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Aug 29-Sep 4, 2016

As Obama heads to Laos, signs of a tilt away from China (Reuters/Yahoo)
The secretive communist government of Laos, a country with a population of less than 7 million, rarely causes a ripple on the diplomatic circuit. And yet its sleepy capital will spring to life next week when global leaders arrive for an Asian summit. Barack Obama will be among them, making the last push of his presidency to 'rebalance' Washington's foreign policy towards Asia
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... Lao PM inspects summit venues (VT)
... Lao Govt mobilises funds for flood victims (VT)
... Laos prepares for rare Obama visit (Invest Vine)
... Spectacular cave discovered in Khammuan (VT)
... Lao Govt approves three laws for NA debate (VT)
... Summit in Laos: They all want to meet Rody (Philstar)
... SilkAir adds new connections from Singapore to Laos (TTG Asia)
... Forecaster: Heavy rainfall, storms in Laos for next three months (VT)
... Laos minister frets over ‘too many foreign language signs’ in capital (Nation)
... Investment promotion law undergoes amendments to boost growth in Laos (VT)
... Vietnam considers buying electricity from Laos to ease reliance on China (VBN)
... Laos, Venezuela Present Candidatures to Co-Chair Joint Regional Forum (LAHT)
... DLF, WWF-Laos Sign MOU To Promote Fisheries Community Management (BD)
... With health care scarce, first aid volunteers key lifesavers on deadly roads of Laos
... Vientiane: Where drink driving is out of control, volunteers are fighting a losing battle
... Lao-Hmong refugees in U.S. advise newcomers - put your past behind & get to work

Aug. 22-28, 2016

Laos starts construction on Don Sahong hydropower project (VietnamNet)
KPL News has reported that the commencement ceremony of the construction of Don Sahong hydropower plant took place on August 16 in Champasak in the south of Laos. This is the second hydropower dam on the Mekong River built by Laos. The construction of Don Sahong hydropower plant began in October 2015 with 8 percent of the construction works fulfilled.
Laotians Feel The Pain of Rising Prices, Stagnant Wages (RFA)
The cost of living in Laos—one of the most impoverished countries in Southeast Asia—has been rising this year despite a stagnant minimum wage of about U.S. $120 a month, making it difficult for many ordinary people to afford staple foods and other daily necessities. In the capital Vientiane, food prices have increased by an average of 30 percent since last October, said a senior official
Obama in Laos: can he win six million hearts to trump Beijing? (ASEAN Today)
The upcoming Laos visit represents a highly strategic move. For three days in early September, Obama will take part in the U.S-ASEAN and East Asia summits in the capital city of Vientiane. In the context of this programme he will have a bilateral meeting with Laos President, Bounnhang Vorachith, and attend a town hall session with young leaders.  On the surface, a visit to a country
Laos: Typhoon hit roads thwart travellers (VT)
Many sections of main roads in central and northern provinces have been blocked or collapsed following landslides caused by the effects of Typhoon Dianmu on the weekend. Roads falling away or being blocked have hindered buses and other vehicles making their way along major northern routes causing lengthy delays.  In response, local public works and transport sectors are working
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... Thailand seizes lumber enroute from Laos (VT)
... Road link in Laos will benefit Nan (TTR Weekly)
... Lao Ambassador visits Shrewsbury House (Attain)
... Schools in Laos to close during ASEAN Summits (VT)
... Laos market report: A gentle awakening (Asian Legal Business)
... Vietnam-Laos border trade agreement to be implemented (VBN)
... Members lack of discipline concerns Lao Communist Party (VT)
... Harder works needed to fully rule Laos by laws: senior official (VT)
... Nava Bharat divests Laos project to Chaleun Sekong Group (Hindu BL)
... New community fisheries project to preserve Mekong's biodiversity (VT)
... What does Laos have to hide? (ASEAN Today)
... Laos enforces revenue collection measures (Nation)
... Govt aid flows to flood victims in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Vientiane heavy truck ban during ASEAN summits (VT)
... High Profile: Supha Xayprasith-Mays (Arkansas Online)
... Top Lao leader to open ASEAN summits next month (VT)
... Laos: Party Secretary General stresses streamlined Govt (VT)
... Laos wins seventh ASEAN Regional Quiz (Vietnam Plus or VT)
... Policy makers call for recognition of inherited lands in Laos (VT)
... Lao GDP expected to expand 7 pct, lower than expected (Global Times)
... Lao-Hmong entrepreneurs move up workforce ladder (Wausau Daily Herald)
... Laos-China Railway to benefit various areas, boost investment: gov't report (Sina)
... Laos, Vietnam jointly boost sports (VT)
... Vientiane-Xekong bus crash kills three (VT)
... Mekong water levels remain at safe heights (VT)
... 3 die in bus crash in southern Laos (Shanghai Daily)
... Lao officials vow food safety for summits' guests (VT)
... Over 300 business people, academia to attend ABIS 2016 (VT)
... Laos confers friendship medal on Xinhua correspondent (Sina)
... Lao Securities issues warning on dubious financing companies (VT)
... Leaders worldwide to attend ASEAN Summits in Laos (Vietnam Plus)
... Obama visit will ‘basically’ normalize relations with Laos (Miami Herald)
... President Obama’s historic visit to Laos comes at the perfect time (AAPress)
... 6.6 kilos of heroin seized at Laos border (TNN)
... How a Japanese strawberry gets to Laos (Nikkei)
... Osha Thai Team Expands With Lao Table (Eater)
... NUOL offers options to higher diploma graduates (VT)
... Obama to visit Laos to advance ties, business (Nation)
... Vietnam aims for larger slice of Lao retail market (VietnamNet)
... Lao-Thai: Flood-hit Loei residents warned to evacuate (Nation)
... Foreign leaders confirm attendance to upcoming summits (VT)
... Korean company looking to crack open cashew nut market (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos share experience in People’s Councils activities (DCS)
... 3 Bruneian Students Depart to Laos for 7th Regional Asean Quiz (BD)
... Transparent sources, electronic collection keys to revenue collection (VT)
... Osha Thai Marks 20th Anniversary With New Concept, 'Lao Table,' In SoMa (HL)
... America’s shame: The unspoken danger of Lao’s hidden bombs (ASEAN Today)

