in the East Bay (KQED)
East Oakland’s Lao cuisine is a popular topic at Bay Area Bites, as we’ve featured coverage from Andrew Simmons in a previous post that included reviews of local favorites Champa Garden, Vientiane Cafe and Green Papaya Deli (now closed.) Souk Savanh‘s been highlighted on Check, Please!, and fellow BAB blogger Rachel Myrow wrote
Lao Govt expects to borrow US$566 million to address budget deficit (VT)
Lao government expects to borrow 4.528 trillion kip (US$566 million) this fiscal year to address the budget deficit as it plans to spend around 29.745 trillion kip (US$3.7 billion) while aiming to collect some 25.216 trillion kip (US$3.1 billion) in revenue. Over the first six months of this year, the government was able to borrow only 33.8 percent of the amount that was planned.
Laos registers 25 percent export growth (VT)
Laos has registered considerable export growth during the first six months of this fiscal year, amounting to more than US$1.1 billion and up by more than 25% over the same period last year, according to a recent report... However, Laos continues to face a trade deficit, with imports reaching more than US$1.9 billion, an increase of almost 70% compared to
Laos' coffee giant eyes Thailand for expansion (Nation)
Dao-Heuang Group, a leading coffee producer in Laos, is set to enter Thailand next year via a contract to grow coffee on a 1,000-rai plot of land in the North. This move is part of the company's plan to boost its production capacity to meet rising demands once the Asean Economic Community (AEC) is launched in 2015, the group's vice president Boonheuang
Businesses urged to revise plans as Lao Govt slashes spending (VT)
In the 2013-14 fiscal year, the government was granted approval from the National Assembly to spend 29,745 billion kip (US$3.7 billion). But it expects to collect only 25,261 billion kip (US$3.1 billion) in revenue, according to a report from the Ministry of Planning & Investment. The government is now facing challenges in implementing the current budget
Other stories about Laos around the world
... One dead, two injured in lightning strikes (VT)

... State leaders residence ready to receive guests (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos Plan Oil And Gas Pipeline Project (Bernama)

... School calls off class as hot weather makes children sick (VT)

... Vientiane students take top prizes in national primary exams (VT)

... Revenue shortfall forces Laos to borrow 566 million dollars (Nation)

... Vietnam cops still tracking Lao fugitive after “crazy” car chase (TNN)

... Sandra Scott Travels: There’s So Much to See and Do In Laos (OCT)

... First Bank obtains FSC approval to open branch in Laos (China Post)

... Retired faculty present scholarship to Flagler junior taught English in Laos (RM)

... Laos, Mongolia strengthen ties (VT)

... Laos has received US$415m in ODA (VT)

... Study exposes real industry salaries in Laos (VT)

... Laos' Attapeu airport 50% constructed (Bangkok Post)

... European Female Kisses Buddha Statue in Laos (PDN)

... ‘Three-build' directive to continue developing the country (VT)

... Lukashenko meets Chairman of National Assembly of Laos (TVR)

... Soulinnara Ratanavong Wins 2014 PATA Face of the Future (ATT)

... Travel & tourism industry must safeguard our planet - one award to Laos (TW)

