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April 24-30, 2017

Laos clothing products in demand by European markets (Nation)
From 2013-16 the Lao garment products exported to Germany were worth over US$221.31 million while unprocessed coffee products came in second with a value of more than $26 million. In fact Laos has exported over 40 products to Germany; including agricultural products, handicrafts and beverages with a value of more than $262.38 million.  At the same time, some 48 products have
Lao and now: Mekong River, Vientiane, Thailand (Australian)
“We think kids are old enough to go to school when they can reach over their head and touch their opposite ear,” says the young Lao schoolteacher at the village of Ban Phar Leib on a remote stretch of the Mekong River. Among tribal communities, where record-keeping can be a low priority, the “touch-your-ear” age gauge seems to work well enough.
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... Laos still striving to become malaria-free (VT)

... China slowdown affects Phongsaly investment (VT)

... Vientiane Residents Show Interest in IP Fair 2017 (KPL)

... First Lao team to vie at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup (Nation)

... Food safety first as national laboratory opens in Laos (VT)

... ADB commits assistance to Laos’ development goals (VT)

... Laos to provide free health care for children (Vietnam Plus)

... Lao cabinet approves seaport project in Vietnam (XinhuaNet)

... 340 Transport Projects Invested in in Xayaboury Province (KPL)

... Lao official: Inspection underway on reported import of human sperm (VT)

... Police to launch another major operation against Lao drug network (Thai Visa)

... The 'not so idyllic' life in an Esan village in Thailand [or Laos] (Buriram Times)

... Police: Lao-Hmong man admits to stabbing wife in the head after argument (WCNC)

... ADB Impressed with Lao Economic Growth (KPL)
... Laos participates in European cultural marathon (VT)
... Thai Police Widen 'Mr X' Drug Trafficking Probe (KPL)
... Children in Laos to receive free healthcare in 2017 (VT)
... Historical bomb shelter in Xieng Khuang being developed (VT)
... Lao-Thai: Semen smugglers to face legal action (Bangkok Post)
... Lao-Thai: Bangkok Fertility Clinic Denies Trafficking Semen (KhaoSod)
... Cabinet approves direction of seaport project, discusses work plan (VT)
... More funding sourced for construction of Phongsaly provincial capital (VT)
... Over 100 Top Lao Students [Grade 9 & 12] to Sit National Exam 2017 (KPL)
... Vietnam shares joy with Laos over Bul Pi May festival in Geneva (Talk Vietnam)
... New team of Chinese young volunteers to offer six-month service in Laos (Sina)
... Laos actively supports China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative: official (XinhuaNet)

April 17-23, 2017

Thai man arrested for allegedly smuggling human semen into Laos (AO or NIE)
A Thai man was arrested at a customs checkpoint in Nong Khai for allegedly smuggling six tubes of semen from two men stored in a nitrogen freezing tank. Nithinon Srithaniyanan, 25, was arrested at the Thai-Laotian Friendship Bridge checkpoint in Nong Khai's Muang district at 9am Customs officials searched Nithinon and found the tubes containing semen after they have spotted
Love Laos: Keep it Clean (Asia Foundation)
Sitting beside the Mekong River, sipping a cold drink and enjoying the scenery is a welcome break for tourists and locals alike in Laos. You can usually see men out in their boats following the large seine nets that float down the river, and women dipping and then hoisting their large lift nets as they catch fish for their supper. But as one’s gaze is drawn to the shoreline, this idyllic setting is spoiled by another view: plastic bags, drinking water bottles, plastic foam containers, and other rubbish scattered along the banks of the river.  The tourists will move on, but this litter dumped in the fields and
Laos 'drug kingpin' denies Thai smuggling charges (Daily Mail or BP)
An alleged Laos drug lord linked to some of Thailand's rich and famous denied being a major player in the regional narcotics trade when he appeared in a Bangkok court Tuesday. Xaysana Keopimpha, 42, was nabbed by Thai police on his way through Bangkok's main airport in January, shining a rare spotlight on communist Laos' shadowy role in the Southeast Asian pill trade.
Lao Govt warned to manage growing debt ~ US$ 3.55 billion as of 2015 (VT)

For the whole of 2017, the government plans to collect 23,801 billion kip in revenue with expenditure set at 32,262 billion kip. This means the budget deficit is set at 8,461 billion kip, equal to 6.52 percent of GDP...  As of October 2015, 20 central state organisations, four provinces and the capital of Vientiane accumulated debts totalling 29,107 billion kip (~US$ 3.55 billion).
Northeast Laos & the Mysterious Plain of Jars – What You Need to Know (Tripzilla)
Almost everyone who travels to the ‘Kingdom of a Million Elephants’ has the UNESCO-listed old town of Luang Prabang on their itinerary. For long, Vang Vieng was a popular destination, offering the chance to float down a river on a rubber tube while consuming cocktail buckets and more, but the town is now much calmer. However, unlike the countries that encircle it, Laos does not have
Refugee community mourns Lao Family co-founder Chaosarn Chao (SacBee)
Northern California’s refugee communities will come together this weekend to mourn the passing of Chaosarn Chao, an ethnic Iu Mien who helped thousands of Hmong, Afghans, Iu Mien and other refugees escape poverty through the nonprofit group he co-founded, Lao Family Community Development. Chao died on April 5 at age 66 following a bone marrow transplant and health
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... New Lao ambassador to Japan takes post (VT)
... Laos identifies tourism objectives (TTR Weekly)
... Lao National Assembly to open third session (VT)
... Viet Prime Minister to visit Cambodia, Laos (VBN)
... Lao businesses face ‘high logistics costs’ (Nation)

... Chinese-created drama premiered in Laos (XinhuaNet)

... The Plight of a Country Child in Huaphan Province (KPL)

... Lao companies to benefit from railway project: Officials (VT)

... Clean, organic agriculture production set to expand in Laos (VT)

... Laos warns public of possible dengue fever outbreaks (Sina or VT)

... Laos to host 1st Clean Agricultural Products Trade Fair (XinhuaNet)

... Lao-Viet: Police struggle to combat drug border trafficking (VietnamNet)

... UXO clearance of China-Laos railway's 1st phase almost completed (Sina)

... Observe 10 prohibitions or face punishment, Lao finance officials warned (VT)

... Bail set for Wisconsin (Lao-Hmong) man charged in student's death (AP/Yahoo)

... Bank of Laos shuts down real estate leasing company & three pawnshops (KPL)

... Lao Govt Issues Decision Banning Finance Officials from Making Fake Reports (KPL)
... New decree strengthens environment fund in Laos (VT)
... The mysterious Plains of Jans, northern Laos (7 Tales)
... Laos retrieves 6.1 mln USD from corrupt officials (Sina)
... Mekong River survey begins despite opposition (Thai Visa)
... Tunnel works underway on Laos-China railway project (VT)
... Historic pottery discovered in Savannakhet (Eleven Myanmar)
... Laos to Bring 5,500 Families Over Poverty Line This Year (KPL)
... Heads Will be Dismissed If Corrupt, says Lao Vice President (KPL)
... Northern Laos: Nam Ou 7 Hydropower Project 10% Complete (KPL)
... UXOs Cleared by Laos-China Railway Project in Luang Namtha (KPL)
... Business operations face high logistics costs in Laos, study says (VT)
... Laos' Finance ministry welcomes public feedback with new hotline (VT)
... Company to develop Mekong beach as popular tourist attraction in Vientiane (VT)
... Laos Transforms Vang Vieng from Party Town to Ecotourism Hub (Herald Tribune)
... Students learn about identity and history at Hmong language & culture class (Madison)
... Laos tackles its drug problem (Asia Times)
... Tourism sector looking to boost its capacity (VT)
... Phu Bia Mining Recognised for Road Upgrade (KPL)
... Fires in 2016 Leave Billions of Kip in Damages (KPL)
... Lao authorities retrieve 50b kip from corrupt officials (VT)
... Laos eases investment terms to boost economy (Nation)
... Laos cuts maximum concession period to 50 years (Sina)
... 22 Die in Road Accidents During Lao New Year (KPL or VT)
... Lao Finance Ministry Opens Hotline for Public Complaints (KPL)
... Arrest shines light on Laos role in Asia drug trade (Shanghai Daily)
... AsianFace director reportedly involved in business fraud in Cambodia (VT)
... Caffeine high as Laos tops South-East Asia's coffee producer rankings (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Khambong Kim Somsanuk Keokham (Pilot Tribune)
... Hostel Fire in Sisattanak (KPL)
... Historic pottery discovered in Savannakhet (VT)
... People nationwide welcome the Year of the Rooster (VT)
... Xamtay to Vietnam road construction expects delays (VT)
... Laos' new law offers incentives to attract investment (Nation)
... Laos to make great efforts to achieve UXO clearance goals (VBN)
... Explore the UNESCO treasures of Luang Prabang (Pattaya Today)
... Laos to Make Great Efforts to Achieve UXO Clearance Goals (KPL)
... Lao Ambassador Commits to Strengthening Laos-Japan Ties (KPL)
... Vientiane's Adventurous Eats Dinner Is Not for the Squeamish (Philly Eater)
... Maximum concession period cut to half century in investment promotion overhaul (VT)
... Lao New Year Celebration (KPL)
... Veit PM welcomes Laos’ top legislator (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao President Bounnhang Delivers New Year Wishes (KPL)
... Mengpin Project in Laos Receives Certificate of Merit (4-Traders)
... People celebrate Songkran festival in Vientiane, Laos (XinhuaNet)

April 10-16, 2017

What’s Behind the China Banana Ban in Laos? (Diplomat)

On April 12, Radio Free Asia cited local government sources as confirming that Lao government orders to shut down environmentally destructive Chinese-owned banana farms, first reported in Bokeo province in January, are in fact also in force in six other provinces in the Southeast Asian state. New revelations of the China banana ban are yet another testament to the reality that
Lao New Year (US Dept of State)
On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, best wishes to the people of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic as they celebrate the Lao New Year. This past year our two countries announced a Comprehensive Partnership, which opened a new era in the U.S.-Lao relationship and deepened our diplomatic, commercial and people-to-people ties.  We celebrate our friendship with the Lao people and look forward to new opportunities for our two countries to work together. Best wishes for a prosperous and joyful New Year.
Bizarre twist at the Cambodia-Laos border (PPP)
As tensions between Cambodia and Laos flared over an ongoing territorial dispute in February, Lao soldiers seized and imprisoned a Cambodian border policeman, Sing In, who said he was drinking wine at his Lao wife’s native village across the border. In became the unwitting pawn in a fractious game between Laos and Cambodia, whose forces are standing off across still-unmarked sections
Zip-lining: Enjoy a birds-eye view and protect the rainforest in Laos (iNews)
To one side, the rainforest stretches away in folds of blue-green to the horizon. On the other, a 120m waterfall crashes down a vertical rock face, so close I can feel the spray on my face. And below? Just empty space and rushing air, between me and a canopy of the lush trees. This feels about the closest a human being can get to flying – and is certainly the closest you can get to
Laos witnesses slight drop in tourism revenue in 2016 (XinhuaNet or VT)
Tourism injected more than 724 million U.S. dollars into Laos' national budget during 2016, according to the latest data from the Tourism Development Department under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism on Sunday. The revenue generated by tourism in 2016 dropped slightly from the figure of more than 725 million U.S. dollars generated by the sector in 2015. 
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...  China Gifts Military Equipment to Laos (Diplomat)

... Laos Sees Chemicals Law Facilitating Economic Growth (BNA)

... Lai Chau leader delivers New Year greetings to Lao students (Talk Vietnam)

... Two Laotians arrested in Thailand trying to transport a Toyota truck to Laos (CRT)

... SEA: Mekong rice (Inquirer)

... More Chinese-Owned Banana Plantations to Close in Laos (RFA)

... Troubled road project along Cambodia-Laos border rolls on (PPP)

... Mobile Library Still a Draw for Children in Poverty-Stricken Laos (LAHT)

... How the Hmong-CIA alliance shaped government policies today (Wisc SJ)

... Chinese embassy presents office equipment to Lao defense ministry (ECNS)

... Dan Bunn Takes His Calumet College of St. Joseph Education With Him to Laos

... Won a prestigious award, poet dives into Lao-Hmong roots in new book (FresnoBee)

... Vientiane Launches Road Safety Campaign (KPL)

... Laos-China Railway Tunnel Boring Kicks Off (KPL)

... Golden Triangle International Motorcycle Rally held in Laos (Sina)

... Laos villagers hope for rain during vibrant rocket festival (Barcroft)

... Troubled road project along Lao-Cambodian border rolls on (PPP)

... Biggest bronze Buddha image to be built in Bokeo (Eleven Myanmar)

... Lao-Hmong in U.S.: Specializing in finding forever homes (Chico ER)

... Technological revolution in Laos agriculture as workforce moves out of farming (ABC)

... Vientiane Discusses Mobilising Community Participation in Dengue Prevention (KPL)
... MVT 10 Crowned Miss Vientiane 2017 (KPL)
... Cops to read riot act to Lao New Year revellers (VT)
... Laos: New law offers incentives to attract investment (VT)
... Yuwen Michelson ’17 Awarded Fulbright ETA to Laos (Hamilton)
... Two killed, nine injured in southern Laos' Xekong bus crash (VT)
... Dozens of Rescuers Trained in Emergency Medical Services (KPL)
... Prompt Measures for Delayed Road Construction in Xaysoumboun (KPL)
... Long-lost family and Luke Skywalker lead Lao-American poet to Modesto (MB)
... Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia student cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh city (TV)
... Helping Human Trafficking Survivors Reintegrate Across Mekong Countries (KPL)
... Kyrgyzstan ratifies agreement with Laos on mutual visa exemptions for diplomats (AP)
... Laos moves to ensure progress (Nation)
... Lao Airlines arranging extra New Year flights (VT)
... 30 Additional Buses Ready for Lao New Year (KPL)
... China reclaims top foreign investor spot in 2016 (VT)
... Over 200 families to relocate for Pakbaeng dam (VT)
... Tourism pours millions of dollars into govt coffers (VT)
... Lao New Year Celebration Kicks Off in Vientiane (KPL)
... Vientiane Needs Proper Strategy to Control Dengue (KPL)
... Experts to inspect bombsites found in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Standoff on Cambodia-Laos border intensifies (SEA-Globe)
... Thailand Repeats Request For Laos To Arrest 'Kotee' (ACN)
... Solid Growth Expected For Laos 2017 And 2018: ADB (JC Lao)
... Buying That Luang Condos Will Not Grant Lao Citizenship (KPL)
... You Could Lose this Contest and Still Get a Free Trip to Laos (Viva)
... Laos Embassy celebrates Bun Pi May festival in Hanoi (Talk Vietnam)
... How can Laos retain economic growth motivation in 2017 (XinhuaNet)
... A Guide To The Many Ridiculously Magical Caves In Laos (Pedestrian)
... UXO tragedies still a headache for Laos decades after war (XinhuaNet)
... Miss Laos 2011 Louknum posts "Japan" via social media (Kyodo News)
... Win a $250,000 Dream Life in Laos By Making a Two-minute Video (Yahoo)
... Lao leaders praise support from Vietnam’s state audit office (VietnamNews)
... Construction of China-Laos railway speeds up to beat rainy season (Global Times)
... Dream Life: This filmmaker is giving away her bookstore, café and art gallery in Laos