Aug. 15-21, 2016

Obama to become first US president to visit Laos (AFP/Yahoo)
President Barack Obama will visit Laos next month, a first for a US president, in a trip that begins with a G20 summit in China, the White House said Thursday. The September 2-9 tour will be the president's 11th visit to Asia since he took office in 2009. Obama has made a "pivot" to the region a pillar of US foreign policy. Next month's swing will come about five months before
'Laos well placed to attract New Zealand investment' (Nation)
Laos' strategic location, surrounded by big neighbouring economies - China, Thailand and Vietnam, has provided investment incentives for the country, New Zealand Trade Minister has said. Todd McClay made the comment recently during his attendance at the meeting between Economic Ministers from the 10 Asean member states as well as Australia & New Zealand held in Vientiane
Laos: Savan Vegas gets $400m counter-offer from Europe-Asia consortium (DSA)
A Europe-Asia consortium has made a cash counter-offer of $400 million for the assets and 50-year gaming concession of Savan Vegas Casino & Hotel Entertainment Complex in Laos. The consortium is led by Werner Kubesch, who owns Austria-based biotechnology firm ECAS4 Int’l AG and a trading company in Thailand and has over 35 years experiences of doing business
Laos - The land of a million elephants (Travel Blog)
24 hours consuming nothing but bread and water seemed to cure whatever ailed me so I stopped in at a nice place on the main street for scrambled eggs, a baguette and a pot of English breakfast tea. Gave the pho a miss this morning just in case. The weather had even rained itself out over night. I was supposed to head off to see the elephants at 8.30 but apparently everyone sleeps late
US$65-million riverside project in Pakse set to begin construction (VT)
A US$65-million-plus Mekong River Integrated Management Project in Pakxe town, Champassak province is set to begin construction at the end of this year, officials in charge of the project have confirmed. The project comprises four components including the construction of an embankment along the Mekong and Xedon rivers which totals over 16 km in length.
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... Indonesia eyes further cooperation with Laos (Nation)

... Volunteers keeping Vientiane streets clean for summit (VT)

... Revenue shortfall in Laos escalates budgetary tensions (VT)

... Central Laos: Borikhamxay road link experiencing delays (VT)

... Southern Laos: Access to healthcare improving in Xekong (VT)

... Obama Heads to China, Laos for Possibly Last Asia Trip (VOA)

... Obama visit will ‘basically’ normalize relations with Laos (Herald Online)
... Duterte: Laos meeting not the time to discuss sea ruling with China (BM)
... Obama to head to China, Laos for last visit in his 'rebalance' push (Reuters)
... Lao-American: Soukhamthath defends CES MMA bantamweight championship
... Northern Laos: Flash flooding in LuangPrabang kills woman, damages crops (VT)

... Northern Laos: Japan contributes to mechanised UXO clearance in XiengKhuang (VT)

... Indonesia eyes further cooperation with Laos (VT)

... Public warned to be on alert after Mekong River rise (VT)

... Laos: Contaminated food imports victimise local consumers (VT)

... Laos: Thousands of cubic metres veneer legitimate for export (VT)

... Seno grilled chicken area plans to become rest stop for region (VT)

... Parliamentarians From Laos Continue Working Visit in Vietnam (Prensa Latina)

... The easy life in Laos: sip, read and relax at L’Etranger Books and Tea (Guardian)

... Tropical system threatens to unleash late-week flooding in China, Vietnam and Laos

... Laos in the World Spotlight: The East Asian Summit & Next Steps in U.S.-Lao Relations