... Lao-American Food: Following the River (Alibi)
... Lao Govt mulls suspending salary increase (VT)
... Lao ethnic villagers in land fight use flames (PPP)
... Asean nations to improve customs officers' skills (VT)
... 150 Vientiane schools will be ‘drug free' next year (VT)
... First JCB card in Laos introduced by Phongsavanh Bank (ACN)
... Laos best at implementing Korea's village development model (VT)
... ASIA Inc. program coordinator to be honored at White House (Ohio)
... Shui Meng wants Sombath Somphone back. 'I'm just a wife.' (Oregon Live)
... Excellence exam in Laos highlights educational strengths & weaknesses (VT)
... Lao central bank builds up foreign reserves (VT)
... Rescued macaques find home at Lao zoo (MInda News)
... Lotus blossom cookies offer a taste of Laos (Buffalo News)
... Consultant employed for new parliament building design (VT)
... Belarus, Laos parliaments ink cooperation agreement (Belta)
... Surging vehicle numbers intensify congestion in Vientiane (VT)
... Vientiane: Female merchant faces jail time for cheating her friends (VT)
... New Permanent Representative Of Laos Presents Credentials to UN (BD)
... Virtual designers [i.e. from Laos] offer services halfway across the world (SCMP)
... Labour demand for SEZs will double in Laos (VT)
... Lao Govt vows to improve business environment (VT)
... Lao-Thai train to provide logistic services in 2015 (VT)
... Laos coffee producer brews up Thai drive (Bangkok Post)
... 10-point barriers hinder trade and investments, Lao Govt told (VT)
... EU makes funding available for civil society initiatives in Laos (VT)
... Furniture makers call on Lao Govt to deal with wood trade issues (VT)
... Laos’ Xayaburi Dam Site Could Have High Seismic Risk (Ooska News)
... Lao-American Obituary: Phattanam, Somnuck ~ Athens (Chattanoogan)
... Laos-born judge makes U.S. history (Live5)
... Korea funds water supply in Oudomxay (VT)
... EDL's new regulations to speed up slow payers (VT)
... Vietnam pledges to assist Lao Government Office (VT)
... Local Lao-Thai celebration brings 'new year, new life' (PT)
... President calls on Attapeu to further Sam Sang initiatives (VT)
... Businesses urged to revise plans as govt slashes spending (VT)
... The subtle challenges in grasping a culture like our own: Laos (Nation)
... HAGL Adds Laos Crops as Singapore Listing Looms: SEA (Bloomberg)

April 14-20, 2014

On Laos, not so much 'quiet' as discreet (Nation)
Updated and re-released late last year, Brett Dakin's 2003 memoir about living and working in Laos in the final two years of the 1990s remains broadly educational and movingly personal, the qualities that earned it so much acclaim when it first appeared. Add to that a bittersweet return to the country a decade later and "Another Quiet American" deserves
Kidnapping In Laos Affects Civil Society (Eugene Weekly)
Sombath Somphone is “one of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s most respected civil society figures,” according to a December 2013 press statement from Secretary of State John Kerry on the one year anniversary of Sombath’s disappearance. Sombath was kidnapped from a police checkpoint in Laos and has not been heard from since.
With parades and water, Laos welcomes Year of the Horse (VT)
Leaders, government officials and Lao people around the country celebrated the Lao New Year festival from April 14-16, taking part in a range of activities to preserve the fine traditions and culture of the country. The highlight in Vientiane was the Nang Sang Khan (Miss Lao New Year) procession, which started early in the afternoon on April 14
Mekong River at risk as Laos forges ahead with dam-building spree (TNN)
Construction of a giant controversial dam in Laos has been well underway since it began in late 2012. Laos is also set to push ahead with a second hydropower dam on the Mekong River this year in the face of growing concerns among its neighbors. Opponents of these projects said their commencement would also kick off the construction of the 9 other dams
More Laotians shopping in Thailand for Songkran festival (NNT)
The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge border crossing point at Nong Khai province is busy these days. Many Laotians have been coming in Thailand to shop for the Songkran celebrations in Laos, as Songkran is considered to be the new year in Laos as well. On the afternoon of April 12 many Laotians came across the Thai border to shop both via personal vehicles
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Local Laotian’s Celebrate New Year (KLFY)
... Lao Airlines celebrates 25th anniversary (VT)
... Top Vietnamese investor in Laos unveiled (VT)
... Naxaithong farmers increasing commercial production (VT)
... Crime novelist Cotterill is still a mystery in Vientiane (Nation)
... Northern Laos: Airport construction underway in Huaphan (VT)
... Laos New Year event (IberiaNet)
... Smoking rate still high in Laos (VT)
... Illegal logging still a major issue in Laos (VT)
... New plan to speedup UXO clearance rate (VT)
... Khammuan uncovers 1.2 billion kip mismanagement (VT)
... 37 people killed in road accidents during Lao New Year (VT)
... President visits development projects in Xekong province (VT)
... Washington Needs a New Approach to the Lower Mekong... (CSIS)
... President of Cuban Friendship Institute Winds up Visit to Laos (CN)
... 9 questions with Sandy'Ci Moua, actor, activist and a whole lot more (TC)
... Laos telecoms market: Reform delays hinder development of industry (TWN)
... Vietnamese senior leaders visit Laos (VT)
... Authorities address drug problems in southern Laos (VT)
... Exhibit of Laos photos, paintings opens in Yunnan (China Daily)
... Laos, China to strengthen economic links and build railway (VT)
... Vietnam group invests in agricultural projects in Laos (VietnamNet)
... Lao Govt claims resettlements are people's choice, not forced (VT)
... Red Cross Urges Cautious Driving During Pi Mai Lao (Brunei Direct)
... "Where is Sombath Somphone?" asks his wife prior to Oregon visit (OL)
... Laos trip an exceptional experience for Cessnock KFC franchisee (Advertizer)
... First Hmong-American Judge to be Sworn In (YCV)
... LAOS: VN rubber group opens office in Laos (Gupta)
... Assignment: Education - Hmong Education Project (News 8000)
... Princess Sirindhorn joins in Songkran celebrations at Lao Embassy (NNT)
... The Rocket Blu-ray Detailed (Blu-ray)
... Pi Mai Celebration In Vientiane Kicks Off (BD)
... Laos in the House: New year dinner at Vientiane (Philly)
... Laotian in US: Drunk man arrested driving go-kart (ADH)
... Laos' Minister of Health joins Southeast Asia Healthcare Summit to 
    discuss developments in private and public healthcare provision (PRW)
... Laos, Japan Discuss To Mark The Founding Of Diplomatic Relations (BD)
... Happy New Year's Bengal, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Thailand
... Letter from Laos: river reverie (Guardian)
... Khao Kataven eyes overseas markets (VT)
... Bokeo opens first health insurance fund (VT)
... Lao New Year celebration held in Fresno County (ABC)
... Viet Party leader visits Laos for New Year (Vietnam News)
... 10 things you need to know for Lao New Year (Daily Planet)
... Vangvieng braces for 1,000 visitors over Lao New Year (VT)
... New air traffic control systems set to be installed in Vientiane airport (VT)
... Mekong hydropower dams: Laos considering, Vietnam needs “quick reactions”