April 3-9, 2017

Laos Expected to Enjoy Economic Growth through 2018 (KPL or VT)
The Lao PDR’s economic growth is picking up this year and is expected to continue growing in 2018, supported by the expansion of production, sale of electricity, buoyant service sector growth, and construction of the cross-border railway project ... the gross domestic product (GDP) growth for Laos is forecasted to reach 6.9% in 2017 and 7.0% next year, a slight increase from 6.8%
Border Troops On Standby After Threat From Laos (Cambodia Daily)
Cambodian soldiers in Stung Treng province have been placed on standby following threats of violence by Laotian authorities due to a dispute over Laos’ attempt to construct a military base near a stretch of undemarcated border, a spokes­man for the provincial government said on Friday. On April 1, the Laotian military began digging a trench for a new base 30 meters from an area of undemarcated border
Tension on Laos Border De-Escalated for Khmer New Year (CD or PPP)
A recent escalation in military tension between Cambodia and Laos over the construction of a border-crossing post cooled on Wednesday, with the two sides agreeing to a plan that includes the retreat of soldiers until after the Khmer New Year, officials said. On Sunday, about 20 Laotian soldiers sought to block the construction of a small wooden border post inside a disputed tract of
Along the Mekong River of S. Laos, a Timeless Place Where Time Marches On (NYT)
Deep in the folds of the hill, up steep stone stairs flanked with frangipani trees, stood the inner sanctum of the ancient Khmer temple of Vat Phou. We faced the mountain ridge, our backs to the waters of the Mekong River, looking for the chamber. From this angle, it was hidden. But other parts of the temple had begun revealing themselves to us. Down here, along the rutted stone path
Thai police want to question Laos' alleged drug kingpin Sisouk (TV or RFA or Nation)
Thai anti-narcotics police are requesting permission from Laos to interrogate Sisouk Daohuang, an alleged Laotian drug kingpin believed to control a larger network than Xaysana Keopimpha, who was arrested three months ago and is in Thai police custody. Narcotics Suppression Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj General Pornchai Charoenwong said that Lao police arrested Sisouk
Full steam ahead for start of Laos-China railway (VT)
Hundreds of trucks carrying machinery and equipment for construction of the Laos-China railway have entered Laos after being delayed at the border, a senior government official has said. A special lane has now been allocated at China's Mohan and Laos' Boten border crossing to facilitate the passage of the trucks, the project coordinator in Luang Namtha province, Mr Chanthachone
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Big Bombs Found in Luang Prabang (KPL)
... MRC visits Laos dam ahead of May meet (PPP)
... Attracting more tourists the key to aviation growth (VT)
... Lao gov't aims to promote SEZ management (XinhuaNet)
... Five Bans to be Strictly Enforced During Lao New Year (KPL)
... Luang Prabang arranges special Lao New Year activities (VT)
... Hmong: Female Author Receives an Award by AAUW (UNPO)
... Tension Flares Up Again on Cambodia’s Border With Laos (CD)
... Laos breaks promise to withdraw forces from border (Khmer Times)
... Laos marks World Health Day, focusing on depression prevention (VT)
... I was ready to quit nursing until I went to work in a Laos hospital (Guardian)
... SEZ management decree under scrutiny, aiming to draw more investors (VT)
... Laos - Hom Xai Group: A loan of $3,000 helps a member to purchase water filters
... Guide to Luang Prabang & Vang Vieng (TMTG)
... Investigation underway over AsianFace scandal (VT)
... More Vans, No Fare Change During Pi Mai Lao (KPL)
... Vietnam, Laos should step up relations: Lao Party chief (VBN)
... Savannakhet bridge immigration fee ruling not yet enforced (VT)
... Laos placed among the lowest contraception usage in Asia (VT)
... Lao PM pushes for further success on back of Asean Summits (VT)
... Luang Prabang Makes Preparations for Nang Sangkhan Parade (KPL)
... Lao Furniture Makers’ Need Better Craftsmanship to Make It Overseas (KPL)
... Canadian Filmmaker gives away $250K dream life in South-East Asia (Yahoo)
... Addressing Gender-based Violence in Laos and Nepal Initiative (Funds for NGOs)
... New Forests acquires a majority stake in Laos plantation to boost sustainable timber
... Judge Elected In Milwaukee County Is First Female Hmong-American On The Bench
... Vientiane Furniture Fair Begins (KPL)
... Massive land area awaiting UXO clearance (VT)
... Laos reports no cases of Zika virus in 2016 (VBN)
... Laos-Cambodia border closed over tensions (PPP)
... Vientiane gears up for an exciting Lao New Year (VT)
... UXO victims decline in Laos in 2016 (XinhuaNet or KPL)
... Vientiane factories in need of wastewater treatment (VT)
... Dh20m learning scheme launched for children in Laos (KT)
... Cambodian Real Estate Firm Defrauds Lao Investors (RFA)
... Dubai charity to help 35,000 school kids in Laos (Gulf News)
... Private Firm to Turn Lao Agarwood into Global Market Products (KPL)
... Activities of "Chinese Culture Enters ASEAN" held in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... SK E&C Completes Hydroelectric Power Plant and Dam in Laos (BSK)
... Joint panel discusses prior consultation process for Pakbaeng dam (VT)
... PM Thongloun Expresses Condolences for Russia Subway’s Explosion (KPL)
... Award-winning Hmong author leaves impression on area AAUW branches (SM)
... Russia awards National Assembly President (VT)
... Laos-China direct flight serves to promote cooperation (VT)
... Dispute with Laos reignites over checkpoint (Khmer Times)
... Burned Market Thongkhankhamon Makes a Comeback (KPL)
... PS Lao to return money to partners over business uncertainty (VT)
... Paklay Mekong Bridge to Be Opened Temporally for Pi Mai Lao (KPL)
... Savannakhet educators, students readied for university relocation (VT)
... Laotian Soldiers Suspend Construction of Cambodian Border Post (CD)
... Vientiane Capital Announces Top-Scoring Students for National Exam (KPL)
... Laos speeds up railway construction machinery import from China (XinhuaNet)
... Actress Napapa “Patt” Tantrakul Admits 1.5 Million Bht Came From “Benz Racing" (BT)
... Luang Prabang packed out (TTR Weekly)
... Laos extends support for MIA activities (VT)
... US, Laos hold first meeting under TIFA (Bilaterals)
... Vietinbank celebrates five years in Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... Laos to select kick-boxers for SEA Games (XinhuaNet)
... Laos observes 40th National Day with grand parade (VBN)
... Beware of illegal business ventures, Lao central bank warns (VT)
... XiengKuang: Nam Mo 2 Hydropower Plant to Be Built Soon (KPL)
... Improved VAT Procedures Expected to Make Paying Taxes Easier (KPL)
... Water management cooperation to flow from Laos, China joint efforts (VT)
... Savannakhet immigration officials ordered to end border crossing fees (VT)
... Lao-Asean Hospital Prepares to Register on Lao Securities Exchange (KPL)
... Launching first arts-literature drive on Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia solidarity (TV)
... 'A Great Place to Have a War': The CIA's adventure in Laos while Vietnam raged
... Pakxe looks forward to new park with embankment construction set to start (VT)
... Almost 100 Ratch Lao Workers Submit Resign Letters Following Ignored Requests

Mar 27-Apr 2, 2017

Report shows Laos’s different timber tactics (Phnom Penh Post)

Cambodia and Laos share a border and a problem: vast swathes of their forests have been cut down, loaded on trucks and driven east to Vietnam and often sent onwards to China. In a bid to stop the long-documented depletion of their natural resources, both countries last year announced export bans to their eastern neighbour. Their solutions, however, have delivered very different
Lao villagers face eviction from dam sites after refusing ‘unfair’ compensation (RFA)
Residents of three villages in southern Laos are facing forced removal from their homes by the end of March if they fail to move from the sites of planned dams to an area they are calling unsuitable for farming, sources in the Southeast Asian country say. Over 100 families in Champasak province’s Xe-Namnoy, Houaysoy, and Namleng villages have been told to leave to make way for
Tourist dies at popular gibbon zipline park in Laos (Yahoo or Telegraph)
A traveller has died ziplining at the Gibbon Experience forest camp in Laos. The person, thought to be American, was at the remote attraction popular with backpackers travelling on a budget through South-East Asia. It boasts some of the world’s highest & longest ziplines, with the largest reaching 1,870ft across a forested valley in the north-west of the country, close to the border with Thailand.  The ziplines connect what the operating company claims are some the world’s tallest treehouses
10 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Laos (OOTB)
The latest Global Visa Restrictions Index released by the residence and citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners found that the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, or Laos, has visa-free access to 48 countries in the world. Some of these countries include most nations in the Southeast Asia region, as well as other non-Asian countries like Gambia, Ecuador, and Dominica.
Lao-Hmong Gunman Kills Four People In Wisconsin (VDare, Yahoo or CT)
Police have named Nengmy Vang, a forty-five-year-old Hmong male, as the suspect in the March 22nd spree shooting near Wausau, Wisconsin. The victims are Everest Metro police Detective Jason T. Weiland, 40; Marathon Savings Bank employees Dianne M. Look, 67, and Karen L. Barclay, 62, and attorney Sara H. Quirt Sann, 43. The media is calling the shooting “domestic
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Exotic Laos (NST)

... Lao travellers headed back to Malaysia (VT)

... PS Confirms Cash Payment but in Three Months (KPL)

... Education and information key to plugging health gap (VT)

... Travel The Unknown Ventures Into Nepal & Laos (PR Log)

... No license no work, Khammuan wood processors told (VT)

... Laos expects to cut freight transport costs by railway (Sina)

... Vietnam, Laos talk financial management experience (VBN)

... Labor Ministry Calls on 790 Disabled People's Centre (KPL)

... Kasy thunderstorm destroys school, houses, injuring girls (VT)

... Cambodian investor in police custody over business scandal (VT)

... More Than US$ 4.4 billion Invested in Vientiane Capital Last Year (KPL)

... Over Hundreds of Kilogrammes of Smuggled Cattle Meat Buried (KPL)

... Field mission to Savannakhet inspects Luxembourg assisted health project (VT)

... U.S. Rep. Duffy: Requests Funding For Unexploded Ordinance Removal In Laos (WP)
... Laos builds botanical gardens (TTR Weekly)

... Billions of kip embezzled in Savannakhet (VT)

... Rail freight set to cut transport costs up to 50% (VT)

... Training Course Held on Effects of Using Asbestos (KPL)

... More Vientiane Residents Donate Blood to Save Lives (KPL)

... Review: A non-fiction look at the CIA war in Laos (Detroit News)

... Vietnam's HCM City honored with Laos' noblest order (XinhuaNet)

... Macau Legend full-2016 revenue up helped by Laos casino (GGR Asia)

... US$ 1.4 mil from Lao leaders’ car auction transferred to treasury (KPL)

... Plain of Jars in Northern Laos: Mysteries of the Iron Age Megaliths (HM)

... Social security fund to increase payments for health services in Laos (VT)

... New tourist attraction to boost economy in Khong district, Champassak (VT)
... Increasing co-op between Ho Chi Minh city & Laos’ Xiangkhouang province (DCS)
... New book on war in Laos compelling read for those who love military history (S&S)

... Christ Episcopal's art exhibit celebrates Hmong settlement, history in La Crosse (LCT)
... Hilton enters Laos (TDM)
... HCM City, Lao capital step up cooperation (VietnamNet)
... Hilton enters Laos with DoubleTree by Hilton signing (TDN)
... Lao-Viet border crossings surge at Saravan entry point (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Viengkeo “Boo” Simmalavong (GDN)
... Laos, partners agree on education development projects (VT)
... Vientiane Worries about Growing Waste and Waste Water (KPL)
... Completed Overhaul Boosts Theun-Hinboun Powerplant Output (KPL)
... UNFPA, Laos to increase investment in adolescent girls' education (XN)
... UNICEF supports education, clean water programmes with $4.4 mil (VT)
... Japanese Isuzu eyes 30 pct market share in Laos, Cambodia (XinhuaNet)
... Ease irksome barriers to enhance business environment, PM advises (VT)
... Lao-Hmong man who sold meth to fund wedding gets 5 years in prison (SPJ)
... UNICEF provides 4.5 mln USD for education, water, sanitation, hygiene in Laos
... Nation's first female Hmong-American judge could be elected in Milwaukee County
... Laos death metal folks! Check out brutal death band Rotkin from Laos on new single
... Laos on a plate (New Straits Time)
... Lao-Hmong art exhibit opens (News8000)
... Vientiane Centre Marks Two Year Anniversary (KPL)
... Viet Party chief hosts Vientiane governor (Talk Vietnam)
... Swensen’s Introduces New Menu with Mango Flavour (KPL)
... Redshirt Firebrand ‘Ko Tee’ Says He’s Fled Laos (KhaoSod)
... 200 million litres of fuel to be used in Laos' railway construction (VT)
... Land issues, small business promotion dominate Party meeting (VT)
... EU launches call for proposals to support UXO clearance in Laos (VT)
... Search for red-shirt leader ‘Ko Tee’ switches from Laos to Vietnam (Nation)
... Anna Pollock to Keynote Mekong Tourism Forum 2017 in Laos (FTN News)
... Vientiane's Nam Ngum I dam expansion to increase capacity by 80MW (VT)
... Lao-Hmong: New details emerge after shooting rampage kills 4 in Wisconsin
... TBM breakthrough achieved ahead of schedule at Laos hydro scheme (WPM)
... Laos, South Korea Prepare Documents For Coming Foreign Minister’s Meeting
... Australia Supports over 6.4 billion kip for “Standing Up, Speaking Out” Programme
... Seli breaks through tunnel at Laos' 410-MW Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydroelectric plant
... United States Imports from Laos (Forex TV)
... Chill out in Luang Prabang in Laos (Straits Times)
... Mekong nations, S. Korea keen to boost cooperation (VT)
... World TB Day stresses unity in fight to end tuberculosis (VT)
... Renowned Vietnamese monk commemorated in Laos (VBN)
... Champassak dispenses with local transport checkpoints (VT)
... Lao-Thai Border: PM to push Nakhon Phanom tourism hub (BP)
... Vientiane targeting 1 trillion kip (~US$122 mil) in revenue for 2017 (VT)
... Lao-Hmong vets join Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans event (Stripes)
... Best places to stay in Luang Prabang, Laos to suit all budgets (Escape)
... Lao Garments Export Reaches 37 Million Pieces, but Drops by 5% (KPL)
... An interview with a monk: My time becomes spiritual in Laos’ Buddhism capital (JT)
... More than half a million tourists expected to arrive in Luang Prabang Pi Mai Lao (KPL)
... MoH, USAID to Promote Access to Water, Nutrition, and Sanitation in Central Provinces