... Beware of a rising Mekong this month (VT)
... Laos: Civil code draft nears completion (VT)
... Landslides follow heavy rains in nation's north (VT)
... Laos hopes to export electricity to Singapore by 2020 (VT)
... Consortium announces bid for Laos’ Savan Vegas (GGR Asia)
... Japan Supports UXO Clearance Efforts In Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Boost economic development, PM urges authorities in Phongsaly (VT)
... Rare long leng lumber's illegal loggers not from Laos, source claims (VT)
... Duterte’s first foreign trip: Laos (Manila Times)
... Lao-Viet: Large drug hauls seized in Vietnam (TNN)
... Lao NA wants to learn from Vietnam (VietnamNews)
... Liberia, Laos Establish Diplomatic Ties (GNN Liberia)
... Vietnam gives top priority to relationship with Laos: President (VietnamNet)
... Luang Prabang (Travel Blog)
... Laos showing off some diplomatic skills (Nikkei)
... Xekong coffee growers exasperated by price drop (VT)
... Traffic police out in force ahead of Asean Summits (VT)
... Lao-Thai: The fear of becoming a banana state for China (BP)
... The First Botanical Garden in Laos Opening in November (eGlobal)
... Foreign media interest ahead of regional leaders summits in Laos (VT)
...Three-fold increase in Eld's deer population in Savannakhet province (VT)
... Laos to share hydropower development expertise with Myanmar (XinhuaNet)

Aug. 8-14, 2016

Unexploded Bombs Still a Problem in Laos (VOA)
Officials in Laos estimate that the country has about 15,000 people who have been injured by unexploded ordnance, also called UXO. The ordnance landed in the countryside, but failed to explode over 40 years ago. They were dropped as part of a secret American bombing campaign during the Vietnam War. Today, there are few support services available in Laos for people
China-Laos Relations Improve as Gezhouba Builds Hydro Power Plant (Yibada)
The project is called Xelanong 2 and is foreseen to generate 35 megawatts of power, or 140,700 megawatts of electricity annually. The Chinese company is the one which built the giant Gezhouba Dam in the Yangtze River which produces 2,715 megawatts of power.  In the statement, Gezhouba said that Xelanong 2 will be located at one of the tributaries of the Mekong River.
Southern Laos: Saravan takes the axe to illegal logging (VT)
Saravan province has joined the nationwide fight against illegal logging following prime minister's recent order to ban the export of partially-processed wood, tree roots, root balls, tree branches, dried trees and ornamental plants.  Saravan's Agriculture and Forestry Department destroyed 622 unauthorised chainsaws & 1,551 spare parts along with 81 pieces of hunting equipment last week
Laos' thirst for Mekong River dams imperils fishing, farming (AP/Yahoo)
Dismissing its neighbors' pleas, impoverished Laos is rapidly building a Mekong River dam that threatens fisheries crucial to millions of Southeast Asia's poorest people. The site of the Don Sahong dam, less than 2 kilometers (1 mile) from the Lao-Cambodian border, is in an area famous for spectacular waterfalls and deep pools that is among the few habitats of the endangered
Lao trade official rejects IMF view that currency too strong (Reuters/Yahoo or KT)
Laos' currency is not over-valued, a trade ministry official said on Saturday, rejecting an IMF assessment that the kip was too strong for a country with a large current account deficit. The Asian Development Bank expects the external deficit to widen to 20 percent of GDP in 2017 from 17 percent in 2016, a level considered dangerous for economic stability. 
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... University hopefuls sit entrance exams in Laos (VT)
... Authorities seize illegal timber in Savannakhet province (VT)
... Laos: Radio seeks personnel, better programme content (VT)
... Southern bus station in Vientiane set to depart this month (VT)
... Switzerland to further the country's development engagement (VT)
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... 'USAF Air Commando Secret Wars from Laos to Latin America' is Released (BW)
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... Tips: Making Your Ways To Laos (Mekong Tourism)
... Asean pushes for energy security, affordable power (VT)
... Laos offers backing in charter vote wake (Bangkok Post)
... Brexit potentially impacts trade negatively and positively (VT)
... Work on railway construction has begun, Deputy Minister (VT)
... Discover Savannakhet, Laos: Top 5 things to do (Pinoy Explorer)
... PM Modi to visit Vietnam, China and Laos in September (India Today)
... Thailand and Laos maintain bilateral and multilateral cooperation (Thai Visa)
... Brunei eyes rice purchase from Laos (VT)
... Laos' new leader pivots away from China (Nikkei)
... Public warned about scholarship scams in Laos (VT)
... Thai motorbike tour group experiences border issues (VT)
... ASEAN Summit: Vientiane soon to be in global spotlight (VT)
... Offices of Mekong River Commission decamp to Laos (PPP)
... Laos reconfirms continued cooperation on MIA persons with the US (VT)
... Lao Government Muted Representatives to ASEAN People's Forum (BNN)
... Assistant Secretary Russel Travel to Laos and New Zealand (US Dept of State)
... Laos to take measures to control locust outbreak (VT)
... 3 arrested for trafficking drugs from Laos to Vietnam (TNN)
... Say Hello To Southeast Asia's New Silk Roads (Zero Hedge)
... Young Lao people ordained to learn morality from monks (VT)
... Laos prepares cooperation documents for ASEAN leaders (VT)
... Senior editors of ASEAN share views for their communities' vision (VT)
... Australia supports business reform in Laos (VT)
... Did the battle in Laos ever happen? (Gulf News)
... Walkers mark the 49th anniversary of Asean founding (VT)
... Lao, Myanmar presidents highly value their bilateral ties (VT)
... Canada eyes economic cooperation potential with Laos (VT)
... Laos, Cambodia push to ease border crossing after PMs meet (VT)
... Gezhouba Group signs deal to construct hydro facility in Laos using BOT model