April 7-13, 2014

Lao President extends New Year wishes (VT)
President Choummaly Sayasone has extended Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) best wishes to Lao multiethnic people across the country and those living in foreign countries on the occasion of the New Year 2557 – the year of the horse.  The president delivered his New Year best wishes at the Presidential Palace in Vientiane ahead of the New Year Holiday slated
Laotians: Flight of a Phoenix (Pincher Creek Echo)
In her home country of Laos she is sometimes called a ghost or spirit, but in Pincher Creek she may as well be our own flesh and blood. “It was heartwarming how engaged people were,” said Gord Petersen remembering how a community came together to raise funds for a badly burned Boun Lod. “She was one person with a face, a name, a story and a history.
High speed rail could bankrupt Laos, but keep China happy (Epoch Times)
Despite impressive economic growth rates over the last decade, a third of Laos’s population still lives below the extreme poverty line of US$1.25 per day. Most of the extreme poor Laos are ethnic minorities living in rural and upland districts, who depend on local ecological resources for cash income and food. Expanding transport infrastructure can no doubt
Lao Govt pulls plug on Pi Mai parties to save money (VT)
The government has instructed state organisations not to spend any of the state budget on Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) parties over the three-day festival from April 14-16. Officials are also banned from using state vehicles for personal use over the course of the festival, according to the two-page announcement issued by the Government Office.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... LBJ’s dark Laotian legacy (Aljazeera)

... Laos plans new consulate in Siem Reap (PPP)

... Laos, China dust off train project (Bangkok Post)

... Ministry calls for traditional celebration of Pi Mai (VT)

... Japan CV provides vaccinations for Lao children (VT)

... Xieng Khuang to build three leader memorial parks (VT)

... Laos promotes economic integration at Boao Forum For Asia (VT)

... Welcoming Year of the Horse with Horse-Faced Keo (Daily Planet)

... Laotian in US: Man wanted by Pennsylvania authorities caught in Madera

... Govt green lights laws on economic management, product standards (VT)

... Key Opportunities in Hidden Frontier Markets Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

... Lao Prime Minister warns of bird flu risk (VT)

... Lao Govt appoints new home affairs minister (VT)

... Laos, China vow to push railway project forward (VT)