March 20-26, 2017

Around 3,300 TB-Related Deaths Reported Yearly in Laos (KPL)
Around 3,300 tuberculosis (TB) related deaths have been reported each year in Laos, according to the World Health Organisation. In the Western Pacific Region, Lao PDR still has a high TB burden and is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of TB, with an incidence of 182 per 100,000, and a death rate of 53 per 100,000; every year, there are an estimated 3,300 TB related
Pressure on Laos Christians continues with arson attack (WWM)
An arson attack on a family’s home in Laos is the latest incident reported by the country’s minority Christian community. In January, the home of Yeng, a church leader, was burned to the ground. He and his family were away when the attack happened at 1am. It wasn’t possible for neighbours to put out the fire before it had engulfed the whole building. Yeng lost everything, including his supply of rice and his motorbike. Over the last two years Laotian Christians have faced many attacks because of their faith: being expelled from villages, jailed, humiliated in public, shot at – as
Rice exports to China still facing challenges, Lao official says (VT)
This year, Xuanye (Lao) Co., Ltd. is targeting the export of 20,000 tonnes of rice to China ... Since 2000, Laos has exported over 300,000 tonnes of rice a year to Vietnam, Thailand, China and other countries. Laos also plans to produce about 5 million tonnes of rice by 2020 to ensure food security in the country. Last fiscal year, Laos' rice production reached 4.12 million tonnes and is
Laos' dam blamed as dolphins vanish (Khmer Times)
The last remaining Irrawaddy dolphins have stopped coming to a stretch of the Mekong river in Preah Rumkel commune due to the Don Sahong hydropower dam in nearby Laos, locals have warned. The activists from Stung Treng province say the dam, which is less than two kilometers upstream from the Cambodia-Laos border, has harmed biodiversity in the part of the river near
6,000 children in Laos die each year due to malnutrition (Sina or KPL)
Approximately 6,000 children under five years old in Laos reportedly die every year resulting from a lack of proper nutrition, according to the latest survey. As many as 36.5 percent of children in Laos are facing stunting that will pose negative impacts for long term national development, the survey said. The statistics were reported at a meeting on Research and Intervention, Maternal Health and
Other stories about Laos around the world
... ‘Birdshot’ goes to Laos (Inquirer)

... When bombs get turned into jewels (Tatler)

... Lao-Thai railway section I ready for service (VT)

... Laos’ SMEs Try to Access ASEAN Market (KPL)

... Laos, China Further Cooperation on Forestry (KPL or VT)

... Vietnam, Laos border trade agreement passed (Talk Vietnam)

... Lao, Thai Friendship ODOP and OTOP Trade Fair Held (KPL)

... Lao, Japanese experts discuss city bus transport system (VT)

... Flood prevention committee urged to explain project to villagers (VT)

... Laos to Examine the State of Renewable Energy Development (KPL)

... China, Laos pursue sustainable forestry development cooperation (XN)

... National Assembly of Laos delegation makes study visit to Tynwald (IofM)

... Comba buys majority stake in Laos' ETL amid lower FY (Telecom Paper)

... Renewable energy focus as Laos, Japan seek green growth opportunities (VT)

... Laos Promotes Value-Added Manufacturing in Wood Processing Industry (KPL)

... Lao-American: Tai chi master offers free weekly classes at Morrow City Hall (ND)
... To West Coast, with love from Laos (West)
... Mystery Lunch Day #3: A trip to Laos (Medium)
... Book Review: Invasion of Laos 1971 (HistoryNet)
... Laos to select talents for regional events (XinhuaNet)
... Man critically injured in fuel tanker fire in Vientiane (VT)
... Vientiane: City bus service upgrade gets into gear (VT)
... XiengKhuang: UXO explodes killing one, injuring 11 (VT)
... More Cambodia-Laos air links to boost tourism (TT or VT)
... Plain of Jars: Unique Places Around the World (World Atlas)
... Police seize 98kg of marijuana smuggled from Laos (Nation)
... Thai Business People Seek Investment Opportunities in Laos (KPL)
... Laos to send 5 tennis players to compete at 29th SEA Games (Sina)
... Locals Advised to Buy Consumer Goods with Stamped Price Labels (KPL)
... Laos to step up patrols on Vietnam border amid drug trafficking spike (RFA)
... Can the Amazon of Southeast Asia [Mekong] Be Saved? (National Geographic)
... UNDP: Human Development Needs Focus on Laos' Excluded Groups (KPL or VT)
... Cambodia-Laos air links increased (Khmer Times)
... Southern Laos' Sinouk Coffee Resort (Travel Fish)
... Five-day holiday announced for Lao New Year (VT)
... Thai TSR Water Purifiers Penetrate Lao Market (KPL)
... Laos-Malaysia Bilateral Trade Increases by 75% (KPL)
... Boring for Laos-China rail tunnels weeks away (Nation)
... Lao-American Obituary: Chansy Khothisen (Pilot Tribune)
... Southern Laos' Siphandon Never Ceases to Amaze (KPL)
... US: Is sticky rice headed to King Street Station? (CrossCut)
... Laos, Malaysia keen to expand cooperative relations (Nations)
... Lao Economic Daily Newspaper to be Distributed for Free (KPL)
... Northern Laos: Phongsaly's charms attracting more visitors (VT)
... Lao Govt seeks to regulate enterprises unlawfully raising capital (VT)
... Intensive course seeks to improve hospital management in Laos (VT)
... Over 1,000 tonnes of coffee exported by Bolaven CPC last year (KPL)
... Lao, Viet police extend partnership in prevention of cross-border crime (VT)
... Thailand-based B.Grimm Group developing hydropower projects in Laos (HW)
... Weekend storms batter parts of Laos (VT)
... U.S. Supports Wheelchair Basketball in Laos (KPL)
... B.Grimm Power allots B1.8bn for Laos (Bangkok Post)
... Vietnam's Vung Ang Port vital for shipment of Lao goods (VT)
... Lao, Thai Models Present Fashion Designs in Vientiane (KPL)
... Man arrested for smuggling VNÐ2 billion to Laos (VietnamNet)
... Laos hosts third leg of Southeast Asian Games Baton Run (ITG)
... Laos calls for UN programmes to match development goals (VT)
... N. Laos: Luang Namtha Shuts Down Aroma Banana Farms (KPL)
... Final Round of Miss Vientiane Contest Scheduled Next Month (KPL)
... Tunnel boring for Laos-China railway expected in coming weeks (VT)
... Lao Sat-1 to transmit Thailand’s Lamkhong TV channel (Rapid TV News)
... Thailand to urge Laos to return self-exiled, ex-Red Shirt leader (XinhuaNet)
... Dao Heuang morning market (Travel Fish)
... Laos, Japan to revise air service agreement (Nation)
... Vientiane Residents Urged to Use Public Buses (KPL)
... Scholarships to Lao Nationals to Study in Japan (KPL)
... Lao PM urges Vientiane to tackle city's challenges (VT)
... Lao language used inconsistently, incorrectly by media (VT)
... M'sia, Laos keen to expand bilateral cooperation (Malaysia Kini)
... More Than 3,000 Participants Join Baton Run In Laos (Bernama)
... Lao and Mien veterans of 'Secret War' share their stories (Redding)
... Almost 9,000 Newly Registered Vehicles in Only Two Months (KPL)
... Laotian farmers reap benefit of producing chemical-free rice (Nation)
... JDB, BCEL to Provide Unsecured Loans to Government Employees (KPL)
... UNICEF provides Laos with 7.2 m USD for health, nutrition work (Saigon or BD)
... Hmong military officer who aided US forces in CIA's 'Secret War' laid to rest (Stripes)
... Hmong military officer Youa Kao Vang aided U.S forces in CIA 'Secret War' in Laos (JS)

March 13-19, 2017

A life-changing trip for Lao suburban youths (Daily Herald)
What's it like to hear stories about your parents' home country and try to learn its traditions and language without ever having set foot there? Tackling questions of identity is ever so complicated for the children of immigrants. But it's especially difficult when your parents come from Laos, a Southeast Asian nation with a difficult history not well-known to many Americans. 
A young monk in Laos had pressing life questions for President Obama. Last week, Obama answered (WP or TC)
For an entire morning last September, a young monk named Sengdao Oudomsinh stood outside his temple in Laos hoping to catch a glimpse of President Barack Obama. Obama was passing through Sengdao’s tiny town of Luang Prabang during his final trip as president to Asia. And Sengdao, an 18-year-old monk, had fantasies of shaking the American president’s hand — or better yet, asking one of the many burning questions he had for Obama, whose
Lao outbound travellers hit 3 million for 2016 (VT)
Lao outbound travellers made more than 3.05 million trips in 2016 and more people are suggested to have made longer-distance trips in foreign countries, the latest statistics showed.  Lao nationals traveling through Wattay International Airport climbed to 81,800 people in 2016, up from 81,064 people and 76,985 people in 2015 and 2014 respectively. However, information regarding their
Lao Govt toughens up on foreign worker registration (VT or Nation)
The labour and security sectors are gearing up to register and issue temporary work permits to foreign workers as part of government efforts to strictly regulate foreign nationals. According to a report from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, some 24,000 foreign workers were registered over the last year, mostly Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai nationals.
Bolaven Plateau: Savor a Lao coffee paradise (CNN)
From Colombia to Kenya, many of the world's coffee-growing regions are amongst the most idyllic places on Earth. A bucolic tableland in southern Laos, the Bolaven Plateau is no exception. It sits on the bottom of a crater from a giant, extinct volcano in the northeast of Champasak Province in southwestern Laos. Close to the Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese borders, with an altitude of
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... Laos, Brunei strengthen cooperation (VT)
... 7 Spots You Must Visit in Laos (Window Seat)
... Vientiane airport expansion not up to speed (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Lucky Keophannga (CFM)
... Lao-American Obituary: Boonyong Sayachak (Legacy)
... Foreign tourist arrivals drop by 10 percent in 2016 (VT)
... Nineteen Fires in Vientiane Capital over Past Two Months (KPL)
... Viet President hosts Lao Minister of Public Security (VietnamNet)
... Lao Front discusses achievements, structural improvements (VT)
... Japan Plan Int’l Supports Gender Equality to Education in Laos (KPL)
... Laos in Process of Applying for Two More World Heritage Sites (KPL)
... Suanthounxay Spends US$9 Millions on Construction of Water Supply (KPL)
... Lao-American: Family mourns 23-year-old victim in fatal I-95 crash (CT Post)
... KBank ramps up Laos operations (Nation)
... Call for ban on Mekong dams (Khmer Times)
... Laos, Morocco mark 20 year relationship (VT)
... UNDP extends support for Lao government (VT)
... Vientiane eyes improved transport solutions (VT)
... Ogden team on the road in Laos (Goldendale Sentinel)
... Laos to develop transport infrastructure (Vietnam Plus)
... 'The Bride Price': A Hmong-American memoir (Minn Post)
... Laos seeking fuel savings, environmental protection (Sina)
... Revenue collection, timber auction dominate Govt meeting (VT)
... JICA Committed to Waterworks Development in Luang Prabang (KPL)
... Laos Focuses on Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport Project (KPL)
... Lao PM urges Xanakham district of Vientiane to take up organic farming (VT)
... Celebration marks Laos’s 40th National Day in HCM City March 16, 2017 (VBN)
... Civil society participation key in international forestry programs in Laos (EA or AG)
... 8 beautiful places to visit in Laos (LTB)
... AFC Travel Report - Laos (Seeking Alpha)
... The Rise of Lao Horror with Director Mattie Do (FSR)
... Laos to promote transport infrastructure (Sina or KPL)
... Guide to Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, Laos (TMTG)
... Laos, EU to Protect the Rights of People with Disabilities (KPL)
... Vietnam channels investment capital (~US$5 billion) to Laos (VT)
... Son La: Muong Va tower bears Lao culture imprints (VietnamNet)
... Laos: Meeting aims to improve sustainable devpt coordination (VT)
... Water supply officials assess benefits of management project (VT)
... General Public Warned About Suspected ATM Thieves in Laos (KPL)
... Startup Weekend Helps Young People to Run Businesses in Laos (KPL)
... Foreign workers' legalisation must meet international standards: DPM (VT)
... Thai, Lao and Vietnamese food have a home at Spicy Noodle in Murrieta (DB)
... UNDP-Laos: Importance of Human Development for Graduation from LDC status
... Hanoi, Vientiane step up cooperation (VOV)
... Laos turning Thai-visa hunters away (Nation)
... Hot Travel: Luang Prabang, Laos (Hot Press)
... Laos sugar imports taxed at 2.5 percent (VBN)
... Lessons: Looking at America inward from Laos (LCN)
... Lao Govt grants exequatur to new Swedish consul (VT)
... Thai company to broadcast through Lao satellite (Nation)
... Vientiane Furniture Fair 2017 to Be Held Next Month (KPL)
... Laos showcases tourist attractions at Berlin trade fair (VT)
... Laos opens a peak of the garrison to tourists (TTR Weekly)
... Thailand's Kasikorn Bank Opens Headquarters in Laos (KPL)
... Laos, UK continue cooperation in education development (VT)
... Laos to pursue trade, business environment improvement (VT)
... U.S. and WFP Promote Children’s Education and Nutrition (KPL)
... Laos to send small team for vovinam worlds due to lack of funds (Sina)
... UNDP programmes launched to support further development in Laos (VT)
... Mount Mary student designers stitch Hmong heritage into their fashions (JS)
... Laos and Japan enhance cooperation with Deputy PM's visit to Tokyo (Nation)
... Lao Govt Auctions Luxury Cars in a Bid to Cut Costs, Reduce Corruption (RFA)
... They Fought for the U.S. in Laos; Now Many Older Hmong Fight Depression (KQED)
... Laos Travel Guide (Nomadic Matt)
... Taking it slow in Luang Prabang (CNA)
... Laos, Japan enhance cooperation (VT)
... What really went on in Laos (Yorkshire Post)
... Demystifying the secret war in Laos (VN Express)
... Japan gives boost to education in northern Laos (VT)
... Laos: Furniture fair exhibitors hoping for brisk trade (VT)
... Japan Ranks Eighth in Foreign Investment in Laos (KPL)
... Poverty reduction below target, says Lao government (Nation)
... UNDP chief visits Laos, assesses development progress (Sina or VT)
... Tauranga student will care for elephants in Laos (New Zealand Herald)
... Savannakhet Orders Closure of Over 300 Illegal Wood Factories (KPL)
... Mobile Broadband Drives Growth in a lagging Laos telco market (Budde Blog)
... Lao-Hmong: Vong Mouanoutoua, Drew Bessinger win seats on Clovis City Council