Aug. 1-7, 2016

Laos Victims of Unexploded Artillery Face Unintentional Consequences (VOA)
One day in 2004, Houng Phomma Chak and two friends ventured out to the countryside near their village in northeastern Laos in search of scrap metal to sell, to supplement their families' meager rice-farming incomes. They came across a piece of metal half-buried in the ground and set about digging it up. The three friends recognized it as a piece of an old bomb casing
Laos: Free Three Human Rights Activists (Amnesty International)

Three Lao human rights activists have been arrested on 5 and 22 March in circumstances that may constitute enforced disappearances. They remain in incommunicado detention since they appeared on national television on 25 May in a report that confirmed that they had been arrested for threatening national security through social media postings.
My moral dilemma offering rice to monks in Laos for a “travel experience” (MN)
Silent Buddhist monks in saffron robes darted this way and that around town, while shading themselves under umbrellas from the harsh midday sun. That same sun illuminated the mesmerizing mosaics adorning the grounds the Wat Xieng Thong — one of Laos’ holiest temples. Quaint French cottages and open-air cafes lined the peninsula where the mighty Mekong absorbed
Laos: Struggling to get out of China's shadow (Interpreter)
In the lead up to the event held in the Laos capital of Vientiane, many wondered if the South China Sea dispute would wreak the same havoc as it did at the Cambodia meeting four years ago, when a failure to agree meant hat, for the first time in 45 years, no joint communique was issued. This time around, a joint communique was agreed upon. The recent UN arbitration on the South China Sea
Kids, beer bottles and a public pool - how Laos swimmer, 14, trains for Rio (Yahoo)

On one side of the cramped outdoor pool, children are taking swimming lessons. Opposite, another group of kids riotously splash around. In the middle, a teenager is desperately trying to train for the Rio Olympics. Conditions are hardly ideal for Siri Budcharern Arun, one of just five athletes from the poor, communist state of Laos travelling to Brazil. She will arrive as a rank outsider
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... JV given insurance licence in Laos (Nation)
... Taming a wild frontier - i.e. in Laos (TTG Asia)
... Laos, China want better synergy in development (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos boost financial partnership (VietnamNet)
... Lao Govt announces a halt on fuel tariff exemptions (VT)
... Vice president lauds EU support for Lao development (VT)
... For Lao-Hmong farmers, a growing experience (Post Bulletin)
... Cannibis shipment stopped in Borikhamxay, central Laos (VT)
... Vietnam pledges to boost friendship with Laos (VietnamNews)
... Central Laos: Borikhamxay ceases wood processing plants (VT)
... Laos, Asean take stocks to pursue goals on forest protection (VT)
... Big C Supercenter eyes regional growth in Laos & Cambodia (Nation)
... 'I Shot the Buddah' revisits Siri Paiboun, solving crimes in late 1970s Laos (CSM)
... China, Laos pledge to further promote cooperation in economy, trade (China Daily)
... Obama to Advance Efforts to Recover Remains of Service Members Missing in Laos
... Experts mull forest management aspects (VT)

... Thailand awards women's union president (VT)

... Chinese FM holds talks with Lao counterpart (China)

... Laos remains free from dengue outbreaks so far (VT)

... Laos' volunteer teachers to be made to sit exams (VT)

... China, Laos seek to upgrade bilateral ties to a new level (CRI)

... Laos Commits To Further Implement AEC Blueprint 2025 (Brunei Direct)

... Lao PM proposes seven point agenda to pursue Asean economic goals (VT)

... MITI Urges Malaysian Companies To Build Strong Foundation In Laos (Bernama)

... Press Laos on burdensome restrictions for recovering service members’ remains

... Volunteers’ hearts in Laos (DCS)

... CLMV nations to partner in tourism, banking (VT)

... Rains drench northern Laos after Nida passes (VT)

... Laos seeks standards for forest product development (VT)

... Savannakhet road upgrades pave way for development (VT)

... Laos, Malaysia boost trade and investment cooperation (VT)

... Exposing the good from America's secret weapon in Laos (DO)