... Lao Govt tackles illegal gold mining in provinces (VT)

... Best Students To Sit Post Pi Mai Exam (Brunei Direct)

... Laos needs to hasten reforms to attract investors (Business Times)

... Stakeholders step up campaign to end violence against children (VT)

... Japan’s Mitsubishi to build manufacturing plant in Laos (Business Line)

... Li looks to speed train deal with Laos (CEN)

... Laos looks to Japan for tourism boost (TDM)

... Asean culture ministers meet in Myanmar (VT)

... Laos city begins New Year early (Bangkok Post)

... Mekong River Faces Development Challenges (VOA)

... UXO sector seeks to provide direct aid to survivors (VT)

... Job Fair 2014 to showcase potential career options (VT)

... Swiss support upgrades agriculture and forestry school (VT)

... Public energy company urges more efficient use of power (VT)

... UNWTO, TripAdvisor Tackle Lao Tourism Marketing (Mena FN)

... China, Laos ready to launch negotiations on railway deal (ECNS)

... Airwaves to be cleared as Vientiane monitoring centre opens (VT)

... The Rocket review – 'Likable film whose gentleness contrasts with subject'

... Lao Red Cross Pi Mai Accident And Rescue Centre To Open April 13 (BD)

... Experts renew quake fears over Xayaburi dam on Mekong River in Laos (SCMP)

... Laos improves north eastern corridor roads (VT)
... World Record Pasalob Dance Held In Laos (BD)
... Luang Prabang to be centre of New Year festival (VT)
... Car Hire Now Available in Laos and Cambodia (RCH)
... A step towards an environmentally stable Vientiane (VT)
... Southern bus station schedules extra Pi Mai services (VT)
... Laos pulls plug on Lao New Year parties to save money (Nation)
... Laotian: Immigrant Also Applying To A Few Reach Countries (Onion)
... Cambodia voices opposition to Laos dam construction (World Bulletin)
... Southern Laos: Mass displacement & underdevelopment on Sekong River (IR)
... Mekong nations commit to sustainability (VT)
... WWF warns Laos on Mekong dolphins (TDM)
... At Mekong meet, all eyes on Laos dams (PPP)
... WFP supports school meal programme in Laos (VT)
... Huge Laos infrastructure spend paying dividends (Nation)
... Latest developments in resolution of Hongsa Lignite case (VT)
... Laos, Thailand celebrate 20 years of first friendship bridge (VT)
... At Summit, Cambodia Urges Laos to Delay Dam Construction (CD)
... Progress on the Hmong and Laotian veterans memorial (Daily Planet)
... Laos recommended to consult MRC again on new hydropower project (VIR)
... Urban farmers dig in for spring planting at Providence community gardens (PJ)

