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Jan. 26- Feb. 1, 2015

PanAust Buckles Down as Suitors Step Back (Wall Street Journal or Sydney MH)
PanAust Ltd. is no longer in takeover talks with its biggest shareholder, Guangdong Rising Assets Management, or any other potential suitors, and is instead buckling down to bolster output and cash-flow in the face of falling metal prices, the miner’s managing director said in an interview. “It is back to situation normal and GRAM is another shareholder,”
Human rights groups demand UN action on abuses in Laos (Asian Correspondent)
The Laos government is moving backward on human rights, says Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division. HRW issued a submission to the United Nations ahead of Laos’ Periodic Review last week, urging it to emphasize the need for reform related to enforced disappearances, freedom of speech, association, and assembly
Laos is ignoring significant concerns of its neighbours on Mekong dams (Nation)
The charade over whether to proceed with Don Sahong Dam, the second Mekong mainstream hydropower project near the Laotian-Cambodian border, will soon reach a defining moment. On Wednesday, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are expected to bring to a close the Mekong River Commission's six-month prior consultation process for the project.
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... Xayaburi redux at Lao meet (PPP)
... Luang Prabang adds a park (TTR Weekly)
... Malaysian Developer Defends Laos Dam Project (VOA)
... Australia lends support to education project in Laos (VT)
... Lao President urges Xayaboury to boost productivity (VT)
... Laos - We’ve complied with the Mekong Agreement (PPP)
... Winter in Laos - chilled vibes with a bit of adventure (SCMP)
... Thailand opens six seized containers shipped from Laos (VT)
... Festival promotes tourism links in central provinces of Laos (VT)
... Germany grants 16 million euros for Laos' rural infrastructure (VT)
... Region must act now to save the Mekong from dams (Bangkok Post)
... Mekong River Commission to Consider Lao Don Sahong Dam at Ministerial Level
... Laos, Japan discuss ASEAN transport route (VT)
... Improve statistics for society needs: Lao Minister (VT)  
... KOICA extends support for infrastructure development (VT)
... Laos, Thailand move forward with border demarcation (Nation)
... Bringing Lao cuisine to the table: Kohk and Sahk (Daily Planet)
... Four nations eye economic benefits from Mekong navigation (VT)
... Better road, bridge links ease travel to from Laos to Vietnam (VT)
... Australia enhances southern social protection and sustainable livelihoods (VT)
... Dam diplomacy on the Mekong (PPP)
... Lao Govt may revoke 34 business licences (VT)
... EU Chargé d'Affaires Visits Attapeu (Brunei Direct)
... Prajin seeks Lao deal on dual tracks (Bankgok Post)
... 10 Point Appeal During Laos, Hmong Review (Scoop)
... EDL upgrades electricity meters for more accuracy (VT)
... Laos, Thailand move forward with border demarcation (VT)
... Lao, Thai medics discuss treatment of blood disorders (VT)
... A Lao journey: From a war-torn homeland to the U.S. (MPR)
... Donnoun-Tha Ngon road upgrade 35 percent complete (VT)
... Thai FM Visits Laos to Strengthen Cooperation (Brunei Direct)
... Australian Aid, UXO Lao team up to study impact of clearance (VT)
... Lao-American: All Thai food at new campus restaurant (News Gazette)
... Lao Conference of Churches moving headquarters to St. Petersburg (TampaBay)

January 19-25, 2015

Vietnam eyes import of 50,000 tons of sugar from Laos (Global Post)
Vietnamese media have been heated up by a proposal to import some 50,000 tons of sugar from Laos, as Vietnam's sugar sector is facing difficulties. On Jan. 10, Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) requested the government to nod the importing of 50,000 tons of sugar from Laos at preferential tax of zero percent. On Wednesday, MoF sent a document to
Thailand to open seized timber containers shipped from Laos (VT)
Thai authorities will open 30 shipping containers seized at Laem Chabang port in Thailand that are believed to contain illegally harvested khayoung (rosewood) logs smuggled into Laos and then falsely labelled and shipped to Thailand. Lao officials will be invited to be present at the opening of the containers, Thailand's Bangkok Post reported on Tuesday.
Wife of Missing Civil Society Leader Slams Laos on Lack of Progress (RFA)
The Lao government’s response at a United Nations human rights review to concerns over its efforts to find a missing prominent civil society leader demonstrates the need for authorities to accept international assistance and establish an independent commission to investigate his case, his wife said Tuesday. Ng Shui-Meng, the wife of Sombath Somphone
Laos' new minimum wage may take effect next month: Report (Nation)
The promised increase of the national minimum wage, designed mainly to draw workers back from Thailand, may be officially introduced next month, according to Vientiane Times... The minimum wage is set to be increased from the current 626,000 (Bt2,505) to 900,000 (Bt3,601.53). At present, Bt1 is equivalent to 249.89 kip.  Some officials said that raising
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... Stay longer in Laos (TTR Weekly)

... Borikhamxay road set for upgrade (VT)

... Road users in Vientiane feel left in the dust (VT)

... Lao-Hmong NGO Coalition Appeals to UN (Scoop)

... 88 Oriental Foods - Best Larb in Town? (Daily Planet)

... Restoration of Hor Phra Keo Museum commences (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam agree to boost ties in trade, investment (VT)

... Laos, South Korea enhance parliamentary cooperation (VT)

... More CCTV cameras and police stations to curb road toll (VT)

... The Chinese Lao American with a Southern Laos Soul (Daily Planet)

... Lao-Hmong exhibit preview to stop at Merced College (Merced Sun Star)

... A.KOR team up with Blue Cross to send gifts & a loving message to children in Laos

... Ancient boat discovered in Vangvieng (VT)

... GIZ assists sustainable agriculture in Laos (VT)

... EU-funded projects deliver nutritional boost (VT)

... A Strange Lao-Hmong in U.S. (Lansing City Pulse)

... Ministry reels in illegal fishing methods in Laos (VT)

... Lao-American Obituary: Bounhom Lavilay (IberiaNet)

... National census will not count poor families in Laos (VT)

... Lao-American: Nary Manivong Runway Show (Capital Style)

... Laos hydropower program seeks power sector reform options (HydroWorld)

... Vietnam-Laos inter-governmental committee convenes meeting (VietnamNet)

... The First Hmong American Judge Didn't Always Acknowledge His Roots (OPB)

... Sept. start on Thai-Laos-China rail freight link, but gauge may be a problem (LS)