March 6-12, 2017

Conservationists Oppose Plan to Dredge Mekong River (ChiangRai Times)
Conservationists in Thailand are worried that dredging the Mekong River would destroy ecosystems supporting numerous fish and bird species in the 180km stretch that flows past the northern province of Chiang Rai. The drop in fish population would affect millions of people – not just those living in riverside communities, they said.  China initiated dredging in 2001 as a way to
U.S.: Laotian family finds comfortable life in Roseburg (News-Review)
Bouasone Vannarath had no idea what the future held for him when he and his wife fled Laos in 1984. But he knew one thing. He was more scared of what was happening in the southeastern Asian country he left behind. His wife reluctantly joined her husband although she said she was concerned about what the future held for the young couple. But the Vannaraths endured the unknowns of immigration and now 33 years later, the family has settled into a comfortable life in Roseburg, making
Three Lao Workers Still Jailed a Year Later for Criticizing Govt Online (RFA)
Three Lao workers arrested last year for criticizing their government on Facebook while working in Thailand are still in custody with no resolution of their case in sight, prompting calls from friends and human rights groups for their release. Somphone Phimmasone, 29, his girlfriend Lod Thammavong, 30, and Soukane Chaithad, 32, disappeared in March 2016 after returning to Laos
‘Benz Racing’ Charged For Lambo Link to Laos Drug Lord (Khaosod)
The husband of a celebrity was formally charged Monday with money laundering for his alleged connection to a transnational drug suspect apprehended in Bangkok two months ago. Akarakit Worarojcharoendet, or “Benz Racing,” is accused of conspiring to launder money with a friend for the narcotics network formerly operated by Laotian drug lord Xaysana Keopimpha.
The road less travelled: Riding Laos (Canada Moto Guide)
I've been lucky enough to have travelled a number of times to this region, but never by motorcycle and never to Laos. From past travel experiences in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I knew that road conditions would vary wildly, which would test my limited skills off-road. I’d like to say that choosing the right bike for the trip is key, but Laos isn’t exactly flush with rental options.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Poverty reduction delayed: Lao Govt (VT)

... Laos: Single Siren Allowed to Make (KPL)

... Lao Air looks at Tokyo flight (TTR Weekly)

... Hanoi-Vientiane highway to be built (VietnamNet)

... UXO Lao adds more UXO clearance teams (VT)

... Lao Foreign Minister to Visit Brunei, Malaysia (KPL)

... Thai province provides training for Lao journalists (VT)

... Laos Ranks 16th Welcoming Country of the World (KPL)

... Laos: Floods - DREF Operation Final Report (Relief Web)

... Luang Prabang honoured in regional awards scheme (VT)

... Poor still have limited access to health services in Laos (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos youth unions forge stronger ties (Vietnam Plus)

... The President by AKARYN opens in Laos, Vientiane (CPP-Luxury)

... Laos, Vietnam speed up plans for Vientiane-Hanoi expressway (VT)

... Photo exhibition held to promote women empowerment in Laos (Sina)

... Singapore Supports Privatisation and Financial Reform Training for Lao Officials
... Lao province dreams tree tourism (TTR Weekly)

... Laos to reduce dry season rice target (XinhuaNet)

... First Lao revolutionaries' statues ready to be erected (VT)

... Lao authorities hopeful of rebounding rubber price this year (VT)

... Strengthening Vietnam-Laos defense cooperation (Talk Vietnam)

... Lao Red Cross joins International Women’s Day celebration (IFRC)

... Foreign investors still seek solutions after business suspensions (VT)

... Appetites: Where is all the Lao cuisine in the Twin Cities? (MPR News)

... Viet PM promises support for Laos in developing transport (DCS or VN)

... Wow! Really? There are “Hidden Hungarians” in Laos? (Hungary Today)

... Northern Laos: Phou Kout Mountain to be major Xieng Khuang tourism attraction (VT)
... Laos to host int'l film festival 2017 (XinhuaNet)
... Restaurant Review – Lao Café (London Economic)
... Union furthers women's empowerment in Laos (VT)
... SEZs driving economic growth in the southern Laos (VT)
... China Starts Controversial Lao Rail Project (Asia Sentinel)
... Vancouver man found dead in Laos (Lake Country Calendar)
... Thai conservationists oppose plan to dredge Mekong river (CNA)
... Sepon Contributes over US$1.5 billion to National Revenue (KPL)
... Laos, Vietnam Discuss Building an Oil Depot and Pipelines (KPL)
... Ministry reduces dry season rice target after Lao farmers produce less (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos to speed up Hanoi-Vientiane expressway project (Vietnam Plus)
... U.S.-Lao Exchange Programme Alumni Seek to Better Their Communities (KPL)
... Lao Airlines to Fly to Japan (KPL)

... Vietnam, Laos foster special solidarity (VBN)

... Lao-Thai: Khon Kaen has movies on its mind (Nation)

... Savannakhet orders 253 furniture plants to shut down (VT)

... Importation of Satellite Signal Dishes Banned in Laos (KPL)

... The Secret War: AU student shines light on Laos crisis (AU)

... Lao Skyway adds maiden Airbus H125 chopper (Ch-Aviation)

... Cultural sites to be promotion focus in Savannakhet province (VT)

... Vientiane has business potential but needs more infrastructure (VT)

... Payments of Winning Bidders for Leaders’ Cars Are Underway (KPL)

... Hydropower not just an export for world's top dam builder (Asia Times)

... Switzerland supports agriculture and forest college reform in Laos (VT)

... Luang Prabang Upgrades That Luang Grounds for Lao New Year (KPL)

... Six Mekong Countries Meet to Tackle Drug Trade in Golden Triangle (CT)

... Vietnam, Laos urged to bring trade revenue up 10 pct in 2017 (XinhuaNet)

... Party Stresses Increased Production by Lao Cotton State Enterprise (KPL)

... Drug Bust in Central Thailand Nets 500Kg of High Grade Marijuana from Laos (CT)

... Chinese investors reconsider plantations as profits prove elusive in banana business
... U.S. policy towards Laos unlikely to change (VT)
... Lao ‘trafficker’ held over 5kg drug trip (Khmer Times)
... U.S. Supports Blood Safety for Lao Red Cross (KPL)
... Xayaboury to open forest as latest visitor attraction (VT)
... Some public offices relocated to Dongmarkkhai zone (VT)
... Laos Meets Many Fields About Anti Money Laundering (KPL)
... Authorities to speed up Lao-foreigner marriage process (VT)
... Lao-Hmong in U.S.: Chia Youyee Vang ~ 1971-present (WSJ)
... Vientiane Prepares to Select Best Students for National Exam (KPL)
... Honeymoons In Paradise – Where To Go In March, One is in Laos (PDB)
... LEARN project to improve learning for 35,000 disadvantaged children (VT)
... Special economic zones in Vientiane attracting fewer foreign investors (VT)
... From refugee to real estate dynamo, Blia Cha helping others find homes in Milwaukee

Feb. 27-Mar. 5, 2017

Laos: Clear lands, safe people – illusion or reality? (Relief Web)
Imagine a country of mountainous landscapes, lush green forests and quietly flowing rivers. Imagine its people, who sport their positive attitude like a national badge. Imagine their broad smile as they appreciate the peace they have enjoyed, for the best part of 40 years. This country exists. A country with one of the kindest people I have ever met, a country rarely making international
Playing Rat Roulette With Street Meat in Laos (Huffington Post)
I have always been an adventurous eater. From skewered bull penis in Beijing to beating snake heart in Hanoi to ant larvae tacos in Mexico City, I am a curious omnivore who is willing to try anything once. It took a village in the rural mountains of Laos, however, to truly test my gastronomic fortitude. During my three weeks traversing the country, street meat stalls became a comforting constant in my ever-changing surroundings. There is no better way to slip into the leisurely Lao pace of life than by noshing on succulent pork ribs, marinated chicken
IMF expects Lao economy to expand 6.8 percent in 2017 (XinhuaNet or VT)
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that Laos' gross domestic product (GDP) will grow at 6.8 percent in 2017, less than the government's projected rate of 7 percent. The IMF concluded a consultation with Laos in mid-February, describing Laos' challenges in dealing with the current account deficit, falling foreign currency reserves, and growing public debt. 
Laos to press on with controversial $2.3bn Mekong dam (GCR)
Determined to become the “Kuwait of hydropower in Southeast Asia”, the government of Laos will start work this year on the $2.3bn Pak Beng hydropower scheme on the Mekong River, despite opposition from environmental NGOs and local communities. The decision was announced at a meeting of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) last week.
Remains of U.S. Marine shot down in Laos in 1969 heading home (AmeriForce)
A Marine radar intercept officer missing nearly 48 years after he was shot down over Laos during the Vietnam War has been accounted for after his remains were found last year, the Bergen Record reports. The remains of Marine Corps Reserve 1st Lt. William (Billy) Ryan, of Bogota, N.J., were identified through DNA tests conducted by the Defense Pow/MIA Accounting Agency at
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Lao Skyway Launches New Flight (KPL)

... Japan Funds Three Health Projects (KPL)

... Mekong River: Go with the flow (Globe & Mail)

... Lao Front to approve new structure, regulations (VT)

... Vientiane: Ban Hom Road upgrade on schedule (VT)

... Laos urged to set Camdodian soldier free (Khmer Times)

... Asian infrastructure needs US$ 1.7 trillion a year: ADB (VT)

... Lao police hunt for suspected ATM thieves, warn public (VT)

... Lao Minister urges pediatricians to improve quality of care (VT)

... Investors to study feasibility of tourism complex in Vangvieng (VT)

... Senior film major hopes to create documentary on horrors in Laos (EO)

... Pöyry awarded services for Nam Theun 1 hydro project in Laos (Yahoo)

... Northern Laos: Nam Ngao Sanctuary Water is Consumable, Lab Results Prove
... Covert War in Laos (Forbes)
... Champasak discovers a stupa (TTR Weekly)
... Laos shares experience in reform process (VBN)
... Laos, Thailand step up education cooperation (VT)
... Joint Cambodia, Laos tour packages (Khmer Times)
... Mahosot Announces Free Breast Cancer Checks (KPL)
... Japan supports health sector improvements in Laos (VT)
... Agreement to conserve Mekong River fish (Khmer Times)
... Laos steps up efforts to handle money laundering (XinhuaNet)
... Lao Food Market: The Last Laotian Restaurant in Wichita (Zagat)
... A $5.4 mil GEF Grant to Enhance Agro-Climatic Monitoring (KPL)
... Travel Comprehensive Medley Of Asia’s Ethnicity In Laos (Medium)
... Companies keen to develop Vientiane-Pakxe expressway project (VT)
... Climate captives: Life and loss in the Mekong river delta (Eco-Business)
... Australia, EU assists Laos to bolster primary education with $1 million (VT)
... Improved water supplies to protect Lao southerners against climate change (VT)
... Graduates of U.S.-Supported Field Epidemiology Training to Enhance Public Health
... Eat This Word: Larb (James Beard)
... Keeping Lao Children ‘Fit for School’ (KPL)

... Phongsavanh keen to build Thai links (Nation)
... KOICA completes digital maps of Vientiane (VT)
... Falling flowers at Don Sao, Laos (Bangkok Post)
... Vietnam police break up Laos drug smuggling ring (VBN)
... Phongsavanh Group prepares to invest in Thailand (Nation)
... GEF grant ($5.4 mil) to enhance agro-climatic monitoring (VT)
... Lao PM outlines focal work for March to spur development (VT)
... Lao PM Gives Guidance Speech to Public Security Meeting (VT)
... Lao PM Thongloun’s Car Fetches Highest Bid, 1.33 Billion Kip (KPL or VT)
... Deputy PM calls for health ministry to focus on personnel development (VT)
... US Commitments to Development in Laos Remain, a Diplomat Says (KPL)
... Nampapa Nakhon Luang to Invest over 100 Billion Kip in Water Distribution Pipes
... Laos: Two weeks in January (BlogSpot)
... The Mekong deserves better (Bangkok Post)
... Vietnamese national killed in Laos (VietnamNet)
... Japanese Students Exchange Culture in Laos (KPL)
... On a slow boat in the middle of the Mekong (Medium)
... Laos' health sector review calls for further reform (VT)
... Lao Govt gives green light to Vientiane expressway (VT)
... Laos Sees Little Problem With the Pak Beng Dam (RFA)
... Access to Health Services to be Nationwide by 2030 (KPL)
... Human capital ‘key’ to sustainable Mekong tourism (Nation)

... Lao PM pushes for strict urban planning, traffic control (VT)

... Lao-Hmong Amerian Obituary: Soua Vang (Chippewa Herald)