... Laos Pledges To Work With Neighbours To Promote Tourism (BD)

... Lao Language Required for Labels on Products and Packaging (Lexology)

... American pilot’s daring escape during Vietnam War on No Man Left Behind

... China to continue to support Laos' chairmanship of ASEAN: state councilor

... New Generation of Hmong Learn Art of the Qeej -- Music for Souls of the Dead

... Vang Vieng, 'Shagaluf', Corfu: The cool destinations that aren't hip anymore (KI)

... Medic 'secretly' in Laos could be next Vietnam War vet to receive Medal of Honor

... Helping UXO accident survivors in Laos (UCA)
... McClay heads to Laos for RCEP meetings (Scoop)
... UN In Laos Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week (PRP)
... EU's aid programme to Laos not changing despite Brexit (VT)
... Forest product development tops agenda in Asean talks in Laos (VT)
... Hopeful of nod for plywood & veneer arm in Laos: Rushil Decor (MC)
... Student teams from Laos triumph in global natural history contest (VT)
... ASEAN economic officials agree to report Laos' priority deliverables (VT)
... Cassava-Processing Plant Contaminates Stream in Northern Laos (MS)
... Quality checks on imported fuel begin at Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge (VT)
... Vietnam to Supply Power to Laos under World Bank Support (NGO Center)
... Laos - China’s gateway to Southeast Asia (Nation)

... WHO extends support for Laos' health sector (VT)

... Lao Govt to accept only 5,000 new employees in 2017 (VT)

... ADB funds waste management project in Savannakhet (VT)

... Deadline on Macau Legend Laos deal now Aug 31 (GGR Asia)

... Medic secretly in Laos gets Medal of Honor (Houston Chronicle)

... Furniture makers will have plenty of wood, Lao PM assures (VT)

... Asean ministerial meeting: Overseas delegates praise success (VT)

... China, Laos say rail project to go ahead, pending environment study (Reuters/Y!)

... Walkers in Vientiane stride out to mark World Day against Human Trafficking (VT)

July 25-31, 2016

What the President’s Visits to Laos & Burma Reveal About Foreign Policy (Medium)
Last week, I travelled to two countries that don’t always get a lot of attention in the United States, but are important to our past and our future. In September, President Obama will become the first sitting President to visit Laos. Given its increasing role in global affairs, President Obama has put an increasing focus on the Asia Pacific, and Southeast Asia in particular.
Grain drain, Laos' sand mining damaging the Mekong (AFP/Yahoo)
Grain by grain, truckload by truckload, Laos' section of the Mekong river is being dredged of sand to make cement -- a commodity being devoured by a Chinese-led building boom in the capital. But the hollowing out of the riverbed is also damaging a vital waterway that feeds hundreds of thousands of fishermen and farmers in the poverty-stricken nation. "Today, it's more complicated for us to go
Laos drafts bookish students to protect summit ministers (AFP/Yahoo)
It is a secretive communist state with a sprawling security apparatus, but Laos has turned to a less menacing demographic to protect visiting dignitaries this week: bookish students. The authoritarian nation, which rarely allows in foreign media, has been thrust into the international spotlight as a regional security summit brings a coterie of top diplomats to its dusty capital Vientiane.
ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting In Laos (Podery Gloria)
The Philippines brought the worldwide arbitration case against China, while fellow ASEAN members Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei also have competing claims to parts of the sea. Thailand's Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai confirmed to journalists after the meeting that the joint statement had been prepared, but did not disclose its contents. The Hague tribunal's ruling on the South China
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... Typhoon Mirinae yet to affect Laos (VT)
... Laos, Hunan push for closer ties (Nation)
... America’s Stateless Hmong (Asia Sentinel)
... Lao Govt completes administrative restructure (VT)
... LAOSAT reviews progress for first half of 2016 (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam exchange ideas on female progress (VT)
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... Explore Vientiane, the laid-back capital of Laos (Zikkei Collection)
... High drama in Vientiane leaves Asean a weakened bloc (Malaysia Kini)
... Corruption: Both givers and takers will be punished for corruption, Lao VP warns (VT)
... The Thip Khao Team Wants Diners to Stop Stealing Their Restaurant's Namesake Item
... Consensus eludes ASEAN in Laos (Nikkei)
... Laos seeks best practices to fight corruption (VT)
... Laos, Singapore vow to enhance cooperation (VT)
... Contestants urged to beef up ahead of Asean Quiz (VT)
... Follow Party policy, Lao VP advises business operators (VT)
... Northern Laos: Phongsaly brewing up coffee opportunities (VT)
... Vietnam busts illegal transport of 18 bear legs from Laos (TNN)
... Being landlocked posts challenges, opportunities for Laos (CCTV)
... More flights to Laos after SilkAir-Lao Airlines codeshare deal (CNA)
... Australian foreign minister presents certificates to Lao graduates (VT)
... The Central Government in Laos Takes Over Railway Compensation Operations
... Japan to further support Mekong region (VT)
... Wrong idea to buy power from Laos (HydroWorld)
... Canada unveils diplomatic mission in Laos (RCI or VT)
... Laos: Kerry ignores N. Korea blame game (Korea Times)
... 49th AMM, related meetings close after fruitful discussions (VT)
... New Zealand gives boost to foot-and-mouth disease control (VT)
... ASEAN, Chinese ministers agree to abide by int'l marine law (VT)
... US Secretary of State lays groundwork for future cooperation (VT)
... John Kerry: Press Availability in Vientiane, Laos (US Dept of State)
... Mekong momentum: is Laos real estate waking up? (Property Report)
... Laos builds third hydropower dam, threatening Mekong River in VN (VietnamNet)
... KOPIA Laos centre opens (VT)
... Laos benefits from regional cooperation (VT)
... Aussie helps Laos hill tribes grow coffee (SBS)
... Kerry in Laos amid Asean bickering (Manila Times)
... Vietnam, Laos step up inspection work (VietnamNet)
... 6,000 family books, ID cards issued to foreigners (VT)
... Asean, dialogue partners vow to boost cooperation (VT)
... Laotian maid meets police about ‘Ying Kai’ charge (Nation)
... China, North Korea envoys hold talks in Laos (Japan Times)
... Foreigner Ministers of 2 Koreas Cross Paths in Laos (Chosun)
... Asean foreign ministers reaffirm push to realise 2025 vision (VT)
... Security, South China Sea Dominate ASEAN Meetings in Laos (VOA)
... ASEAN adopts Laos communiqué amid unity concerns (Jakarta Post)
... Laos in the ASEAN Spotlight: Opportunities and Challenges (Diplomat)
... Young woman fights to reclaim ‘my worth and my story’ after sexual assault (SB)
... Chinese FM praises Laos' objective, just stance on South China Sea issue (ECNS)