... Vientiane vehicle registration slows (VT)
... Visitor numbers fall at newly opened cave (VT)
... Lao leadership we can look up to (Daily Planet)
... Lao Army meets to mark 66th anniversary (VT)
... Four nations join forces to tackle drug trafficking (VT)
... Vietnamese, Lao armies sign 2015 MoU (VietnamNews)
... New Lao ambassador to Myanmar receives credentials (VT)
... Cambodia, Laos Interested in Adopting Indian Big Cats (NIE)
... Talking timelines: To Laos, dam is foregone conclusion (PPP)
... Salary delays are due to start of new financial year: official (VT)
... Feature: Lamvong captures Laos' easy-going character (China)
... Laos, Switzerland Agree On Mutual Visa Exemption (Brunei Direct)
... Lao weavers showcase craft in rare lecture, exhibit at National Museum (Inquirer)
... Smart Travel Tips Offered in New Book ‘Southeast Asia on a Rope: Thailand & Laos’
... Lao Official Defends Don Sahong Dam (VOA)
... Laos: The challenges of family planning (France 24)
... Laos' first MRI centre opens at Mittaphap Hospital (VT)
... VietinBank gets nod to form bank in Laos (VietnamNet)
... Ministry disciplines educational institutions in Laos (VT)
... Laos, Japan Sign Air Service Agreement (Brunei Direct)
... Low wage earners awaiting pay rise in Laos (Global Post)
... Man has hands severed in Sikhottabong machete attack (VT)
... Chinese-invested banana farm accused of leaking chemical (VT)
... Thailand joins Laos and Korea in development of astronomy (NNT)
... ADB supports drive to commercialise livestock industry in Laos (VT)
... Lao National Assembly values development partners' assistance (VT)
... Laos Should Address Human Rights Issues, Says Group (Phuket Wan)
... Wausau Dr. Kevin Thao aims to study Lao-Hmong disease rates (WDH)

January 12-18, 2015

Viet Bank Official (Almost) Makes Off With Lao Buddha Statue (Malaysia Sun)
A Vietnamese bank executive managed to get his hands on a Buddhist statue believed to be about 500 years old from a Lao Buddhist temple in the capital Vientiane--but only for five hours. It all started last year when Ha Bac Tran, chairman and general director of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) headquartered in Hanoi
Laos pardons 900 prisoners (Bangkok Post)
Laos has pardoned 900 prisoners nationwide to commemorate the anniversary of the communist regime. The Lao News Agency said Tuesday that the pardons to were granted Dec 2 to well-behaved prisoners on the National Day. Col Saveng Phommaly, director-General of the Department of Imprisonment and Rehabilitation, held a ceremony Jan 8 in Vientiane
One thousand people killed in road accidents in 2014 (VT)
The Traffic Police Department reported yesterday that road accidents nationwide in 2014 killed 1,054 people and injured 9,264 others, as well as causing damage totalling over 72 billion kip.  Records compiled by the department, which comes under the Ministry of Public Security, show that from January 1 to December 31 there were 5,702 road accidents nationwide.
US provides US$6.5m to assist people with disabilities (VT)
The US Embassy to Laos announced last Friday two new initiatives totalling US$6.5 million (more than 52.4 billion kip) to assist the estimated 70,000 people in Laos who report that they live with a disability. First, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a three year, US$5 million (about 40 billion kip) grant from the Senator Patrick Leahy War Victims Fund
Fish farmers suffer from market glut in Vientiane (VT)
Many fish farmers in and around Vientiane have stopped their fish breeding operations after having suffered low prices for many months. Many members of the Lao fish breeding group of about 30 families have not been able to continue operating their business as they have been unable to make a profit, the group's head Mr Kenchan Thailavan told Vientiane Times recently.
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... Cold weather in Laos a threat to livestock (VT)
... Anniversary highlights Laos-Philippines relations (VT)
... Tourist arrivals increase in Laos but stays are brief (VT)
... Lao Govt beefs up oversight of state-funded projects (VT)
... Hub set up to battle Mekong drugs menace (Bangkok Post)
... 72 Lao girls rescued from flesh trade in Thailand (One India)
... President Choummaly pushes for more commercial production (VT)
... Laos Targets Green Energy In New Asian Economic Bloc (Asian Scientists)
... Lao-Hmong in US: Thai tastes come to Grand Haven (Grand Haven Tribune)
... Laos Accused of Paying Lip Service to UN Human Rights Conventions (BNN)
... Thailand & Laos make good progress in joint technological developments (NNT)
... A safe place to gather in Laos (MNN)
... Culture, traditions seen as vital for Laos (VT)
... Tighten up health education, administrators told (VT)
... Laos to export electricity to Singapore (Bangkok Post)
... UK grants over US$1.5 million for UXO clearance (VT)
... Cooperation strengthens between Mekong cities (NNT)
... Lao-Hmong Restaurant: New in town (Lansing City Pulse)
... Lao-American Obituary: Khay Sengaroune (Courier News)
... Impoverished villagers suffer from cold; more aid needed (VT)
... Visa exemption eases travel to Switzerland for Lao officials (VT)
... Laos, Switzerland Agree On Mutual Visa Exemption (Brunei Direct)
... Discovering the Endangered Cypress Trees of Laos (National Geographic)
... Laos eyes sale of electricity to Singapore (VT)
... Roads in Laos fall short of ASEAN standards (VT)
... Don't build near planned railway: project officials (VT)
... Thailand seeks talks with Laos on bridge financing (VT)
... Condoms and contraceptive pills reach rural Laos (Guardian)
... Champassak moves towards ‘land as equity' project model (VT)
... PanAust cuts 5 pct of workforce in Laos as copper price sinks (Reuters)
... Laos Hosts Special SOME To Enhance Energy Cooperation (Brunei Direct)
... Mr. and Mrs. Phanthavong: Life in the Lao community of North Minneapolis (DP)
... Laos, Japan to ink aviation accord (VT)
... MDG education challenges highlighted (VT)
... Coming to End [for .la domain name]? (LA BJ)
... Lao workers may get extension for nationality check (Nation)
... Asean holds talks on future energy cooperation roadmap (VT)
... Ministry should weigh in on overloaded trucks issue in Laos (VT)
... OFW dies mysteriously in Laos, kin in Cebu call for justice (GMA News)
... Co-Management in Hin Nam No National Protected Area (Brunei Direct)
... Mekong countries agree to boost economic and tourism cooperation (VT)
... Transport Ministry summarizes 5th- 6th Thai-Lao friendship Bridge construction
... Lao Airlines plans route expansion (ATW Online)
... Legalisation of Lao workers in Thailand begins (VT)
... Presidential pardon benefits over 900 prisoners (VT)
... Laos advised to try selling silk skirts in Myanmar (Nation)
... Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews its achievements (VT)
... Work begins on US$5b int'l financial project in central Laos (VT)
... Minneapolis exhibit showcases Laotian-American art (Twin Cities)
... Road building in Laos must meet priorities, deputy PM stresses (VT)
... Russian caught with 2.3kg of marijuana at Vietnam-Laos border (TTN)
... Take a look inside Wat Lao Samakhitham in Barker (Press Connects)
... Japan, Cambodia, Laos set to ink bilateral aviation accords (Press TV)
... Christians Tortured, Killed in Communist-Controlled Laos (Free Beacon)
... Palestinian refugees detained in Laos freed, sent to Malaysia (Ma'an News)