March 31-April 6, 2014

Lao PM urges city market to maintain prices, brace for fire (VT)
Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong has advised traders at Khuadin Market in central Vientiane not to take an advantage of Lao New Year demand and increase prices as it will directly affect the livelihoods of local residents.  Mr Thongsing also called for authorities and traders to take steps to prevent a market fire after the Thongkhankham market tragedy
US Ambassador visits Xayaboury dam (VT)
Construction of the Xayaboury Hydropower plant is now 23% complete after beginning at the end of 2012. Work is progressing well and the plant is on track to be operational in 2019 as planned, Mr Rewat Suwanakitti told Vientiane Times after new US Ambassador to Laos Mr Daniel A. Clune and his wife visited the project on Monday. The hydropower dam will span
Laos set for 7.3 percent economic growth: ADB (VT)
Economic growth in the Lao economy was recorded at a solid 7.6 percent last year but the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has forecast that this is likely to fall slightly to 7.3 percent this year, their senior economists said. A report was released by the ADB office yesterday at the Asian Development Outlook 2014 conference to publicise its economic predictions
Environment Groups Plan to Oppose Laos Mega Dams (VOA)
This week officials from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand will meet to discuss the impact of planned hydropower dams on the lower Mekong region. But several environmental groups have already concluded the main Xayaburi dam in Laos will devastate communities that depend on the Mekong river for food, and they want to stop the project.
Lao-Thai bridge builds ASEAN ties for China (Bangkok Post)
The bridges that span the Mekong River are not simply bridges. They are a political indicator that illustrate the changes that have swept the region. Thailand and Laos are preparing for a commemoration of their first bridge linking Nong Khai and Vientiane, which will be 20 years old on April 8. The first friendship bridge crossing the mighty river, opened on April 8, 1994
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Transport sector booms in Laos (VT)
... Over 600 police dispatched for Lao New Year (VT)
... Laos plans to launch Producer Price Index in 2015 (VT)
... 7 things that surprise a visitor to Laos (Rocket News24)
... Donors praise livelihood and nutrition project in Laos (VT)
... Activists dismayed at Mekong summit outcome (Bangkok Post)
... Laos recommended to consult MRC again on new hydropower project (TN)
... Lao road maintenance progresses (VT)
... Lao PM to pay official visit to China (VT)
... B.Grimm plots course for ASEAN (Bangkok Post)
... UNDP seeks more funds to clear UXO in Laos (VT)
... Three Builds policy sees progress in education (VT)
... 'The Rocket' to screen at Flint Institute of Arts (MLive)
... Laos landmines: a deadly trap 40 years on (WA Today)
... Will talent mobility within ASEAN bring benefits? (TTG Asia)
... Lao New Year Baci To Be Held At Vat Ongteu (Brunei Direct)
... Laos marks International Day of Mine Awareness (XinhuaNet)
... Mekong leaders must face up to Laos' rogue dam-building (Nation)
... Cambodia and Laos power market: Latest market analysis presented (LPR)
... Vientiane details New Year activities (VT)
... Laos Keen to Export Rice to Brunei (Oryza)
... Intervention urged for dam in Laos (Phnom Penh Post)
... More Lao migrant workers remain at home after return (VT)
... Regional leaders to hold talks at MRC Summit in Vietnam (VT)
... Laos prepares response to thwart future bird flu outbreaks (VT)
... Leland Sorensen returns after successful trip to Laos (Press-Times)
... Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge celebrations begin tomorrow (Bangkok Post)
... Lao Coconut Chicken (YMC)
... Vientiane – Nong Khai bridge turns 20 (VT)
... Malaria control by 2015 may not be achieved in Laos (VT)
... Lao President pushes Thoulakhom district rice growers (VT)
... Lao education quality lags despite investment: World Bank (VT)
... First H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak for Five Years in Laos (Poultry Site)
... Chinese developer commences building 10 condos in Vientiane (VT)
... 500-Million-Kip Garden Of Lao Presidential Office Handed Over (BD)
... MIA in Laos: Michigan Woman Finally has Closure about Brother (Patch)
... Former CIA spy confirms secret US war in Northern Laos (Ground Report)
... Hundreds protest Laos dam (PPP)
... First Lao satellite to launch in 2015 (VT)
... Job fair in Laos to offer 2,000 careers (VT)
... Laos, China to conserve border forests (VT)
... Vietinbank expands to Laos (Vietnam News)
... Third minister appointed in Lao Govt restructure (VT)
... Kampong Cham turns away Don Sahong protest (PPP)
... Somsavat visits development zones to push progress (VT)
... Guangxi Donates Street Sweepers To Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Lao Thai Nam Corp. Voluntarily Recalls Number One 
    Sompa Salted Fish, Because of Possible Health Risk (FDA)
... Joke about Laos: Train story gets a few laughs (TTR Weekly)
... Opposition Grows to Laos’ Mega Dams Ahead of Summit (CD)
... Authorities Halt March Against Lao Dam, Citing Khmer New Year (CD)
... Lao mobile market finds new impetus in aftermath of the Beeline dispute (BB)
... Lao Govt approves PPP road projects (VT)
... Lao temple finds new home in Waipahu, Hawaii (SA)
... H5N1 virus in Xayaboury hasn't spread to humans (VT)
... Kudos to nations like Laos for keeping kids in schools (Star)
... Laos, South Korea push for more economic cooperation (VT)
... Creating Vientiane bus lanes will encourage more passengers (VT)
... Savannakhet residents found illegally using Thai mobile signals (VT)
... State Capitol monument to Hmong-Lao veterans is moving forward (ST)
... Lao American writer Bryan Thao Worra included at Poetry Foundation (DP)

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