July 18-24, 2016

South China Sea Spat Looms Over Asean Meeting in Laos (Wall Street Journal)
Southeast Asian foreign ministers will gather here in the coming days with their counterparts from the U.S. and China, making the tiny nation the next diplomatic battleground in a rising standoff over the South China Sea.  It will be the first regional meeting since an international arbitration tribunal on July 12 rejected China’s claims to most of the South China Sea & its creation of artificial islands
New miners to come under scrutiny in Laos (Nation)
Laos will carefully select companies that are financially sound and have extensive experience in the mining sector before allowing them to set up projects, which will be closely monitored. These requirements will be imposed after several companies have failed to comply with the regulations concerning investment in Laos. Speaking at a meeting last week on the energy and mines
ASEAN Chair Laos faces a serious test in Diplomacy (Word Press)
At a time when the region faces a multitude of challenges, some are questioning whether the chair is up to the job. 2016 is a big year for ASEAN. It began with the quiet launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which was followed by the Sunnylands Summit; the first time all ASEAN leaders met a US President on US soil. Now the region is facing intense scrutiny over its approach
China Economy Ripples Into Laos (Stewardship Report)
A decade long mining boom, combined with a rapid development of hydropower, has seen Laos’ growth rate reach over 7 percent a year, allowing national output to more than double, generating some half a million jobs. A key player in the economic progress has been China. A recent World Bank report on the Lao economy noted China’s influence was continuing to grow.
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... Delegates gather ahead of Southeast Asian FMs' meetings in Laos (CEN)

... Three Lao Workers Held in Vientiane Are Denied Family Visits (Malaysia Sun)

... Kishida to visit Laos for talks with ASEAN peers before UNSC meet (Japan Times)

... Through bamboo pipes, the sound of joy for Fresno 
    musician from Laos honored with top award (Fresno Bee)

... Chinese vice president appreciates Laos' support on South China Sea (ECNS)

... Secretary Kerry Travels to Vienna, Paris, Vientiane, and Manila (US Dept of State)

... KOICA supports pediatric training centre (VT)

... Laos ready for ASEAN ministers' meeting (VT)

... Laos-USA building a new era of partnership (VT)

... Scaling up community radio in Laos (UCA News)

... The New Generation of Film Making in Laos (Yahoo)

... Laos Highland Coffee Farmers Ride Tourism Wave (VOA)

... Seven injured in UXO-related accidents in Laos this year (VT)

... Laos: IACD boosts education and cultural exchange project (VT)

... Authorities make fresh call for aquatic life protection in Laos (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos discuss Vientiane-Hanoi expy project (VietnamNet)

... Will China resort to force to export high-speed rail in SEA? (Nikkei)

... Art festival 2016 for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam opens (DCS)

... Laos: Many people get “mystery disease” (VOV)

... Laos Is The House, So All Bets Are Off (Forbes)

... Tourist arrival target set at 9 million for 2025 (VT)
... Laos to negotiate sale of electricity to neighbours (VT)

... ASEAN foreign ministers to meet in Laos (VietnamNet)

... ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting agenda revealed (VT)

... Laos’ Luang Prabang a tranquil dreamland (VietnamNews)

... Lao PM pushes for greater connectivity between Asia, Europe (VT)

... Laos supports peaceful settlement in East Sea issue (VietnamNet)

... South China Sea War: Laos & China Team Up Vs. PH (Morning Ledger)

... Laos immigrant sentenced to life in prison for murdering man in Arcade (OA)

... University of Laos receives funding for environmental protection activities (VT)

July 4-17, 2016

China says Laos supports it on South China Sea case (Reuters/Yahoo)
China has won the support of Laos in rejecting the outcome of a court ruling against China's claims in the South China Sea, state news agency Xinhua said on Friday. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled on Tuesday that China had no historic claim to the waters and it had violated the Philippines' economic and sovereign rights. China rejected the ruling, having declined
Bolaven Plateau: A coffee lover's utopia, deep in the heart of southern Laos (CNN)
From Colombia to Kenya, many of the world's coffee-growing regions are amongst the most idyllic places on Earth. A bucolic tableland in southern Laos, the Bolaven Plateau is no exception. It sits on the bottom of a crater from a giant, extinct volcano in the northeast of Champasak Province in southwestern Laos.  Close to the Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese borders, 
Lao Women Taking Part in Drug Trade Increased (RFA)
Women increasingly appear to be taking part in the illicit drug trade in Laos, as drug lords find they make good smugglers because they blend into their surroundings, RFA’s Laos Service has learned. Exact numbers are difficult to come by, but a local police official tells RFA that Lao authorities have noticed a sharp increase in the number of women arrested for drug offenses.
Russia's Rosneft, Lukoil & Gazprom may take part in building refinery in Laos (TASS)
The government delegation of Laos offered participation in implementation of Laos-Vietnam pipeline construction project and development of a refinery in Laos, representative of the Russian Ministry of Energy told TASS on Monday. "We are aware of Laos’ interest in participation of Russian companies in development of refining facilities in the country.
Travellers to Laos still face drugs risk (News)
Travel operators say young Australians remain at risk to a toxic combination of drugs and alcohol at reveller holiday sites in Laos despite a crackdown in 2012. The crackdown at Vang Vieng, four hours north from the Lao capital of Vientiane, came after more than 30 travellers, including Australians, died over 2011 and 2012, after drowning or overdosing on drugs.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Mystery illness strikes XiengKhuang (VT)
... FAO lends muscle to govt development efforts (VT)
... Experts mull possible nuclear weapon free zone (VT)
... Apocolypse Now on the Mekong River (Boulder Weekly)
... Vietnamese court sentences Lao siblings to death, life (VT)
... Foreign media register to cover Asean meetings in Laos (VT)
... Laos: Premier Should Account for 'Disappeared' Activist (HRW)
... Lao PM advises expansion of hydropower feasibility studies (VT)
... Vietnam to help Laos hold training courses for NA deputies (VOV)
... Company Uses Loophole in Lao Law to Grab Land in Savannakhet (RFA)
... In latest blow, ASEAN won’t issue statement on tribunal ruling (Today Online)
... Laos: Temples and life lessons (Statesman)
... Former Lao Deputy PM Joins Monastery (RFA)
... Laos, Russia enhance bilateral cooperation (VT)
... Lao PM asks media, ministry to work harder (VT)
... Lao workers returning home to work in SEZs (VT)
... Laos still facing challenges in AEC integration (Nation)
... Slowing China Economy Ripples Into Laos (Tolerance)
... Laos Highland Coffee Farmers Ride Tourism Wave (VOA)
... World Bank approves loan to Laos' Poverty Reduction Fund (VT)
... FBS adds LTC Forex e-payment system for Lao clients (SMN Weekly)
... Laos: Ministry outlines strategies on information, culture and tourism (VT)
... Lao siblings sentenced to death, life for smuggling heroin to Vietnam (TNN)
... Concerns rise over locust invasion in Laos (VT)
... Authorities: no illegal logging in XiengKhuang (VT)
... Vietnam fully supports Laos’s reform efforts (TTN)
... Wausau Lao-Hmong Memorial Still Coming (WSAU)
... Laos: Ministry calls for more dynamic media industry (VT)

... Vientiane temple offers not holiday but lessons in life (Dawn)

... EPF extends support to environmental protection in Laos (VT)

... Laos: Chained monkey found in purse now living happy life (AOL)

... Lao PM mulls forestry protection for sustainable hydropower (VT)

... Soccer: AFF U16 Champs Cambodian boys sweep past Laos (PPP)

... Company Cancels Bid For Major Roadway Upgrade Project in Laos (MS)

... Thai-Lao relations caught in limbo despite common interests and goals (Nation)

... Growing Coffee in Laos Highlands Provides Alternative to Opium Poppies (VOA)

... Networking event held in Nakhon Phanom to promote trade with Laos (Thai Visa)