January 1-11, 2015

Silent Night in Laos (Wall Street Journal)
Christmas festivities, religious and secular, are enjoyed across East Asia. But not in Laos. This year the communist government used the holiday season to pursue a violent crackdown on Christians of the Hmong ethnic minority. In November Radio Free Asia reported village leaders kicking out families who refused to renounce Christianity. 
Laos to build Don Sahong dam - thanks to Chinese help (AsiaNews)
Laos has officially announced that it will build the Don Sahong dam on the Mekong River, rekindling fears about its impact on local ecosystems. Chinese companies will be in charge of the technical side of the project, which includes the construction of some 19 large dams, six of which have already been built. Experts & environmentalists have described the various barriers
Vietnam War's deadly legacy continues to haunt Laos (CNA)
Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. The United States dropped around two million tonnes of bombs on the country from 600,000 bombing missions during the Vietnam War more than four decades ago. But many of these bombs failed to detonate. And these unexploded ordnance continue to kill and maim as many as 100 people per year in Laos
Reaffirming U.S. Commitment to Laos (VOA)
In an important symbol of our nation’s commitment and enduring relationship with the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, on December 5 the United States dedicated a new $145 million American Embassy in Vientiane. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Lao government, media, and members of the diplomatic community.
Stage 2 of Xayaboury dam set to begin (VT)
A major milestone in construction of the US$3.5 billion Xayaboury Hydropower Project will be reached later this month when work shifts from the Xayaboury province side to the Luang Prabang province side of the Mekong River. Preparations are under way to make the shift. Major work on the navigation lock, spillway and intermediate block has been ongoing on
Other stories about Laos around the world
... The art of being Lao (Twin Cities)

... The exploding accident rate in Vientiane (VT)

... Truck weigh stations may be reactivated (VT)

... Lao PM advises Attapeu on development (VT)

... Comply with the law, NA President tells prosecutors (VT)

... Laos Plans Big Elephant Caravan For Late 2015 (Bernama)

... Ministry sets quality standards for primary schools nationwide (VT)

... Swiss continue to support agricultural land management and rights (VT)

... Laos Accused of Paying Lip Service to UN Human Rights Conventions (MS)

... Laos to chair Asean next year (Nation)
... Who will benefit from Don Sahong? (VietnamNet)

... New Lao ambassador to Germany appointed (VT)

... Laos, Vietnam launch one- stop border checkpoint (VT)

... Lao PM advises southern provinces on development (VT)

... Laos - Bring crime ringleaders to justice, prosecutors told (VT)

... President Choummaly pleased with infrastructure development (VT)

... Discover Thailand’s Gorgeous Isaan Region, Gateway to Laos (Travel Pulse)

... Business Support Crucial For Laos To Join The AEC And Lock In Growth (EP)

... Prosecutors to strengthen role in Laos (VT)

... Lao Airlines to start Attapeu flights in April (VT)

... That Luang Marsh road won't be concrete (VT)

... New Mega Market near Lao-Thai border (Insider Retail)

... Lao Government vows to increase pre-school enrollment (VT)

... Mekong region needs more cooperative tourism marketing (VT)

... Intermedia and the Lao American Renaissance (TC Daily Planet)

... ‘One-stop-shop' trial run begins at VN-Laos border (VietnamNews)

... Laos Implicated in High-Value Illegal Wildlife Seizures (Malaysia Sun)

... Co-Management in Hin Nam No National Protected Area in Laos (BD)

... Laos targets green energy in new Asian economic bloc (Science Devpt)

... Laos’ Phongsavanh Group seeks business opportunities in Vietnam (VN)

... Laos remains silent on civil society leader missing for two years (Global Post)

... Wildlife Seizures in 2014 Highlight Lao PDR’s Role in Trafficking (Annamiticus)

... Drugs of Golden Triangle (New Delhi Times)
... Lao-Thai Border: Shallow Mekong stalls cargo (BP)
... Pakngum farmers turn their backs on cassava (VT)
... Cambodia’s stance on Laos dam not a shock (PPP)
... Public security forces in Laos told to work harder (VT)
... Wood Furniture Fair in Laos to promote tree planting (VT)
... Laos, Korea drive transport and infrastructure issues (VT)
... You’re invited to "Be Lao" with us in 2015 (TC Daily Planet)
... Alien worker verification in Thailand progressing slowly (VT)
... Endangered mussel still harvested for food in Laos (MongaBay)
... Expert advice required on constitutional amendments in Laos (VT)
... How Laos’s major dam on the Mekong is taking shape (Science Devpt.)
... Caffe Bene to open outlets in Thailand and Laos this year (Korea Herald)
... Laos: condoms, teenage pregnancies and sex talk on youth agenda (Guardian)
... US, Brunei, & Laos Announce English Language Program For ASEAN Chairmanship
... Vietnam to increase aid to Laos (VT)
... Still No Christmas in Laos (Cross Map)
... Thai Cuisine, by Way of Laos (New York Times)
... Laos: Road deaths mar New Year celebrations (VT)
... Vietnam police arrest heroin trafficker from Laos (VT)
... Branch of Bank of Ayudhya in Vientiane, Laos (Nation)
... Laos Commits to Realizing the AEC (Economy Watch)
... Changing river: Resources of Mekong to be studied (PPP)
... Laos-Myanmar Friendship Bridge Connected (Brunei Direct)
... Deputy minister monitors progress of nutrition project in Laos (VT)
... Elephants to make 630km trek from Xayaboury to Luang Prabang (VT)
... Environmental Group Urges Laos to Support Complaint Mechanism (MS)