... Leuxay Market in northern Laos' Oudomxay Burns Down (KPL)
... Champassak Plans to Collect Revenue of 1.3 Trillion Kip (KPL)
... Lao Women's Union prepares for International Women's Day (VT)

... Ancient stupa set to become visitor attraction in Champassak (VT)
... Xaysana to face Thai court, no extradition sought: Govt spokesman (VT)

... Laos to invest around 160 mln USD in poverty reduction (XinhuaNet or KPL)

... Mekong Offers U.S. a Non-Confrontational Opportunity to Reset Asia Pacific Policy
... Betagro Shop Opened in Haisok (KPL)
... Eyes on the Sky: The Night Bus to Laos (PP)
... Phuan festival bolsters Lao-Thai friendship (VT)
... Laos: Family holiday turns into reunion (NZ Herald)
... Seventeen Beatified Martyrs of Laos (Radio Vaticana)
... Xayaboury Rice Exports Reach 80,000 Tonnes (KPL)
... China, Laos agree to boost cooperation (Global Times)
... Prudential to Grant Scholarships to Lao Students (KPL)
... Lao-American Obituary: Sam Phaengphan (Daily Iberian)
... Tanmixay-Sikeuth road upgrade 10 percent complete (VT)
... Retaining Trained Health Workers, a Major Challenge (KPL)
... Liberia Seeks Laos's Help in Rice Self-Sufficiency (All Africa)
... Vietnam, Laos hope for strengthened relations (Talk Vietnam)
... Century Ply ready with strategy for Laos crisis (Money Control)
... WHO praises Laos' compliance with int'l health regulations (VT)
... Warriors' star Shaun Johnson's family return to Laos (NZ Herald)
... Lao-Hmong textiles tell stories of tradition, war and whimsy (SCJ)
... Queen Mathilde concludes trip to Laos with UNICEF (Royal Central)
... Economists concerned about increase in non-performing loans (VT)
... Govt orders further action to regulate timber industry, combat illegal logging (VT)
... MRC completes first round of consultation on Pak Beng hydropower dam (Nation)
... Laos Says Will Press Ahead With Controversial Dam After Regional Meeting (VOA)

February 20-26, 2017

Lao Govt dealing with illegal petrol imports (VT)
New requirements for companies seeking to import petroleum to Laos are being reviewed or devised after the government made a decision last month to reduce the number of fuel companies from 22 to five. Those which fail to meet the new requirements will have to halt or be encouraged to turn to other businesses, according to the Lao Petroleum and Gas Association on Tuesday.
Laos: Paradise lost to Unesco (New Zealand Herald)
It is described as the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia, a bygone seat of kings tucked into a remote river valley of Laos. Luang Prabang weaves a never-never land spell on many a visitor with its tapestry of French colonial villas and Buddhist temples draped in a languid atmosphere. But most of the locals don't live here anymore. They began an exodus from this seeming Shangri-La after their hometown was listed a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1995, and sold itself wholesale to tourism. It's not an uncommon pattern at some of
Northern Laos: Fish deaths in Houayxai caused by fenpropathrin (KPL or VT)
The Ministry of Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment’s Department of Pollution Control confirmed on Feb 21 that fish found floating dead in the Nam Ngao sanctuary, Houayxai District, Bokeo Province had resulted from the use of hazardous chemical called “Fenpropathrin”. “Based on data collected during our field inspection, about 800-1,000 kg of fish have been believed to be
Cambodian Govt officials downplay border military dispute with Laos (CD or PPP)
Authorities downplayed a dispute with Laos on Monday following a buildup of military forces on both sides of the border in reaction to hundreds of Laotian soldiers entering Cambodian territory to prevent military engineers from constructing a road. Over the past two weeks, Cambodian officials claim that more than 400 armed Laotian soldiers had crossed into Stung Treng province, causing
Elephants on parade in Laos as numbers dwindle (Reuters/MSN)
Dozens of elephants, adorned in bright colours and with garlands of flowers, paraded through a Laotian town on Saturday in a celebration of a species that has become increasingly scarce in the Southeast Asian country. Known historically as the "Land of a Million Elephants", Laos now has only a few hundred left in the wild and not many more than that in captivity, most of which
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Pak Beng inquiry sought (Topix)

... Major Isan drug bust nets Thai, 2 Lao (TT)

... Laos agrees to hunt for Thai fugitives (Nation)

... Lao-Hmong boxer blazing pioneering path (MJS)

... Laos: Hot issues debated at cabinet meeting (VT)

... Xayaboury Rice Exports Reach 80,000 Tonnes (KPL)

... Laos, China Enhance Cooperation on Foreign Affairs (KPL)

... Ministries discuss major work roles and responsibilities (VT)

... Laos promotes local products to expand market (XinhuaNet)

... Mind your step! Belgium's Queen Mathilde swaps her heels for 
    sensible trainers as she tackles steep stairs at a Laos temple (DM)

... Laos’ Bokeo province viewed as promising tourism destination (Nation)

... You Won't Find This Laotian Cooking in Laos, and That's the Point (BA)

... Auction for Lao leaders' cars rescheduled, starting prices revealed (VT)

... Laos Must Broaden Tax Base, Strengthen Administration: IMF (Tax News)

... Savannaket: Twenty–Two Disabled People Receive Prosthetic Arms (KPL)

... Share of population who are undernourished in Laos from 2005 to 2015 (Statista)

... Hmong: US Bill Proposes History of Community to be Included in School Curriculum
... President of Laos visits (Khmer Times)

... Lao-Cambodia: Border row ‘not discussed’ (PPP)

... Laos: Reports Of H5N1 Outbreak In Poultry (Flu Dairy)

... New agriculture centre to improve crop production (VT)

... Road Access to Hadxayfong to Become a Reality (KPL)

... Lao Govt Replaces Planned Car Bidding with Auction (KPL)

... Laos Dismisses Concerns Over Hydropower Project (VOA)

... Lao PM stresses land as focus for transport development (VT)

... ATR, Lao Airlines Build Dedicated Pilot Pipeline (Aviation Week)

... Laos president visits Cambodia amid border dispute (SEA Globe)

... Elephant Festival in Laos aims to raise awareness (Global Times)

... Japanese Companies Show Interest in Service Sector in Laos (KPL)

... Lao PM Urges MPWT to Focus on Road Construction Projects (KPL)

... A Lao Soldier is Dead After Another Shooting on Highway 13 (RFA/MS)

... World’s Largest Freshwater Fish Under Threat From Planned Dam (CD)

... What’s For Dinner: Beef Larb Is More Than A Funny-Sounding Word (HP)

... Lao Call to Develop Tourism Products, Improve Safety (Mekong Tourism)

... Pak Beng hydropower plant on Mekong River discussed at Laos forum (VP)

... Noodles Pho Me in San Leandro Is a Lao-Style Pho Shop That's Full of Surprises

... ASEAN Tourism Stakeholders Learn About Japanese Efforts on Barrier-Free Tourism
... Call to improve safety (TTR Weekly)
... Border row amid state visit by Laos (PPP)
... H125 delivered to Lao Skyway (Shepard Media)
... Laos trips up on bid for soccer glory (Nikkei AR)
... Laos still faces chemical management issues (VT)
... WHO expands support to health sector in Laos (VT)
... Laos’ Pak Beng Dam Proposal Under Scrutiny (VOA)
... Project reviews progress of basic education in Laos (VT)
... Laos seeks talents for women's U15 football squad (Sina)
... Laos to fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property (VT)
... Vietcombank seeks FSC approval to open branch in Laos (VOV)
... Forces Build Up on Laos Border Over Construction Dispute (CD)
... Ministry strives to address deficiencies in public & transport works (VT)
... Queen of Belgium visits UNICEF-funded projects in S. Laos' Saravan (VT)
... Laos to hold petanque tournaments to select potential players (XinhuaNet)
... Environmental Groups Call on Cambodia to Reject New Laos Dam (VOA)
... S. Laos: Saravan to Focus on Developing Tourist Sites for Visit Laos 2018
... EU Ambassador Visits Ongoing Construction of Xayaboury Hydropower Project
... Champasak wants to learn from experience of agricultural development in HCMC
... Laos agrees to consider Thailand's request for actions against lese majeste suspects
... Laos, development partners evaluate compliance with International Health Regulations
... IHG debuts in Laos (4Hoteliers)
... The Most Lauded Bakery in Laos (R&K)
... Belgiain Queen Mathilde visits Laos (VT)
... Laos, EU meet to overview cooperation (VT)
... Laos drug busts still only half the story (Nation)
... G-MAZE GLUTA Penetrates Market in Laos (KPL)
... Vietnam Helps Laos Develop Agriculture (Bernama)
... Illegal land titles emerge as outstanding issue in Vientiane (VT)
... Elephant Festival 2017 Celebrated, Prime Minister Present (KPL)
... EU, Laos Successfully Hold 8th Meeting of Joint Committee (KPL)
... Vientiane: Road construction in Donnokkhoum behind schedule (VT)
... Laos to receive Asean funding for intellectual property protections (VT)
... Queen Mathilde of Belgium Visits Laos for UNICEF Affairs (BD or KPL)
... Creating favourable conditions for Vietnamese investors in Laos (VBN)
... Why Laos needs to get serious about tackling corruption (ASEAN Today)
... Agriculture and food key areas for expanding Hungarian-Laos trade (Post)
... Laos, neighboring countries discuss prevention of locust outbreak (XN or VT)
... Concerns accounted for in Xayaboury hydropower development, EU told (VT)
... Kha Young Kham Begins Constructing Xe La Nong 3 Hydropower Project (KPL)
... Poroshenko appoints ambassador to Thailand Beshta as Laos ambassador concurrently
... Rugby: Indian women win silver at Laos (SSL)
... Shaun Johnson goes home to Laos (NZ Herald)
... Lao province banks on draw of elephants (Nation)
... Ministry needs to strive further in cooperation efforts (VT)
... Laos' President to visit Cambodia next week (XinhuaNet)
... Laos, European Union make milestone in cooperation (VT)
... Annual elephant festival raises awareness on conservation (VT)
... Laos and Indonesia help travellers to have a rice day (Australian)
... Vang Vieng Lao Lunar New Year Celebration to be Bigger than Ever (KPL)
... High Cost of Living Remains a Challenge for Tourism Industry in Laos (KPL)
... Chinese company signs agreement to build hydropower plant in Laos (ECNS)
... Timber Input-Output Monitoring Introduced for Wood Processers, Traders (KPL)
... Lao Govt awards Cambodian Ambassador for efforts to deepen cooperation (VT)

February 13-19, 2017

Little Laos tackles big corruption (Asia Times)
In line with its communist neighbors China and Vietnam, Laos has launched an anti-corruption campaign to purge the ruling Lao PRP of corrupt members. The exercise aims to restore public faith in the party’s governance after decades of fast growth that have enriched many cadres, but raised public questions about the distribution of the poor country’s newfound wealth.
Asian confederation imposes life bans for Laos match-fixing (ESPN FC or 442)
The Asian Football Confederation has banned 15 current or former players for life for match-fixing. They are among 22 people from Laos and Cambodia issued with life bans by the AFC disciplinary committee for manipulating matches involving Laos national teams and club side Lao Toyota. The banned players represented Laos or Lao Toyota. The AFC says its match-fixing investigation is
Xayaboury to halt banana plantations mid-year (KPL or VT)
The northern province of Xayaboury has decided that as of this mid-year, no more Chinese investments in banana plantations will be allowed. Currently, there are over 520 ha of banana plantations in the province. Chinese banana plantation investments are suspected as the cause of several problems including the over-use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides which have failed to comply with required standards, thus affecting local communities and the environment. Banana plantations subject to stoppage include 342 ha in Xayaboury district and 197 ha in
Rail construction in Laos yet to begin (VT)
Actual work on the Laos-China railway project has yet to start in Luang Prabang & other provinces following the official construction launch in December last year. The railway will run from the Chinese border to Vientiane through the provinces of Luang Namtha, Oudomxay, Luang Prabang, and Vientiane ... the construction has still not begun after its official opening in the province on
Vang Vieng Nightlife - Where to Party in 2017? (Jakarta100Bars)
Vang Vieng is a small town in Laos, half-way between Vientiane and Luang Prabang. It is a great spot to relax for a few days and try outdoor activities like trekking, rock climbing, and of course tubing in the Nam Song river. For years, Vang Vieng had the reputation of having some of the wildest parties in Asia. It was an essential stop on the 2000's backpacker party trail just like Koh
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos, EU review cooperation ties (XinhuaNet or VT)
... Ford Motor Supports Safe Water in Phoukhoun (KPL)
... Norwegian support to Mine Action in Laos (ScandAsia)
... Local radio needs to innovate and streamline operations (VT)
... Bringing the joy of reading in rural Laos (Nikkei Asian Review)
... Laos to send 60 athletes to 9th ASEAN School Games (China)
... Lao authorities take action against illegal satellite receivers (VT)
... Australia to Further Support for SMEs with over US$6 mln (KPL)
... 2017 Australia Awards Scholarships (30 of them) Launched (KPL)
... Hmong: First Global Hmong Women’s Summit A Success (UNPO)
... Laos capital on the road to modern public transport system? (CNA)
... Vang Vieng Lao Lunar New Year Celebration to be Bigger than Ever (KPL)
... List of Eligible and Prohibited Wooden Products for Export Disseminated (KPL)
... Six must-visit food streets in South-east Asia - one in Luang Prabang (AsiaOne)
... Khammuan Forest Rangers Seize Large Sum of Buried Illegal Wood (KPL or VT)
... Laos: Killing the Mekong dam by dam (Nation)
... Lao Govt enters discussion on new legislation (VT)
... Lao students Depart for a Study Tour in Japan (KPL)
... Laos nabs 33 suspected drug dealers: ministry (Sina)
... Lao Police Arrest Drug Lord Bigger than Xaysana (KPL)
... USC Students Head to Laos to Build Bridges for Bears (KPL)
... Cambodia Groups Urge to Reject New Laos Dam at Talks (VOA)
... Laos to build 1st vehicle quality inspection center (XinhuaNet, VT)
... Six Northern Provinces Discuss Sustainable Tourism Links (KPL)
... Drug lords arrested, multi-million dollars in assets impounded (VT)
... First Lao ODOP Exhibition to Take Place Next Week in Vientiane Capital (KPL)
... Lao Govt Gives Certificates of Appreciation to Two Lao Consuls to Japan (KPL)
... India to compete at women's Asian Rugby Sevens Trophy in Laos (Times of India)
... Authorities inspect cause of fish deaths in Houayxai (VT)
... Asean nations review stance on intellectual property (VT)
... Winner of Lao Young Designer 2016 Leaves for Paris (KPL)
... Third River Festival Announced on Laos Border (Cambodia Daily)
... KOICA extends support for immigration capacity development (VT)
... Lao President Receives Letters of Credentials from Foreign Ambassadors (KPL)
... Luang Prabang Nightlife - 5 Best Things to Do After Dark in 2017 (Jakarta100Bars)
... Belarus, Laos plan to set up joint lab for quality analysis of natural resources (Belta)
... Sompo Japan makes foray into Laos (Nikkei AR)
... Laos, Vietnam to further educational development (VT)
... Phu Bia Mining Supports Free Surgeries in Vientiane (KPL)
... Belarus, Laos ready to strengthen economic ties (Belarus News)
... Three injured in northern Laos' Oudomxay multiple house fire (VT)
... Lao, Singaporean foreign ministers hold talks on bilateral ties (VT)
... Pact formed to resurrect once-thriving FDI into Laos (Vietnam BN)
... 116 warehouses at border gates in Laos, Cambodia (VietnamNews)
... Laos, Thailand, China, Vietnam pave way for tourism integration (VT)
... Almost 400 kg of Fish Found Floating Dead on Nam Ngao River (KPL)
... Laos, Russia discuss border radio frequency coordination security (VT)
... Thai Officials Link Lao Cartel to Drug Smugglers in Malaysia, Deep South (BN)
... Chinese marriage proposals become prostitution nightmares for Lao girls (RFA)
... American State Censored TV Programme on American Nerve Gas Atrocity in Laos
... Government, Business People Discuss Opportunities Brought by WTO Membership
... Laos to look into fuel tariff exemptions (Nation)
... Excellent 2016 Results for Phu Bia Mining (KPL)
... Lovely surprises at Laos’ Luang Prabang (Star2)
... Laos: Abandoned Cars Need New Homes (KPL)
... Thailand supports animal feed project in Laos (VT)
... Lao Fashion Week 2017 to be Held in September (KPL)
... Laos in bid to attract more Chinese tourists (SHZX Gov)
... Lao Dairy Farm carves out healthy market niche (Nation)
... WTO: Laos sets sights on trade policy improvement (VT)
... Nebraska LEAD fellows travel to China, Laos, Thailand (HPJ)
... Laos: A lesser-known disaster in the Vietnam era (Pilot Online)
... DPM offers measures for Xekong to pursue robust growth (VT)
... Electrifying Laos: Opportunities for FDI in 2017 (ASEAN Briefing)
... Use of social media on lese majeste in Laos followed up (Nation)
... Vietnam to provide new hospitals for Huaphan, Xieng Khuang (VT)
... American bombers over Laos: An evolutionary leap for the CIA (PPH)
... Northern Laos' Bokeo: Flower festival promotes culture, tourism (VT)
... Fresno’s Lao-Hmong Youth to raise concerns in Sacramento (AAPress)
... Govt Authorities Discuss Anti-Human Trafficking in Southern Laos (KPL)
... Thousands of Vientiane merits makers celebrate Makhabouxa Day (VT)
... A trip to Laos and Cambodia that’s fascinating and inexpensive (NewsDay)
... ASIA's Future Cities: Vientiane start-up scene holding out for a 'hero' (CNA)
... Hog tied in Laos: Pigs in Skintight Cages and Other Market Barbarity (MOTL)
... Laos to establish FDA-like food, drug, beverage quality inspection system (Xinhua)