... E-passport aims to better serve Lao citizens (VT)
... Fire destroys heritage house in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Tip Inboua, 71 (Austin Herald)
... Electricity rates revised, households to pay lower bills (VT)
... French government gives boost to regional agro-ecology (VT)
... 190 kilos of firecrackers seized on bus from Laos to Vietnam (TNN)
... Investing in adolescent girls seen as key to sustainable development (VT)
... World calls for urgent action to save “Asian Unicorn” in Laos, Vietnam (VT)
... Lao Party General Secretary speaks of military cooperation with VN (VietnamNet)
... Laos' trade with Asean flourishing (Nation)

... Lao-American Obituary: Soy Chanthara (MP)

... Lao Tourism Goes Green to Boost Growth (VOA)

... Cambodia and Laos: Toward A New Era? (Diplomat)

... Laos and Thailand offer joint travel options (TTR Weekly)

... Laos seeks Thai help financing, job skill improvement (Nation)

... Laos government sees bright future for organic farming (UNCTAD)

... Laos tourism: Luang Prabang lines up for “The Mark” (eTurboNews)

... NTU Students Install Solar Power System at Primary School in Laos (BD)

... The Rise, Fall & Possible Renewal of a Town in Laos on China’s Border (NY Times)

June 27-July 3, 2016

Lao Woman Says Shots Were Fired in Land Dispute (RFA)
A Lao police officer and three men associated with country’s military, who are accused of squatting on a three-hectare parcel of land in Luang Prabang province, recently fired their weapons in an attempt to fend off a local woman who claims title to the land, the woman told RFA’s Lao service. “I went to clear the land on March 5, and some soldiers who are living there fired in the air 
New report reveals poorest areas of Laos (VT)
Xepon district in Savannakhet province and Toumlan district in Xekong province are the poorest districts in Laos with people living in extreme poverty, while pockets of poverty also exist in urban centres, according to a new report.  The Lao Statistics Bureau released the report yesterday, titled: Where Are the Poor? Its findings make up the National 2015 Census-Based Poverty Map
Laos Bans New Mining Projects in a Polluted Province (RFA or MS)
Lao prime minister Thongloun Sisoulith has ordered officials in a heavily-polluted southern province of the country to reject proposals for new mining projects in their area, citing severe damage already caused to the local environment, sources in the country said. Speaking on June 16 at a top-level meeting of officials in southeastern Laos’ Attapeu province, Thongloun said the government has
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Ministry to run nationwide fuel quality checks (VT)

... New report reveals poorest areas of Laos (Nation)

... Prohibited rosewood seized en route to China (VT)

... Vietnam fosters defence links with Laos, US (VitnamNet)

... Strong law enhances role of statistics, legal expert says (VT)

... Further delay in Savan Vegas deal: Macau Legend (GGR Asia)

... Overseas medical aid program succeeds in Laos (Korea Times)

... Rubber workers in southern Laos sickened by contaminated food (VT)

... Laos strives to graduate from Least Developed Countries (Shanghai Daily)

... Lao short film enters international competition, promotes Lao culture (Nation)

... The Power of Power: Laotian Village Generates Its Own Electricity (Diplomat)

... Lao Govt, Sector Working Groups discus s future development strategies (VT)

... KBank gives internships to Laotians (Nation)

... Laos prepares to meet UN education goals (VT)

... Laos: Ministry lowers quota for students of health science (VT)

... Trade ministers to meet on August 5 in Laos (Econonic Times)

... Construction materials price stable, fuel price rises in Laos (VT)

... Champassak doubles border checkpoint revenue collection (VT)

... Laos prepares to implement UN education goals (Shanghai Daily)

... Meeting reviews devpt progress of poorest Asia-Pacific nations in Vientiane (VT)

... Roles of Lao Govt leaders spelled out (VT)
... New Checkpoints on Lao Border (Khmer Times)
... New restaurant offers a taste of Laos (Emporia Gazette)
... UK commits to building close relationship with Laos (VT)
... Spiceroads relaunches hidden Laos by road (Travel PR)
... Lao officials express concern about illegal marriages (VT)
... Cambodia rolls out red carpet for Lao PM (Shanghai Daily)
... Experts in Laos tackle need for more accurate statistics (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos boost cooperation in scientific research (VOV)
... Laos: A fragment of the past, a snapshot of the present (CNN)
... Laos, Cambodia to develop land links, trade and investment (VT)
... Lao legislative leader urges stronger ties with Vietnam (VietnamNet)
... South Korea’s Vice Defense Minister Visits Cambodia, Laos (Diplomat)
... Traders in Laos warned not to sell protected wildlife, aquatic species (VT)
... EIA: Laos, Cambodia Export More Rosewood Than Known Population (HF)
... Laos speeds up hydropower plant on Mekong River despite concerns (TNN)
... Laos and Cambodia accused over rosewood crime and corruption (One World)

More stories from previous months

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