December 15-21, 2014

More Lao migrant labourers registered, many illegal's remain (VT)
Increasing numbers of migrant workers are now seeking employment in neighbouring Thailand due to the higher wages available, some legally but many more illegally.  Thai authorities launched a registration drive recently to document workers from neighbouring countries including Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. This has resulted in much larger numbers of Lao workers
Lao Govt to scrutinise fuel quality (VT)
The Ministry of Science and Technology will soon begin inspecting the quality of fuel across the country in response to rising public complaints that some service stations are selling dirty fuel to vehicle owners. Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Dr Boviengkham Vongdara told the media on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the ongoing national assembly
End of the road for Laos elephants? (DW)
The Asian elephant is disappearing along with the forest cover in Laos. Only about 1000 pachyderms are left in the southeast Asian country. Most of them are put to work in the forests, ironically helping to destroy their own habitat. That’s despite the fact that the animals are revered in Laotian culture. Only a combination of forest protection schemes and
ASEAN Should Confront Laos On Rights Abuses: NGOs (Diplomat)
ASEAN member states should abandon their principle of not interfering in each other’s internal affairs and confront Laos on rights abuses in the country as responsible members of the international community, a group of leading regional and international non-governmental organizations said yesterday. “Instead of invoking the principle of non-interference
Laos playing role as bridging country between ASEAN, China (Xinhua/China)
Laos is playing a role of a bridge between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China, a senior Lao official said here on Saturday. Laos has been deepening cooperation with China, which will " benefit not only the duo but also the ASEAN region," thus the role of "a bridging country between ASEAN and China," said Lattanamany Khounnyvong
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... GMS leaders to meet in Bangkok (VT)
... Laos: controversial dams on the Mekong (DW)
... EU, Care climate project targets northern Laos (VT)
... Lao President calls for more development in Phongsaly (VT)
... Lao Govt mulls land conservation, lowering interest rates (VT)
... LPD works with concerned authorities on worker protection (VT)
... The Lao-Hmong community has found a voice in UW professor Yang Sao Xiong
... Lao NA debates amendments to the constitution (VT)
... Office administrators told to lift their performance (VT)
... Let's stop violence against women and girls in Laos (VT)
... Lanith Symposium focuses on AEC issues (TTR Weekly)
... Switzerland supports upland smallholder farmers in Laos (VT)
... Lao media pushes Silk Road project for peace and cooperation (VT)
... Lao-Thai: At Lan Larb Soho, a Flame-Throwing New Kind of Cuisine (Eater)
... Lao-Hmong: St. Paul Senior Honored with Character Award, Scholarship (KTSP)
... Laos - A River of Memories (IR)
... Is the Mekong at a Tipping Point? (IR)
... Members voice for assembly consolidation (VT)
... Thai Airways in violation with Laotian authorities (BP)
... Laos-Vietnam border road would boost development (VT)
... Lao NA calls for stronger action to address corruption (VT)
... Private sector partnerships key for Lao tourism (TTG Asia)
... Nation’s officials share hunger fighting initiatives in Brazil (VT)
... President urges Oudomxay to continue Sam Sang initiatives (VT)
... Parties Polarized After Consultation on Laos' Don Sahong Dam (VOA)
... Laos must come clean (ANN)
... Laos restores national museum (TTR Weekly)
... Illegal Lao-Viet border residents hard to track (VT)
... Groups pressure Laos to find seized activist (Nation)
... Union delegation finds new home at Europe House (VT)
... Public consultations for Don Sahong dam commence (VT)
... Laos appointed to Global Partnership for Education board (VT)
... No more unapproved debt, repeat payments, Lao NA says (VT)
... Vietnam-Laos joint force busts drug ring, seizing 92 bricks of heroin (TTN)
... Lao Govt mulls unapproved projects approach as Assembly lays down law
... Kasikornbank Aims To Facilitate 250 Billion Kip Of Credit In Laos (Bernama)
... Children Repatriated by China and Laos May Have Been Executed or Imprisoned
... Simple coffee bean could be vital solution to improving health in Laos' countryside
... Total of 82 NGOs Call on Laos to Explain What Happened to Disappeared Activist
... Laos book fair a big success (Nation)
... Japan grants technical aid to UXO Laos (VT)
... Temple run: Vientiane, Laos in 2 days (Rappler)
... Laos pledges to tackle human trafficking (Nation)
... Laos, China promote biotechnology research (VT)
... Lao NA members call for the uprooting of corruption (VT)
... Lao-Hmong: Merced foundation strives to help educate (Merced SS)
... Mega First of Malaysia Under Fire for Lao Dam Construction Plan (CW)
... French development agency supports irrigation survey in Khammuan (VT)
... Ethnic costumes paint a colourful backdrop to Oudomxay games opening (VT)
... Laos is Creating Favourable Conditions For Rice Export to China (Brunei Direct)

December 8-14, 2014

Activists slam Lao dam hearings (Bangkok Post)
Civil society groups on Thursday criticised the Lao government over delays to public hearings for the controversial 260-megawatt Don Sahong hydropower dam. The hearing, or "prior consultation meeting" will begin in Pakse today, more than four months after it was scheduled to get underway. But activists said the exercise is likely to be fruitless and will serve only to justify
Call For Laos to Consult NGOs on 'Restrictive' Guidelines (Malaysia Sun)
Authorities in Laos have been asked to consult with civil society groups and foreign donors on a controversial set of guidelines that could restrict the operations of international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) working in the country, according to the United Nations development agency. Kaarina Immonen, UNDP resident representative in Laos, made the call
Environmentalists Skeptical Ahead of Laos Meeting on Hydropower Dam (VOA)
The four-nation Mekong River Commission (MRC) this week holds public consultations on the development of a large hydropower dam in southern Laos. The project is one of a series of planned dams in the Mekong River Basin that environmentalists say could harm an ecosystem critical for feeding millions of people in Southeast Asia. 
U.S. Dedicates New U.S. Embassy in Vientiane, Laos (U.S. Dept of State)
In an important symbol of our commitment and enduring relationship with Laos, Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Laos Daniel A. Clune, and the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations’ Managing Director for Construction, Facility, and Security Management Eric Rumpf, alongside local officials dedicated the new U.S. Embassy
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... Lao TECHMART-2014 kicks off (VT)

... NGOs boycott Don Sahong talks (PPP)

... Cancel the Don Sahong Dam in Laos (PPP)

... Lao PM calls for end to human trafficking (VT)

... Laos beckons Korean investors, tourists (Korea Herald)

... Korea, Asean summit opens for strategic partnership (VT)

... EDL-Gen prices landmark Laotian corporate bond (Reuters)

... ADB provides loan to support Lao government strategy (VT)

... Wife of missing Laos activist keeps his case alive (Straits Times)

... Into thin air: Southeast Asia's growing ranks of disappeared (Yahoo)

... Lao NA demands ministry to shape up in commercial production (VT)

... Laos, China to further enhance science and technology cooperation (VT)

... Luang Prabang Festival Founder on Building the "Sundance of Asia" (Yahoo)

... Lao-American: Friends, family mourn Richmond woman killed in Oakland (RC)

... Fred Hollows’ legacy of ‘miracles’ in Laos: Saving little Hao’s eyes & his dad’s ducks

... US preserves cultural heritage in Luang Prabang (VT)

... Asean archaeologists dig for cultural understanding (VT)

... Deputy Minister calls for cessation of violence against women (VT)

... Ministry targets youth campaign to end violence against women (VT)

... Laotian Arrested for Smuggling Meth Across Border (Cambodia Daily)

... EU committing up to 60 million euros to Laos for 2014-2015 grants (VT)

... Govt calls on NA members to approve commercial agriculture project (VT)

... British assistance works for child protection (VT)

... Deputy PM builds ties on Laos visit (Vietnam News)

... Lao NA session opens amidst economic pressure (VT)

... Lao NA points out tasks for labour and welfare sector (VT)

... Opium production remains high in Myanmar and Laos (UN)

... Lao NA recommends govt improve commercial production policy (VT)

... First for Thai baht as Laotian corporate makes its debut (Global Capital)

... Laos, China, Myanmar increase defences against animal diseases (VT)

... N. Korea should open to public 9 teenagers deported from Laos (Donga)

... Japan, Laos Unveil Cherry-Elephant Logo For 60th Anniv Of Ties (Brunei Direct)

... Waxing nostalgic in Laos (Sun Star)
... Lao PM visits projects in Huaphanh (VT)
... Laos: Melting down death into beauty (Daily KOS)
... Fifty Lao girls detained in Thailand for selling sex (VT)
... NGOs Call for United Nations to Pressure Laos (Scoop)
... Oudomxay tourism sector to benefit from National Games (VT)
... Lao-American Obituary: Viengkhoune Venevongsa (CumberLink)
... U.S.: Lao-Hmong Farmers Losing Battle Against Drought (KQED)
... ADB, Australia assist Mekong push to promote private sector (VT)
... Maternity hospital in Vientiane needs needs extra funds to open (VT)
... Suspected methamphetamine dealers apprehended in Vientiane (VT)
... Lao Border: Mukdahan - A riverside base for exploration (Phuket News)
... Health Officers discuss roadmap on sustainability for HRH in Laos (VT)
... Connecticut woman reaches out to find family of Capt. Douglas Ferguson