February 6-12, 2017

No plan to exchange Lao drug lord for Lese Majeste Fugitives: Police (KhaoSod)
Police said on Thursday that they are not considering any plan to extradite alleged drug kingpin Xaysana Keopimpha back to Laos. Police spokesman Krissana Pattanacharoen said the force wants to prosecute Xaysana in Thailand & dismissed speculation Thai authorities want to use the Laotian suspect as a bargaining chip in exchange for political dissidents seeking refuge in Laos.
Shrugging off the risks, Laos plans to proceed with the Pak Beng dam (Mongabay)
The Pak Beng dam is the third of nine mainstream dams planned for the Mekong in Laos, and the second in a cascade of six on the country’s upper stretch of the river. If built, the 912-megawatt capacity dam will flood 4,178 hectares of land and create a 7,659-hectare reservoir along the river valley. A suite of project documents was published last month, including impact assessments
Laos secures $25 mil loan from WB for nationwide road upgrades (VT or XN)
The government has secured a loan of US$25 million (about 205 billion kip) from the World Bank to further strengthen road maintenance and improve road connectivity throughout the country.  The Ministry of Finance signed the loan agreement with the World Bank yesterday, with the two parties represented by Deputy Minister of Finance Ms Thipphakone Chanthavongsa and World Bank
'Death threats' blamed on Laos exiles (Bangkok Post, Reuters/MSN or AFP/Yahoo!)
Thai people who fled to Laos to escape lese majeste changes have issued the death threats against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon, the National Security Council chief claims. Gen Thawip Netniyom told reporters the suspects last week posted death threats against the two top coup officers on Facebook. He said "up to six" Thai suspects in Laos are involved. Gen Thawip plans to visit Laos to follow up on the government's extradition request and said
Lao Police Arrest Second Major Drug Dealer (RFA)
Lao police have arrested one of the country’s major drug kingpins along with his wife and one of his sons in Khammuane province in the central part of the country as they drove home from a wedding, a source who knows the family said. The family was returning to the capital Vientiane after they attended a wedding in Pakse district in the southern province of Champasak when they
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... Laos, strangely wonderful (Columbia Star)
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... Laos makes strides in monitoring state affairs (VT)
... Oudomxay calls for tourism investment (TTR Weekly)
... Laos: Medics assess developments in internal medicine (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos look to boost sustainable growth (VietnamNews)
... Manhunt Scours Laos for Accomplices in Xaysana's Drug Ring (RFA)
... A Lao-Hmong journey from refugee to jurist (Milwaukee Independence)
... Laos Expects to Complete 90 Hydropower Plants by 2020 (KPL or SHZX)
... Banana Farm Chemical Residue Causes Wastewater & Dead Fish (KPL)
... Bidding documents for withdrawn Lao leaders' cars available Monday (VT)
... Public Complains about Expense of Vat Phou Festival Parking Fees (KPL)
... Locals, Foreigners Keen on Trade Fair of Sikhottabong Stupa Festival 2017 (KPL)
... Lao Drug Lord: Lamborghini, assets seized in probe of alleged drug network (Nation)
... Vietnam-Laos bolster ties (VT)
... Agri-business under watch in Laos (Nation)
... Lao Govt to query fuel tariff exemptions (VT)
... Laos calls for Visit Year events (TTR Weekly)
... Steel bridges in Champassak to be replaced (VT)
... Malaysian linked to Laos drug lord arrested (SCMP)
... Elephant Festival 2017 to Feature More Activities (KPL)
... Laos's 1st solar power plant put into operation (XinhuaNet)
... WHO extends support for health sector reform in Laos (VT)
... Laos becomes attractive to Japanese investors (Vietnam Plus)
... Police to probe Malaysian linked to Lao drug lord, Xaysana (Nation)
... Northern Lao provinces assess efforts to control locust outbreak (VT)
... Vietnam affirms ties with Laos at inter-gov’t committee meeting (DCS)
... Laos Faces Economic Challenges In 2017: Business Leader (JC Lao)
... Reversing “Empty Forest Syndrome” in Southeast Asia, i.e. Laos (NG)
... Locusts Destroy over 4,000 ha of Farmland in Northern Provinces (KPL)
... Laos Gay Islands: Si Phan Don - The Scruffy Italian Traveler (Gayapolis)
... A trip to Laos and Cambodia that’s fascinating and inexpensive (NewsDay)
... Lao Telecom Contributes over 4 bln kip (~half a million US dollar) to Help Society (VT)
... Luang Prabang, Laos, first to get an Azerai hotel - Aman Resorts founder’s new brand
... Melania Trump chooses Lao-American interior designer to redecorate the White House
... Laotian Adventure in Luang Prabang (TFF)
... Sports Car Linked to Drug Boss, Xaysana (KPL)
... Audit plan for southern Lao provinces revealed (VT)
... The soul of the Mekong is in trouble (Myanmar Times)
... Banyan Tree opens second resort in Laos (Nikkei AR)
... New regulations restrict use of Laos' postal services (VT)
... Authorities repeat call for return of Nongpaen project licence (VT)
... Cambodia Groups Urge to Reject New Laos Dam at Talks (VOA)
... Laos to Strengthen Road Systems and Improve Connectivity (KPL)
... Deputy PM advises southern Laos' Saravan on development path (VT)
... Runaway Laotian bride flees groom days after arranged marriage (Star)
... Mekong projects must take impact on environment into account (Nation)
... 13 new midwives ready to serve northern Laos' Bokeo health centres (VT)
... Laos battles to reduce malnutrition (VT)
... Laos: Ministry to closely monitor agri-business (VT)
... Xayabouri Dam Construction 73% Complete (KPL)
... Work progresses on Vientiane airport (TTR Weekly)
... Laos expects $8.94 billion trade volume in 2017 (Post)
... Elevated Dengue Fever Activity Reported in Laos (KPL)
... Tourism potential as yet unfulfilled in Bolaven Plateau (VT)
... 3 Thai police and celebrities linked to Lao drug lord (Nation)
... Laos to send some 500 workers to S. Korea (XinhuaNet or VT)
... Borikhamxay approves funding to shore up eroding riverbank (VT)
... ADB supports health security in Laos, Mekong region (Vietnam Plus)
... Lao PM arrives in Vietnam for inter-governmental committee meeting (VN)
... Thailand-Laos extradition treaty: an attempt to bypass the law? (Prachatai)
... Thailand Asks Laos to Allow Arrests of Lese-Majeste Suspects (Benar News)
... Pics of Thai police chillin’ with alleged Laos drug kingpin circulate online (Coconuts)
... IHG Debuts in Laos (CPE)
... Lao PM vows to address chronic land issues (VT)
... Gambling on Chinese Investment in Laos (Asia Sentinel)
... 10 sawmills closed, 18 others in process: Lao official (VT)
... Laotian provinces earmarked for ‘clean’ rice crops (Nation)
... The soul of the Mekong is in serious trouble (Bangkok Post)
... Newly Registered Vehicle in 2016 Doubles From 2015 (KPL)
... Cheap Air Fares Lead to a Long Queue at Vientiane Center (KPL)
... Law on alcoholic beverage control in Laos remains ineffective (VT)
... Lao Authorities to take action against illegal electronic devices (VT)
... ADB to support health security in Laos, Mekong region (Sina or VT)
... Central Laos: New water treatment plant opens in Borikhamxay (VT)
... Ban in : Vietnam supports migrants returning from Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... ‘Benz Racing’ surrenders to police over Lao drug kingpin case (Nation)
... How to Buy an Artificial Leg in Laos {and why you probably should} (MOTL)
... Benz Racing denies any connection with Lao drug lord Xaysana (Pattaya Mail)
... Laos, US cooperate to reduce malnutrition through A US$ 3.7 mil project (KPL)
... East Side author Kao Kalia Yang is finalist for National Book Critics Circle Award
... Japan Grants over US$250,000 for Maternal and Child Health Services in Phongsaly

Jan 30-Feb 5, 2017

Thai police probe Laos drug lord's 'celebrity links' (AFP/Yahoo)
Thai police swooped on the home of a popular actress as part of a series of Bangkok raids Thursday, in a widening probe into the celebrity and business links of an alleged Laos drug lord. Investigators say elite contacts may have helped shield the narcotics cartel of Laotian Xaysana Keopimpha, dubbed by police as an "international drug kingpin", who was nabbed last month
Supected drug lord linked to Thai and Lao celebrities (Nation or BP)
ALLEGED LAO drug lord Xaysana Keopimpha’s network has cultivated unprecedented connections, with celebrities both in Thailand and Laos believed to have assisted him with money laundering and asset concealment. “Entertainment figures, socialites and prominent members of Thailand’s luxury-car circles are now implicated,” Narcotics Suppression Bureau chief Pol
Thai regime presses Laos to deport dissidents (AP/Bangkok Post, Yahoo or Nation)
The military government wants neighbouring Laos to send back about half a dozen Thai citizens who have reportedly taken refuge there to escape being arrested for insulting the Thai monarchy, a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Gen Thawip Netniyom, head of the National Security Council, said Tuesday that the people being sought used social media to attack the monarchy.  He said the Defence Ministry has assigned him to seek a meeting with Laotian officials and work out a deal,
Proposed hydropower plant in Laos to affect lower Mekong River in Vietnam (TV)
MRC (the Mekong River Commission) last week in a meeting in Vientiane said the 6-month pre-consultation process on dam construction had begun, which Laos officially submitted to MRC’s secretariat committee two months ago. At the meeting, the commission came to an agreement that December 20, 2016 was the day to start the pre-consultation process. 
A casino mogul’s controversial trail runs from Maine to Laos &  back again (BDN)
In 2007, companies under Bridge Capital’s umbrella were formed in Macau and Aruba invested in Laos, an authoritarian, one-party southeast Asian nation that offered a low tax rate and a regional casino monopoly, according to court records. The partnership broke down in 2012, when the sides went to arbitration under international laws. In 2014, they had an agreement that the casino
Other stories about Laos around the world
... French agency awards employees (VT)

... Laos Plans to Build Expressway Linking to Pakse (KPL)

... Road No. 17B to Laos-Myanmar bridge deteriorating (VT)

... Laos expects 8.94--bln--USD trade volume in 2017 (Sina)

... Wattay International Airport expansion 11% complete (VT)

... Basic education quality project underway in Luang Prabang (VT)

... Lao leaders' vehicles to undergo bidding process next week (VT)

... Japan Donates US$154,414 to Hospitals and Health Centers (KPL)

... KBank offers Bt3-bn loan facility to Laos’ state power enterprise (Nation)

... PM visits Nam Ngiep 1 Power Project, expected to be 90% by year’s end (KPL)

... Laos: America’s lesser known human & political disaster in Southeast Asia (WP)

... Tobacco Control Needs Stronger Support to Generate Revenues, Save Lives (KPL)
... Laos tourism suffers visitor decline (TDM)