December 1-7, 2014

Electrified fishing forces Lao authorities to act (Global Post)
Continued sales and use of illegal fishing equipment designed to deliver electric shocks through water are the subject of investigations by local authorities, the Vientiane Times newspaper reported Thursday. While sale and import of such equipment is banned in Laos, fisherman in the provinces of Champassak, Borikhamxay & Vientiane report them being sold
Thailand Places a Coal Plant Next Door, Laos (Wall Street Journal)
To feed its growing hunger for fuel, Thailand is close to completing one of Southeast Asia’s largest coal-fired power plants. The location? Just over the border in Laos. The $3.7 billion project can supply power for two million households in Thailand. But heavy resistance to toxic emissions from burning coal, the dirtiest of all fossil fuels, has prompted power companies
Vietnam farmers bristle at Laos's planned Mekong River dam (TNN)
Residents of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta have raised objections to the Don Sahong hydropower dam that Laos plans to build on the Mekong River's main stream. The objections came in late November after the Hanoi-based Green Innovation and Development Center, the Center for Biodiversity and Development at Vietnam Rivers Network, and local authorities
Pilot error 'probable cause' for Lao crash last year (AAP/Yahoo or VT)
Pilot error was the likely cause of a plane crash during a tropical storm in Laos that killed 49 people, including six Australians. The official report on the crash of Lao Airlines flight QV301, released on Friday, was presented to the family and friends of the victims in the capital, Vientiane. The English-language version of the document, seen by AAP, says
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... Assistance to help deal with deadly asbestos in Laos (VT)
... Major Meeting Over Contentious Laos Dam Scheduled (VOA)
... Mothers, newborns get helping hand from French hospital (VT)
... Renovation of Hor Phra Keo Museum will officially start today (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam confirm continuous friendship and cooperation (VT)
... Wausau man’s travels to Laos subject of Highground exhibit (WSAU)
... Electric vehicle service for World Heritage town of Luang Prabang (VT)
... Thip Khao opens Friday with chef Seng Luangrath’s Laotian dishes (WP)
... Fishermen using illegal equipment in for a shock (VT)
... Upland farmers in Laos get improved planting techniques (VT)
... Laotians learn about land rights through theater (Japan Times)
... Lao-Hmong Hmong New Year When Grandma Was Alive (HM)
... Don Sahong dam 'fatal blow' to Mekong Delta: scientists (TNN)
... US, UNDP support Lao efforts to improve access to justice (VT)
... Laos, Cambodia seek solutions to remaining boundary issues (VT)
... Lao National University, Chinese technology firm ink agreement (VT)
... CHANTALAY's Mattie Do To Produce Jamie M. Dagg's Debut, RIVER!
... LCD Global rebrands Laos serviced residence as Somerset Vientiane (BT)
... Nam Theun 2 Affected Villagers Put Illusions of the ‘Model Project’ in Doubt (IR)
... S'pore leaders send warm wishes to Laos on anniversary of diplomatic relations
... Lao, Thai officials tighten technology links (VT)
... Laos reviews 39 years of remarkable progress (VT)
... Nation, China agree to enhance postal cooperation (VT)
... Party, govt pay respect to deceased leaders and soldiers (VT)
... Equipment, funding hampers cluster bomb cleanup efforts in Laos (Global Post)
... Eat, Pray, Lao (Philippine Star)
... Nation sees big changes in 39 years (VT)
... Thailand loan to finance fifth Mekong Bridge (VT)
... Lao Govt seeks to address UXO challenges (VT)
... Lao Planning Ministry welcomes UN population report (VT)
... Laos' future in hands of youth: official - Really? (Global Post)
... Vietnam - Bilateral trade with Laos projected at $1.5b this yr (VNN)
... Laos urges Thailand to speed up border demarcation (Pattaya Mail)
... 10 Vientiane companies face suspenion for failure to pay taxes (VT)
... Thailand to establish special economic zone with Laos (Pattaya Mail)
... Soccer: Despite 5-1 win over Laos, Indonesia exits tournament (Rappler)
... Thai-Lao Science ministries develop telemetry stations for weather forecasting

November 26-30, 2014

New Thai-Lao bridge in Bung Kan (Bangkok Post)
Thailand fully supported the construction of a new bridge to link the country with central Laos, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said on Thursday.  Gen Prayut said Thailand will offer loans to Laos to build a bridge over the Mekong River between Bung Kan province and Laos' Borikhamsay. Thailand had also considered a plan to build another bridge between Ubon
Xayaburi dam risks killing the Mekong (Bangkok Post)
First, the Xayaburi will have significant trans-boundary consequences for 60 million people in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, all of whom depend on the Mekong River's inland fisheries, the world's richest. This puts Thailand's relations with its fellow Asean members at direct risk.  Second, although this is a "run-of-the-river" dam which will have
Laos facing severe lack of skilled workers (Nation or ANN)
Laos' development efforts are being hindered by a severe shortage of skilled workers and general labourers, which is causing financial problems, according to a senior official from the Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU). However, workers continue to run the risk of losing their job and have no protection in the workplace, because the LFTU is unable
Mekong River [Laos] with Sue Perkins - too much Sue, not enough ... (Telegraph)
Having travelled through Laos along the Mekong myself, many of these issues were familiar (including, too, the dilemma of whether to join photo-opportunity-seeking tourists getting up at dawn to “feed the monks” in Luang Prabang). But there was something slightly superficial about it all and it felt rather rushed (if there was one thing I learned on my trip it was
Other stories about Laos around the world
... AEC offers opportunities and challenges (VT)

... Thai PM emphasizes Thai-Laos relations (NNT)

... Officials to confirm Lao workers in Thailand (VT)

... Medics debate cross border disease control (VT)

... Laos seeks Ebola preparedness boost (XinhuaNet)

... Asean plus three countries share social welfare lessons (VT)

... Mekong bridge agreements mark end of PM's Laos visit (Nation)

... Potholes in Vientiane remain despite repairs having commenced (VT)

... Laos-Vietnam 'single-window inspection' set for operation on Jan. 7 (Nation)

... Indochina Bank renders assistance to underprivileged people in Oudomxay (VT)

... ADB approves US$21million loan for livestock industry (VT)

... Khammuan province celebrates freedom from illiteracy (VT)

... Viet PM attends Development Triangle Summit in Laos (VIR)

... Competition winners head for Asian film festival in Japan (VT)

... Leaders vow to deepen ties, further development in triangle area (VT)

... Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam debate communicable disease control (VT)

... Sam Sang initiative brings positive change despite financial difficulties (VT)

... Vietnam approach AFF Suzuki Cup semis after 3-0 victory over Laos (TTN)

... Lao, Thai universities unite for cooperation (VT)
... Laos To Identify Workers In Thailand (Bernama)
... Authorities confer on ensuring disabled equality (VT)
... Cambodian, Vietnamese PMs arrive for CLV summit (VT)
... China provides loan for urban development in Vientiane (VT)
... Football: Philippines bounce back to beat Laos 4-1 (AsiaOne)
... Lao renews commitment to end violence against women (VT)
... Children in Laos Benefit from Kiwi Ophthalmologist’s Skill (Scoop)
... Sam Sang projects accomplish results but not satisfying potential (VT)
... Vietnam looks forward stronger ties with Cambodia, Laos (VietnamNet)
... Laos continues to strive for quality investments: Lao official (Global Post)
... Laos, Japan's Kawasaki Promote Investment Cooperation (Brunei Direct)

November 17-23, 2014

Foreign Donors Slam Laos Over Lack of Progress on Missing of Sombath (RFA)

Donor countries to Laos have pressed the government of Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong on the whereabouts of the country’s most prominent civil society leader who disappeared nearly two years ago. European and U.S. development partners mentioned the case of Sombath Somphone at a roundtable meeting with members of the Lao government
Revenue shortfall reported in central region of Laos (VT)
Revenue collected during the 2013-14 fiscal year from international & local border check points in the 5th region, which covers Vientiane & Vientiane province, fell short of target. The Customs Office for the 5th Region unveiled in its report recently that revenue collection throughout the 5th region reached 2.46 trillion kip from Oct 2013 to Sep 2014, equal to only 88.8%
Christians in Laos Driven Out of Village After Conversion to Christianity (CT)
Six Christian families were forced to leave their village in Laos after refusing to return to their old animism faith, according to locals in the region. Many people in the Ko Hai village, in Khamkeut district, Borikhamxay province, practice an ancestral religion, and when the Christian families refused to follow the practice and remain with their Hmong Christian faith
Laos is not a cozy place for NGOs (DW)
Life is hard for local as well as foreign non-governmental organizations in Laos. The government alone decides over what is permitted and what is not – with the threat of consequences hanging in the air.  NGOs have to work under permanent state supervision in Laos, a one-party state governed on socialistic lines. For an NGO, not playing according to the rules
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... Deforestation In Laos Is Genuinely Real (SBS)

... Cardamom pricing still depends on buyers (VT)

... Ancient treasure trove found in Laos (First Post)

... Foreign guides elevate Myanmar and Laos (Fifa)

... JICA to give on-site lessons in road maintenance (VT)

... Soccer: Decisive start vs Laos to fire up Azkals (MSN)

... Monks open first ‘free' temple hospital in Vientiane (VT)

... Authorities mull measures over occupied conservation forest (VT)

... Laos' rice production forecasts 3% decline to 3.3 mil tons (Oryza)

... LBA resource centre established for enhanced legal research (VT)

... Ratchaburi to invest $381 mln in 2015, mostly on Laos plant (Reuters)

... 1-stop service for Laos-Viet border (Bangkok Post)
... Australia extends support for Xieng Khuang children (VT)
... Residents must contribute to road upgrades in Vientiane (VT)
... James Syhabout bringing Hawker Fare to the Mission (SF Gate)
... Laos remote communities benefit from clean water (XinhuaNet)
... Southern Laos: Xekong development assistance still needed (VT)
... Denmark's Prince Joachim visits project in his role as patron (VT)
... Review identifies management and teacher training challenges (VT)
... Rock concert in South Hunterdon theater will help build Jason Fuhr school in Laos
... Laos, Vietnam expedite one-stop border checks (VT)
... Laos to help with worker registration in Thailand (Nation)
... Country, city of Kawasaki ink investment agreement (VT)
... Betagro plans to set up Lao, Cambodia plants (Pattaya Mail)
... Prayut to visit Laos and Vietnam next week (Thailand News)
... UNDP Wants NGOs to be Closely Involved in Laos Policy Debate (RFA)
... Game over as authorities put match to illegal amusement machines (VT)
... Cambodian PM to attend 8th CLV Summit in Laos next week (XinhuaNet)
... Diplomacy renewed as seven foreign ambassadors take their posts (VT)
... Economic zone brings prosperity to the north (VT)
... Vientiane mulls conversion of waste to energy (VT)
... Dave Bakke: Glasser goes to Laos for cause (SJR)
... Vietnam to provide more scholarships for Laos (VT)
... Fine Silks and Tribal Art opf Laos/Vietnam (Sac Mag)
... Laos to help with worker registration in Thailand (VT)
... Murder, lies, jewels: fraud case to become a film (New Daily)
... Minister urges media to play a bigger role in development (VT)
... Sweden-Phuket cyclists see Laos on horizon (Phuket Gazette)
... Lao Ambassador meets Thai Education Minister (Brunei Direct)
... Hungary Pledges To Increase Scholarships For Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Highground exhibits bomb-removal work of Jim Harris in Laos (MNH)
... VP Chen Xiaohua meets with Laotian President Choummaly (4-Traders)
... New design paves way for rebuilding of Road 13 with 2 lanes or more (VT)
... Laos concerned as more laborers look to amphetamine boost (XinhuaNet)
... Lao’s clamorous festivities offer contemporary mix of traditional merriment (DT)
... Riverside Boutique Resort, Vang Vieng, Singled Out Amongst Best Hotels in SEA

November 10-16, 2014

Lao Christians Evicted From Village Amid Religious Tensions (RFA)
Six Hmong Christian families have been forced to leave their village in central Laos after refusing to renounce their faith, according to a fellow member of their ethnic group and friend to the families. The six families, consisting of 25 people, were made to leave their homes in Borikhamxay province’s Khamkeut district because they would not revert to animism
Laos rail development on fast track with Thailand, China line (CNA)
Thailand and China has agreed to cooperate on building a new rail line, which would eventually connect Southern China with Bangkok. This initiative has put the spotlight on Laos, the country this proposed railway would pass through. Laos' rail development is still relatively small, but the project has huge economic potential for the region. Since starting its operations in 2009
Laos: for traditional South East Asian culture (Liligo)

Laos is one of the few places where you can still experience traditional south-east Asian culture. It’s far less developed than China or Thailand, so adventure is waiting around ever bend in the dirt road. Are you ready? A trip through Laos will take you to the heart of traditional South East Asian culture, unlike anywhere else in the region. If you’re looking for a destination
Laos’ Shrinking Bear Population Threatened by Booming Bile Business (Yahoo)
The number of bears being trapped and then tapped for the bile in their gallbladders has tripled in Laos in recent years, according to a new study published in the journal Oryx. Like operators of similar “farms” in China, Vietnam, and South Korea, the Laotians lock bears in small, rusty cages where their gallbladders are repeatedly tapped—sometimes up to three times
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... Football: 2-0 win for Singapore over Laos (CNA)

... KBank opening bank in Laos this month (Nation)

... Laos To Eliminate Measles As Fast As Possible (Brunei Direct)

... Child protection still a challenge (VT)

... Motorbike riders continue to die on the roads (VT)

... Protected, conservation forest areas demarcated (VT)

... B1.97bn grant for Luang Prabang road (Bangkok Post)

... Lao PM attends Mekong-Japan Summit in Myanmar (VT)
... Laos praises Hungarian food safety system (National Journal)

... Nationwide measles-rubella immunisation drive launched (VT)

... Celebrating Veteran's Day with a Lao call to action (Daily Planet)
... Thailand's Kasikornbank to open bank in Laos this month (Reuters)
... Laos considers cooperative alliance to boost agriculture (Global Post)