... UN Women reports on Vientiane vendors (VT)

... Rave Run: Luang Prabang, Laos (Runner's World)

... “Dangerous” people and cajoling Laos (WordPress)

... Crowne Plaza Vientiane Hotel Opens in Laos (HNR)

... Water supply yet to reach remote districts in Laos (VT)

... National workshop mulls progress in women's rights (VT)

... USC students off to Laos to build bridges for bears (MSSC)

... Two Lao provinces earmarked for organic rice (World-Grain)

... Tourism agencies urged to plan for Visit Laos Year 2018 (VT)

... Govt seeks investors to fund Vientiane-Pakxe expressway (VT)

... Vat Phou Festival Expects to Attract over 500,000 Tourists (KPL)

... Over 90% of Vendors in Laos’ Fresh-Food Markets are Female (VT)

... The Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Please Don’t Rush (T@60)

... Nebraska LEAD fellows travel to China, Laos, Thailand (Fence Post)

... Laos to spend 50 mln USD to address poverty through 2019 (XinhuaNet)

... Bishop of Vientiane: Laos, a poor Church, beloved by Pope Francis (HM)

... Laos-Yunnan Sole Plans to Build Additional Explosive Substance Factories (KPL)
... Korean leasing company moves into Laos (AFI)

... Laos proposes World Heritage site (TTR Weekly)

... Location earmarked for Laos-Cambodia bridge (VT)

... Traditional medicine hospital planned for Vientiane (VT)

... Bokeo's kapok flower festival rolls out welcome mat (VT)

... Laos sees December inflation highest in 2 years (XinhuaNet)

... Foreign Visitor Arrivals in Laos Decrease by 10% in 2016 (KPL)

... Lao Govt to spend US$50 mln to Further Address Poverty (KPL)

... Mahosot claims success with new breast cancer treatment (VT)

... Laos: Poverty Reduction Fund reports five years of success (VT)

... Vientiane authorities to clamp down on advertising hoardings (VT)

... Golden Rotary lends a hand with 3-year medical project in Laos (Golden Star)

... Laos envoy attends Me-Dam-Me-Phi programme in Dibrugarh (Assam Tribune)
... Lao PM to police: Get tough on drugs (VT)
... Japan funds pediatric project in Huaphan (VT)
... Laos, Luxembourg strengthen legal cooperation (VT)
... Doubts over projected 2016 tourist arrivals in Laos (VT)
... 18 banana plantations suspended in Laos (Fresh Plaza)
... In Defense of Dusty, Rundown Museums, i.e. Laos (Medium)
... Soccer: Boeung Ket ready for the clash with Laos (Khmer Times)
... A mission to Laos: Local couple to help Asian children (LC Chronicle)
... Northern Laos: Rubber firms conceal purchase of farmers' trees (VT)
... Aman founder Adrian Zecha opens Azerai Luang Prabang (Business Traveller)
... Ministry reviews progress in information, culture & tourism development in Laos (VT)
... Lao Province Issues Banana Ban (RFA/MS)
... Laos expects to promote rice exports (Sina)
... Laos Attracts More Japanese Investors (KPL)
... Top Hotels Awarded in Laos by TripAdvisor (PR)
... Govt halts transit of imported oil through Laos (VT)
... Meet our newest Australian citizens from Laos (CG)
... Switzerland confirms its continued support for Laos (VT)
... Secrets of Laos’ Muang La Hot Spring (Mekong Tourism)
... Lao Deputy PM advises on best use of new data centre (VT)
... Challenges remain for Laos' sustainable tourism growth (VT)
... Savannakhet, Champassak earmarked for organic rice crops (VT)
... American Exceptionalism at the expense of Laos and elsewhere (DM)
... Japan Grants Over U$$365,000 for Pediatric Project in Huaphan (KPL)
... Cruising on the Mekong River through the ancient wonders of Laos (PN)
... Feb Elephant Festival Expects to Attract More Than 300,000 Tourists (KPL)

January 23-29, 2017

Laos: Almost 1,000 Lives Claimed in Road Accidents in 2016 (KPL)
As many as 981 lives were claimed and over 8,000 people were injured due to the over 5,000 reported road accidents last year. The accidents also left over 9,300 vehicles damaged. The traffic accidents in 2016 increased by more than 720 as compared to the number reported in 2015 when 995 people were killed in 5,571 road accidents, Deputy Minister of Public Security
Laos buys fewer Thai goods after VAT at Friendship Bridge (Bangkok Post)
Laotians have spent less money on goods in Thailand after Vientiane imposed a 10% value-added tax late last year, a Lao customs official said on Thursday.  Soutchai Inthavong, deputy chief of the customs international checkpoint at the Friendship Bridge, said the number of Laotians crossing the bridge to Thailand remained unchanged after the Lao government imposed the VAT in Nov.
Laos to help quell anti-Thai Govt groups (Bangkok Post)
Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said Wednesday the government is in talks with Laos regarding collaboration on suppressing Thai political groups exploiting Laos as their base to launch activities against the Thai government. Speaking after talks with Lao Defence Minister Lt Gen Chansamone Chayalath, Gen Prawit said Laos always cooperates with Thailand
Accidental explosion kills trainer, injures 26 students in northern Laos (VT)
A trainer was killed and 26 secondary school students suffered minor injuries in an explosion accident yesterday morning during a military-tactics training drill at a secondary school in northern Oudomxay province, a police officer said.  The tragedy happened as the trainer, Military First Lieutenant Somphone brought both real and fake grenades to the training course held at
Laos impounds over 5,000 illegally imported vehicles during 2015-2016 (Sina)
The Customs Department under Lao Ministry of Finance impounded more than 5,000 illegally imported vehicles in the fiscal year of 2015-2016. Vehicle and goods smuggling has become a problem for the customs sector, Acting Director General of the Customs Department Bounpaseuth Sikounlabout was quoted by state-run Vientiane Times on Monday, saying that in order to achieve
Suspected drug kingpin from Laos nabbed in Bangkok airport (Straits Times or Nation)Pic: Courtesy of Straits Times
The Thai anti-narcotics police have arrested a Laotian man who is suspected to be a drug kingpin with a network that spans Asean countries, including Singapore. Xaysana Keopimpha was surrounded and detained in front of dozens of travellers when he arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok from Phuket on Thursday, reported The Nation. Deputy national police chief General Chalermkiat Srivorakarn said the arrest resulted from cooperation with Laotian counterparts in a sting operation.
Police target gang members working for Lao drug baron (Bangkok Post)
Police are hunting five associates of an alleged Lao drug baron who was arrested on Thursday after having evaded police for five years. The elusive Xaysana Keopimpha was finally apprehended at Suvarnabhumi airport after arriving on a flight from Phuket. Police said five other members of his gang were still at large but being hunted, & the seizure of assets accumulated from the drug
Other stories about Laos around the world
... National meeting reviews dengue control in Laos (VT)
... Lao Food Festival 2017 Opens at Chao Annouvong (J&C)
... Laos: Bureau seeks to overcome statistical challenges (VT)
... Laos passes chemical management law (Chemical Watch)
... Measures revealed to resolve illegal car imports into Laos (VT)
... Should Lao-Hmong history lesson be required? (Wisconsin RT)
... Laos confers friendship medal to Chinese ambassador (Xinhua)
... Thailand presses Laos over royal insult suspects (Reuters/Yahoo)
... Chinese keen to invest in Champassak's Khonphapheng SEZ (VT)
... Trends, opportunities in ASEAN market discussed in Laos (CCTV)
... Central Laos: Hin Nam Nor submission to UNESCO next year (VT)
... Thailand Backing Controversial Survey to Clear Mekong Islets (Topix)
... Lao Police Determined To Crackdown On Hit-and-Run Drivers (J&C/VT)
... I am an American: Lao-Hmong woman seeks equality through dialogue (D&C)
... Lao President's provinces tour: Anti-corruption campaign dominates agenda (VT)
... Laos reports higher rate of dengue fever (Sina)
... Nascent book culture spreads in rural Laos (Nikkei)
... Lao President tells Khammuan to fight corruption (VT)
... Cambodia, Laos discuss border issues (Khmer Times)
... Vientiane dengue fever rates higher this year: authorities (VT)
... Pak Beng Hydropower project looks set to move forward (VT)
... Savannakhet university to become first model in Laos (Nation)
... Bridge crossing nets 98 million kip from Value Added Tax (VT)
... Lao Govt orders action to resolve illegal occupation of land (VT)
... Lao authorities impound over 5,000 illegally imported vehicles (Nation)
... Trends, opportunities in ASEAN market discussed in Laos (XinhuaNet)
... Travel visa: Laos’ Answer to a Walk on Through a Rich History (Medium)
... Laos to Lend a Hand in Drugs Crackdown, Government Ministers Say (CD)
... Committee agrees on work to develop 912-MW Pak Beng hydropower in Laos
... Foreign ministers move to enhance, deepen friendly Laos-Cambodia relations (VT)
... Risky roads in Laos (TTR Weekly)
... Two war era bombs found in Vientiane (VT)
... Citrus production developing in Laos (Fruit Net)
... How the Laos War Transformed the CIA (CFR)
... Laos plans to promote traditional medicines (VT)
... Two war era bombs found in Ban Arkard, Vientiane (VT)
... Cambodia, Laos vow to boost anti-drug cooperation (Sina)
... Lao VP demands transparency from Finance Ministry (VT)
... Cambodia-Laos border bridge location agreed (Khmer Times)
... Northern Lao province to upgrade its tourist attractions (Nation)
... Northern Laos: Xieng Khuang promoting native cattle exports (VT)
... Southern Laos: Ban Nong Bueng woodcarving village (Travel Fish)
... Norhtern Laos: Luang Namtha repairs broken sections of R3 Road (VT)
... Lao Café, Theatreland: Rosa's Thai have a hit with new restaurant (MSN)
... Lao Officials Are Returning Money They Earned Through Corruption (RFA)
... Soccer: Malaysia Book Spot In Semis After Whipping Laos 13-1 (Bernama)
... Lao-Hmong: Rooted in Service: MayKao Hang DPA ’14 (Hamline University)
... Daughter-in-law of former Lao PM denies ties to drug dealer arrested in Thailand
... Hmong: New Book Addresses US Legacy in Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam
... LANIC launches full domain management (VT)
... Laos highway construction proposal (Wold Highways)
... China to Clear Path on Mekong River for Large Ships (VOA)
... Laos to invite bids for withdrawn luxury cars next month (VT)
... No violations of timber ban, Laos' forestry sector reports (VT)
... Laos, China launch plant inspection and quarantine project (VT)
... Savannakhet University set to become first model uni in Laos (VT)
... Australian woman builds citrus industry in Laos from scratch (ABC)
... Review: The CIA in Laos changed the way America wages war (AP/Yahoo)
... Urgent action taken to withdraw leaders' luxury cars: Govt spokesman (VT)
... How a Tiny Southeast Asian Country - Laos - Changed the CIA Forever (VT)
... Laos champions pull out of AFC Cup as Home United prepare for playoff (ESPN FC)
... Progress made on SEZ in Luang Prabang (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos enjoy growing ties in 2016 (DCS)

... Oudomxay eyes development of tourist sites (VT)

... Workers prepare ground for Laos-China railway (VT)

... Project to enhance English teaching at universities (VT)

... Laotian province to upgrade its tourist attractions (Nation)

... Laos’ Oudomxay Prepares for Tourism Development (MT)

... Bidding on withdrawn luxury cars expected next month (VT)

... Lao, Thai companies launch Saravan agribusiness project (VT)

... Laos to seek petanque talents for international competitions (Sina)

... Laos crop yields may drop as irrigation system in need of repairs (Statesman)

... Cambodia and Laos: The Varied Countries of Southeast Asia (Journal Standard)

... Xekaman 3 hydroelectric plant in Laos: a very major landslide in December (AGU)

... Dreamlike and Minimalist Fine Art Photography by Phonsay Phothisomphane (PG)

January 16-22, 2017

Laos counts the cost of corrupt government officials (Nation)
Numerous Lao officials at the central and local levels have been found to be involved in corrupt conduct, which has resulted in a huge loss of financial resources... Some officials from the agriculture sector in Saravan province were involved in document forgery, defrauding the state of 11.3 billion kip (Bt43.9 million) and Bt8.3 million.  Meanwhile some officials from the province’s
Laos investigates 71 officials for corruption in 2016: report (XinhuaNet or VT)
Investigations were carried out in relation to 71 officials at local and central government levels in Laos suspected of corrupt conduct in 2016, according to a report by the State Inspection Authority (SIA) released Tuesday.  Among the 71 officials, nine were from the Ministry of Finance, 30 from northern Oudomxay province, three from the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications, 27 from central Savannakhet province, one from southern Salavan province, and one from the labor
Laos: Visitors find primitive villages, modern technology (Chico ER)
Children don’t have pencils or paper in their classrooms. Farm animals roam freely with residents of the villages, where there are no flush-toilets and electricity was introduced just three years ago. Yet, in some places, there is TV, solar panels and the internet. “Technology is creeping in,” said Frederica Shockley. Shockley and Therese Chudy of Chico spent 10 days in late 2016 with a tour
Laos expands power grid & eyes biomass in renewable energy push (Bio-Energy)
Laos is looking to expand its power grid network and may use renewable energy to produce electricity, according to Xinhua News. The Laos government plans to install 54 more electricity transmission lines and build another 16 substations by 2020. Laos Minister of Energy and Mines Khammany Inthirath has revealed the plan recently, saying the government recognises the need
Dam in Laos Stirs Up Controversy and Fish (Lab Roots)
Hydroelectric dams have become a hot topic in the last decade as biologists and environmentalists fight to make known the damages that dams have on river systems. The Don Sahong Dam along the Mekong River passing through Laos is facing controversy for just that reason between environmentalists, local residents, and the hydroelectric company behind
Other stories about Laos around the world 
... America’s secret war in Laos (Economist)
... EPF supports green growth initiatives in Laos (VT)
... Hospitality staff required to work in Xieng Khuang (VT)
... Two Laotians caught smuggling 41,000 pills (DTI News)
... Ministry to realise rural education improvements in Laos (VT)
... Foreign investors reassured over power supply in Laos (Nation)
... More to Laos than meets the eye, says tourism chief (TTG Asia)
... Lao-Canadian: Hintonburg bids a sad farewell to Sam’s Café (KT)
... Chinese Lunar New Year temple fair add color to Laos (China Dialy)
... 8 Things to do in Vientiane to Capture the Culture of Laos (Travioor)
... Laos: Families of disabled veterans need help with road upgrade (VT)
... Party urges public participation in fight against corruption in Laos (VT)
... Thailand and Laos – day fifteen - Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai, Thursday (Thornbury)
... No cars, ATMs or other tourists: Finding paradise on the deserted 4,000 Islands of Laos
... Mattie Do, Laos’ 1st Female Director, Talks Asian Objectification & Her New Horror Film
... Lao leaders return their luxury cars (VT)
... Lao FM to visit Cambodia (Khmer Times)
... Lao airline cuts Attapeu losses (TTR Weekly)
... The Top 10 Places to Visit in Laos (Baba Mail)
... NUOL students win youth innovation awards (VT)
... Lao Deputy PM takes strong stance against corruption (VT)
... Gambling With Time Along the China-Laos Border (Sixth Tone)
... Singapore Helps Improve Physiotherapy Education in Laos (BD)
... EU, French Red Cross provide 1.67b kip to reduce disaster risks (VT)
... Veunkham becomes a local border between Laos and Cambodia (VT)
... Thailand and Laos – day thirteen - Luang Prabang, Tuesday (Thornbury)
... Vientiane's Nong Or development project to commence construction (VT)
... Lao leaders hail contributions of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers (Talk Vietnam)
... Laos' Road 13 South safety under scrutiny (VT)
... Laos: Minister vows stable electricity supply (VT)
... Laos: Ministry lists top ten commercial rice varieties (VT)
... Laos eyes electricity export to Malaysia this year (Nation)
... Vientiane Council asks authorities to tackle chronic problems (VT)
... Saudi princess gives boost to measles vaccination drive in Laos (VT)
... Thailand and Laos – day twelve - Luang Prabang, Monday (Thornbury)
... Experts 'greatly disappointed' by yet another Mekong hydropower dam (VNE)
... Lao PM urges local, Thai business, public sectors to boost investment (Nation)
... Geographical Indications in Laos: A Boon for Local Producers & Investors? (Lexology)
... This 'smiling' dolphin (only 3 counted in Laos) is being hunted into extinction (Mashable)
... My 5 Favorite Places (one ~ Luang Prabang) I Visited For The 1st Time In 2016 (OMAT)
... London: Lao Cafe (JOL)
... Best time to visit Laos (Medium)
... New dam on Mekong looms (PPP)
... Vietnam, Laos boost youth exchange (VBN)
... We’re ignoring the risks on the Mekong (Nation)
... Lao police seize over 1.2 ton cannabis (XinhuaNet)
... Laos warm up for regional futsal championship (Sina)
... Laos: Out-of-action irrigation may cut crop yields (VT)
... Ministry reviews progress in health sector in Laos (VT)
... Lao PM advises Khong district to grow more cashews (VT)
... Furniture makers must improve marketing strategy: Lao PM (VT)
... Vietnamese bank marks one-year anniversary in Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... Lao PM urges Lao-Thai business, public sectors to boost investment (VT)
... Vietnamese firm donates marble bust of Laos’s late President (Talk Vietnam)
... China Dam Construction Is Putting Pressure on Mekong River (Cambodia Daily)
... Laos to expand export markets of electricity (Sina)
... US builds blood centre for southern provinces (VT)
... Cambodia and Laos welcome Singapore firms (ANN)
... HAG Group invests in Laos’ agriculture (Talk Vietnam)
... Vientiane residents irked over proposed road fund (VT)
... Laos to export more rice to China: Lao PM (XinhuaNet)
... Laos: Finance ministry to probe sources of revenue (VT)
... Regional officials consult on Pakbaeng hydro project (VT)
... Thailand and Laos – day ten - Luang Prabang (Thornbury)
... China to buy 20,000 tonnes of organic rice from Laos (VT)
... How coffee brought in tourists to quiet Laos (Daily Express)
... Art performance in Laos to mark Vietnam’s National Day (VBN)
... Dearest Sister: Ghosts and Class Distinctions in Laos (JB Spins)
... Book Review: A Great Place to Have a War in Laos (DIN Merican)
... Northern Laos' Xieng Khuang authorities confiscate illegal timber (VT)
... Destination Laos: the ever-changing surrogacy business changes again (BE)
... MIA in Laos: Texas family to receive vet's remains 50 years after his death (FN)
... Singapore firms should seize 1st-mover advantage in Cambodia, Laos: President Tan

January 9-15, 2017

7 Things Not to Miss in Vientiane, Laos (Travel Pulse)
Situated on the banks of the Mekong river, Vientiane the capital of Laos is often overlooked by visitors in favor of more popular destinations such as Luang Prabang for outdoor activities, Luang Namtha for trekking or Vang Vieng to go tubing. Many people dismiss it as being boring and simply use Vientiane as a gateway to Laos when crossing the Friendship bridge from Nong Khai
Lao energy not so ‘cheap’: experts (PPP)

PM Hun Sen thanked Laos for “selling electricity at a cheap price to Cambodia”. Experts, however contend a continued reliance on energy imports means prices will invariably remain high for consumers. Electricity prices in Cambodia are, in fact, among the highest in the region. The most inexpensive option comes from the national grid, where prices range from $0.11 to $0.27 per kwh
Cambodia’s Hun Sen Thanks Laos for Cheap Electricity (RFA)
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen praised Laos for selling cheap power to his country on Tuesday, even though residents of Cambodia’s Stung Treng province pay double what their neighbors across the border pay for electricity. “I want to extend my thanks to the Laotian government for selling electricity at a cheap price to Cambodia, mostly for consumption in
The Woman from Tam Pa Ling, Laos (PBS)
63,000 years ago, a woman died in the forested hills of northern Laos. She may have been looking for food or shelter - perhaps she was escaping a tropical storm. Whatever the reason, her final resting place was a cave now known as Tam Pa Ling (The Cave of Monkeys). Here she remained, until 2008, when archaeologists uncovered her skull and jawbone. Human fossils are
International flights to Laos on increase (Nation or VT)
MORE overseas passenger flights are coming to Laos, which will further contribute to the growth of trade and tourism ... According to the Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism, visitor arrivals in Laos were expected to reach 4.3 million by the end of last year, representing an increase of 4% over 2015. Foreign visitor arrivals increased from 2.7 million in 2011 to 4.1 million in 2015.
See Who's Asia's No. 2 Police State After North Korea, And It's Not China (Forbes)
Laos looks free and happy by contrast. Travelers can walk across the quiet, uncluttered capital Vientiane’s commercial-tourist district in an hour if that. A string of cafes near the riverside make French coffee. Slow-moving, smiling vendors are more likely to miscount change in your favor than cheat. The warm orange hues of Buddhist monks and temples radiate from streetsides.
Other stories about Laos around the world 
... First cancer centre opens in Vientiane (VT)

... Laos, Singapore to further enhance cooperation (VT)

... Thailand and Laos – day eight - Vientiane (Thornbury)

... Authorities in quagmire over Nongpaen development (VT)

... Bus accident leaves 2 dead, 30 injured in Laos (XinhuaNet)

... Council gives green light to proposed Vientiane highway (VT)

... Ties with Laos continue to grow: President Tan (Straits Times)

... Wildlife group extends support for National Protected Area in Laos (VT)

... A few thoughts occasioned by seeing Vietnam and Laos (Bookworm Room)

... PM advises Khong district of Champasak to accelerate salary payments (VT)

... Asia's Smallest Economies [like Laos] Are Among Its Fastest Growing (Bloomberg)

... Thailand and Laos – day six - Vientiane (Thornbury)
... America In Laos And The Birth Of A Military CIA (FC)
... President Tan arrives in Laos for state visit (Straits Times)
... Monks' evening ceremony a tranquil surprise in Laos (AZ Central)
... Peek Inside the Wonderfully Bizarre Buddha Park in Vientiane, Laos (ML)
... Dien Bien receives remains of voluntary soldiers from Laos (Talk Vietnam)
... Lao-Hmong priest’s visit a Christmas gift for local community (Catholic Spirit)
... Hiker in Laos finds the end of the rainbow - and it's not a pot of gold (Express)
... Chinese martyrs memorialized to further nurture China-Laos friendship (ECNS)
... Lao-Thai: 2nd electricity distribution point opens between Chiang Khong & Houay Xai
... Vientiane-Attapeu flights' wings clipped (VT)

... New Laos-Cambodia border crossing opens (BP)

... Funding sourced for bus rapid transport project (VT)
... Thailand and Laos – day five - Vientiane (Thornbury)
... Laos, Luxembourg review key cooperation milestones (VT)

... Four companies partner in telecoms provision for railway (VT)

... New border facilities to enhance trade, tourism with Laos (PPP)

... School snaps: R.E.A.L makes educational trip to Laos (Expat Go)

... Laos, Cambodia open first official international border crossing (VT)

... Laos partners with Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation (EI)

... Laos-Oudomxay-Chinese cemetary- renovatoin cemetery (Prokelara)

... Laos to build BRT to ease traffic congestion in capital Vientiane (Sina)

... Land use right holders on 450 Year Road still reject compensation (VT)

... A Call For Strategic, Basin-Wide Energy Planning In Laos (Eurasia Review)

... Third Lao furniture fair opens (VT)

... Riding in the Mountains of Laos (FIFI)

... Laos to expand power grid network (Sina)

... Vientiane gears up to make capital more livable (VT)

... Debt to be reduced in next five years, Lao PM says (VT)

... A Bustling Center of Entomological Research in Laos (Entomology)

... Laos, Cambodia prepare to recognise border crossing as official (VT)

... Luxembourg gives further boost with € 6.5 mil to healthcare services (VT)

... Laos: Navy aviator dodged death three times in storied career (Sun Herald)

... Vietnam signs defence cooperation plans for 2017 with Laos, Cambodia (TV)

... Senior Management Team of Comba Telecom Visits Lao Govt Officials (IBN)

... Nation’s first Hmong firefighter, of EC, proud to have served in profession (LT)

... Explore Luang Prabang, Laos In A Budget Friendly Itenerary (Travelers Today)

... Thailand and Laos – day four, Laos (Thornberry)
... Salary Delays Slow Government Work in Laos (RFA)
... Champassak to hold manikhot tree festival this week (VT)
... 50 power plants fuel energy generation in Laos this year (VT)
... Four foreign companies ink deals for use of Lao satellite (VT)
... President Tony Tan to make state visits to Cambodia and Laos (Topix)

January 1-8, 2017

Laos: Over 1,000 killed on nation's roads last year (VT)
A total of 1,086 people were killed in 5,616 road accidents around the country in 2016, representing a significant rise compared to 2015, according to official figures. The Traffic Police Department of the MPS reported that 5,571 road accidents occurred around the country in 2015, in which 995 people were killed & property damage amounting to over 85 billion kip was caused.
Investors interested in Laos-Vietnam oil pipeline: Lao minister (Sina)
Many investors have expressed interest in the planned construction of an oil supply pipeline project that will transfer petrol from Vietnam to Laos, Lao Minister of Energy and Mines, Khammany Inthilath has said. Initially, Lao Petro Company was set to solely invest in the 500 million US dollar project, but many fuel companies later expressed an interest in joining
Tight Grip & Diversification Needed for Laos Economy in Uncertain Times (AEC)
With a gross domestic product (GDP) averaging 7 per cent since 2000, the Laos economy is among the fastest growing in Asean. Despite this, in recent years the Laos economy has trended downwards. Amid global economic uncertainty, it remains to be seen how Laos will manage its macroeconomic policies and export diversification strategy. The Laos economy is estimated
Other stories about Laos around the world 
... Singapore President to visit Laos (VT)
... New Laos-Cambodia border crossing to open (TDM)
... Lao Govt to reduce electricity unit price for agriculture (VT)
... Camdodian PM to pay visit to Laos' Don Sahong dam (PPP)
... Be Inthavong Shares His Hometown's Cultural Offerings (PBI)
... Association works to foster Vietnam-Laos traditional ties (VBN)
... Laos advances Commitment to Global Health Security (US PC)
... Champassak People's Council debates development issues (VT)
... China-Laos Railway Construction Commences (Mekong Tourism)
... Oudomxay eyeing compensation for families affected by railway (VT)
... Consumption of solar power in Laos to exceed 100 MW by 2020 (CEN)
... Chinese Agricultural Fertiliser helps Laos banana cultivation (Fresh Plaza)
... Ancient 'Plain of Jars' Burial Site Recreated in Virtual Reality (Live Science)
... Upstarts Lanexang United aiming to put Laos on football map (Fox Sports Asia)
... Laos encourages woman to give birth at healthcare center for free of charge (Sina)
... 48 Hours in Luang Prabang, Laos (TD)

... Ecological Regions Of Laos (World Atlas)

... Be alert for forest fires, ministry warns (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam strengthen border security (VT)

... Laos to build more hydropower plants (Invest Vine)

... Border checkpoint with Laos to open (Khmer Times)

... Mekong plan ‘may shift Thailand-Laos border’ (Nation)

... Army deployed to clear UXO for Laos-China railway (VT)

... Lao-Chinese ‘Blooming Champa’ Filming Kicks Off (BD)

... German company lends support to job skills training (VT)

... Luang Namtha targeting rubber for poverty reduction (VT)

... Laos to launch first local brand smartphone (Global Times)

... China - Laos railway construction commences (Rail Journal)

... Construction starts on China – Laos railway (Railway Gazette)

... Rainbow snake, tiny frog among new Mekong species (Yahoo)

... Follow Me: Waterfall treks and story time, Laos part three (RN)

... Laos, Cambodia open new international border checkpoint (VT)
... Laos’ Xekaman 3 Dam Break Shuts Off Power to Vietnam (RFA)
... Vietnam seizes 275 kilos of bullets in truck from Laos (VN Express)

... Laos Reaps Bitter Harvest of The Secret War: Ian MacKinnon (Libcom)

... Laos Wushu Team Prepares For Upcoming SEA Games (Sports Wiki)

... Soccer: Buriram Go Down In Laos To Lanexang United (Buriram Times)

... Clearing for Lao-China Railway Begins, but Questions Still Remain (RFA)

... Can Laos restore growth while global economic uncertainty reigns? (EAF)

... Traversing Luang Prabang: Five Must-Do Things In The Northern Laos City (TT)

More stories from previous months

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