... Lao-Hmong Vietnam War Vets Fight for Full Military Burials (NBC News)
... From Refugee to Restaurateur, Luangrath Prepares to Open D.C.’s 1st Laotian
... Vocational enrolments up by over 11 percent (VT)
... Audit capacities scrutinised as three countries gather (VT)
... Japan backs UXO Lao in southern clearance operations (VT)
... Raise more cattle, Vice Mayor advises Sangthong farmers (VT)

... Laos: Preparations begin for 10th Party Congress (VT)
... Laos determined to build Don Sahong dam (Interpreter)
... Northern Laos: Boat explosion injures two in Bokeo (VT)
... Conservation efforts commended as safari captures prize (VT)
... Rural people in Laos shy away from treated water supplies (VT)
... Iranian Deputy FM, Lao Envoy Discuss Bilateral Ties (Tasnim NA)
... Li Yuanchao Meets with President Choummaly Sayasone of Laos (FM)
... Four countries join forces to combat drug smuggling along Mekong (VT)
... Lao hydro firm plans Thai issue (Nation)
... DPM praises progress made in rural development (VT)
... China, Laos to jointly promote connectivity (Brunei Direct)
... Korean rural development model to be piloted in Laos (VT)
... Govt: Landlocked developing nations facing challenges (VT)
... WCS Project in Laos Wins Ecotourism Award (News Wire)
... 17 Lao victims of human trafficking rescued in Thailand (VT)
... Vietnam, Laos urged to strengthen trade ties (VietnamNews)
... Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam to review progress in Triangle Area (VT)
... Miss International Queen 2014, Mr. Laos came in 3rd (Pattaya DN)
... China, neighbours vow to strengthen connectivity, deepen cooperation

November 3-9, 2014

Lao-American Actress Traces Family Roots to Find Her Own 'Origin Story' (NBC)

When Kulap Vilaysack was 14-years old, she learned that the man she'd grown up calling 'Dad' was not her biological father. Last summer – nearly 20 years later – Vilaysack’s search for her birth father took her halfway around the world to Laos, her parents’ home country. That trip, chronicled on film, is the subject of a soon-to-be-released documentary
Laos’ Internet Law Undermines Free Speech (Diplomat)
The government of Laos has signed an Internet law that claims to support the growth of the Internet but actually contains numerous contradictory provisions that undermine free speech and other citizen rights. When this was reported almost two months ago, the concern of many was the broad and vague cybercrimes enumerated in the law. 
Pirate Bay co-founder arrested on Thai-Laos border (AP/NY Post)
One of the founders of popular file-sharing website The Pirate Bay has been arrested under an Interpol warrant as he was crossing into Thailand from Laos, police said Tuesday. Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij, who uses the alias TiAMO, was detained Monday by Thai immigration police at a checkpoint in Thailand’s Nong Khai province, about 500 kilometers (310 miles)
Vietnam is top investor in Laos (Saigon)
Vietnam has 250 projects licenced in Laos so far, with total investments of over 5 billion USD, 96 percent of which are located in southern provinces, according to data from the Ministry of Planning and Investment.  The figures were revealed at an economic cooperation dialogue between Vietnam’s Central Highlands and southern central provinces
Laos: Dam could sound death knell for dolphins (PPP)
Just south of the Laos border – about a kilometre from where the Don Sahong hydroelectricity dam will be built – the “flooded forest” is quiet. Between rocky islands and sandbanks, hundreds of gnarled trees rise out of the Mekong River, most bent downstream by the current. In their branches perch rare ibises, eagles and other birds, while under the water
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... Laos Is Trying To Control Internet (SBS)

... Super Lao - Vietnam oil project in pipeline (VT)

... Laos - Project to survey access to finance (VT)

... Almsgivers pay homage at That Luang stupa (VT)

... EU announces education development assistance (VT)

... Community health overview: Laotian Americans (Daily Planet)

... Thip Khao Opening Delayed Until Early Dec. (Washington CP)

... Laos learns from Switzerland's landlocked development model (VT)

... Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia join hands to fight Ebola (VietnamNet or VT)

... Japan funds school upgrades in Laos (VT)
... Wax castle procession in Vientiane unites believers (VT)
... Laos - Education report card: room for improvement (VT)
... Villages in Laos still short of poverty reduction targets (VT)
... More suppliers offering solar streetlights for new town (VT)
... Lao Embassy Officially Reopens In The UK (Brunei Direct)
... Vietnam's shorter cross-country flights to cut through Laos, Cambodia (TNN)
... Vientiane clamps down on advertising boards (VT)
... Malnutrition remains a barrier to development in Laos (VT)
... Laos, Vietnam extend airport management partnership (VT)
... Refugee in Laos awaits chance to reach S. Korea (NK News)
... Luang Prabang named as environmentally sustainable city (VT)
... More than 800,000 land titles issued in Laos, officials report (VT)
... Haier Asia, the Laotian Ministry of ST & AMZ Group Sign MOU (Yahoo)
... Last Pirate Bay co-founder arrested after living on the lam in Laos (AT)
... Laos And China Signs Mou To Boost Cooperation On TV (Brunei Direct)
... Laos, China further cement cultural ties (VT)
... China launches culture center in Laos (ECNS)
... Trans-boundary haze pollution in spotlight (VT)
... Attapeu airport take-off eagerly anticipated (VT)
... ADB funds rural projects in Laos (TTR Weekly)
... Survey: medicines cheaper at govt facilities (VT)
... Vietnam-Laos Investment Hits $5B (Invest Asian)
... Officials meet to discuss Vietnam-Laos border issues (VN)
... Luxembourg extends heart surgery programme at Mahosot (VT)
... Lao PM extends condolences to Australia after Whitlam’s death (VT)
... Thip Khao opening, Plan B open, Teddy Folkman heads to Annapolis (BJ)
... Nonprofit Leadership Awards 2014: Claudia Sisomphou, student volunteer (BJ)
... Australian Aid in Laos (Diplomat)
... Xayaburi dam nearly half done (PPP)
... Laos, China to strengthen governance ties (VT)
... Week-long annual fair kicks off at That Luang (VT)
... Laos to open sale of land to foreigners (Asia Times)
... Lao-Thai Overseas: Couple launch new restaurant (HPE)
... New NGO to step up fight against malnutrition in Laos (VT)
... Lao National TV, Guangxi team up for Chinese theatre (VT)
... Lao-Thai Food - Recipe of the day: Thai larb salad (Herald Sun)
... Healthcare management programme extended at Mittaphab (VT)
... Meetings on Environment and Transboundary Haze Pollution in Laos (BD)

Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2014

Laos - Revenue collection misses target (VT)
Revenue collection for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, which ended in September, failed to meet the amended target despite cuts being made to the original budget plan. Over the fiscal year, total revenue collection reached 23.544 trillion kip ($2.94 billion) that represented only 96.72% of the amended budget plan, according to a report presented at the nationwide meeting
US gives US$27m to help children in Laos (VT)
More than 170,000 children will benefit from World Food Programme (WFP)'s mid-morning snack and lunch programmes in Laos over the next three years thanks to US$S27million in support from the United States. The announcement was made by the US Ambassador to Laos Daniel Clune early this week. The assistance will be made available through the U.S.
Laos' hydropower generation capacity to jump almost four-fold by 2020 (Reuters)
Laos plans to quadruple its hydropower generation capacity from current levels by the end of the decade and step up electricity exports to its neighbouring countries, its vice minister of energy and mines said on Tuesday. Laos is among Asia's poorest countries but has big ambitions to become the "Battery of Southeast Asia" by exporting power generated from
Fate of 13 Jailed Pro-Democracy Leaders in Laos Uncertain (RFA)
Human rights groups have pressed the Lao government to release 13 pro-democracy leaders from jail—some of them have been held for 15 years—with at least one group calling for an aggressive campaign for their freedom. The groups are deeply concerned about the condition of four student leaders detained during a democracy protest on Oct. 26, 1999
Capital market, logistics, land policy top cabinet debate (VT)
The government cabinet has adopted a comprehensive strategy on capital market development, aimed at mobilising funding for socio-economic development. Approved at the government's monthly meeting for October held last week, which was chaired by Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong, the strategy is aimed at developing the capital market 
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... PanAust Takeover Talks Stall (WSJ)

... Corpse is found near Lao border (PPP)

... Revised agreement to spur investment in Bokeo (VT)

... Speeding truck kills British tourist in Champassak (VT)

... Amantaka, Luang Prabang: Heritage Haven (Billionaire)

... From Thailand to Mt. Pleasant: Sylavong’s journey (PN)

... Goshen coach's success born of boyhood in Laos (CO)

... Capital goes down path in search of extra roads funding (VT)

... IFC helping Laos hydro generator to operate sustainably (WPM)

... ASEAN environment ministers' meeting kicks off in Vientiane (VT)

... Lao-Thai Food: Air Thai becomes Amazing Thai (Lebanon Express)

... Laos Plans to Allow Foreigners to Purchase Land in Controversial Move (RFA)

... Laos wins silver at Asean skills contest (VT)

... PM instructs finance ministry to be more diligent (VT)

... Switzerland increases support to 2015 population census (VT)

... Laos advances in global ease of business ranking (Global Post)
... Senior officials attend information ministers' workshop in China (VT)
... Asean countries share information on civil servant management (VT)

... Bank trains Laos hydropower operator in environmental, social management (HW)

... Illegal workers afraid of coming census survey (VT)

... Christians arrested in Laos after worship service (EN)

... Asean officials debate transboundary haze pollution (VT)

... Report: INGOs important contributors to development (VT)

... Solutions at hand for reducing maternal mortality rates (VT)

... CPC to attend rule of law seminars in Vietnam, Laos (XinhuaNet)

... Chinese investors launch rice & dairy project worth $100m in Champassak (VT)

... Laos dam could threaten dolphin (PPP)
... Mekong countries hold talks on trans-boundary haze pollution (VT)
... Children in Laos Benefit from Kiwi Ophthalmologist’s Skill (Scoop)
... Lao, Japanese researchers discuss sustainable resource management
... Govt seeks update to loan for flood protection measures in Champassak
... ADB support for tourism sector seeks to boost revenue, create jobs (VT)
... Decree demands financial heritage contribution from relevant businesses
... Former Wassau principal makes his life's mission to rid Laos' leftover bombs
... Laos: Find peace on the Mekong (4-Traders)
... Off the Beaten Track: Laos (Travelers Today)
... Festival gives boost to Lao coffee industry (VT)
... UN commits its continuous support to Laos (VT)
... Thai: Nan not affected by earthquake in Laos (NNT)
... Festival to mark That Luang's 448th anniversary (VT)
... Charity funds more welfare projects in Vientiane (VT)
... Dam forums planned for Thais living by Mekong (Nation)
... Phu Bia Mining, ADB to support water sanitation project (VT)
... Theun – Hinboun Power Company’s Monitoring System Still Shrouded in Secrecy
... Innovative Drinks from Rainbow Laotian? Yep, This Eat Street Darling Shakes It Up

October 20-26, 2014

Laos' hydropower dams draw criticisms from neighbours (CNA)
Laos is building a series of hydropower dams as it wants to transform the country into the "battery of Southeast Asia". But this ambition has drawn criticisms from its neighbours due to concerns over the impact on fishing communities and the environment. Hydropower is a major export for Laos. Two-thirds of electricity generated in the country is sold
Attapeu folk continue to unearth alabaster despite ban (VT)
The high sale price of alabaster has brought local people flocking to Phoukanghong Mountain in Attapeu province, where they have been digging up blocks of the mineral to sell, despite a government ban on its removal.  Locals told Vientiane Times yesterday that villagers were continuing to remove the rocks illegally and with great enthusiasm
Luang Prabang - Culture at a Crossroads (Bangkok Post)

The wintry morning mist recedes to reveal ancient golden temples resplendent even in a light drizzle. Hundreds of monks in saffron robes glide in a single line toward pilgrims waiting on their knees with pots of sticky rice ready to be offered.  The almsgiving ritual unfolds the way it has every day for centuries, when suddenly a local tour guide points
Greenies seek Suhakam’s help to probe to probe dam project in Laos (Yahoo)
In its first cross-border request, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) was today asked to investigate a Malaysian company said to be involved in the construction of a controversial hydroelectric dam in Laos, which environmentalists claim will displace thousands of people who have made their homes along the Mekong River.
Luang Prabang, Laos is a city of no worries (News)
ASHLEY Emmerton, 23, from Guyra NSW, had always wanted to teach English overseas but choosing to teach novice Buddhist monks in an ancient protected city was unlike anything she’d done before. A teacher by profession, Ashley packed up her bags and headed to the city of Luang Prabang in Laos to volunteer with Global Vision International (GVI).
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... Delays expected in national road rollout (VT)
... UN backs protection of women, children in Laos (VT)
... More than 7,600 Lao workers return from Thailand (VT)
... Laos is acting responsibly on Mekong dam project (Nation)
... New Zealand - Best friends put Lao cuisine on the radar (Stuff)
... Lao-Thai: Despite downturn, auto lenders redouble efforts (BP)
... 3rd quarter road accidents kill almost 180 people nationwide (VT)
... Investor: Finance available to develop Khammuan's mega project (VT)
... Organizers: Lao-Hmong New Year to embrace both now and then (WDH)
... Detained Christians in Laos Have Been Released, Pastor Remains in Custody
... Laos enters negotiation on EU FLEGT (VT)
... Discover the blissful peace of Laos (Spectator)
... Laos greatly challenged by UXO clearance (VT)
... Contraceptive Implant Launched In Laos (Brunei Direct)
... PetroLao in Vietnam's $300 mln oil pipeline deal (Reuters)
... Laos on track for UXO development goal target (XinhuaNet)
... Opposition to Laos dam takes complaint to Malaysia (PPP)
... Laos announces population census, calls for cooperation (Nation)
... Port Hope book sale raises $6,400 for Adopt a Village in Laos (NN)
... Lao-Hmong are shaped by flight from homeland (Pakistan Defense)
... Education, agriculture, governance benefit from EU funding boost (VT)
... Veterans of Vietnam, Lao-Hmong continue to push for burial rights (CO)
... Laopocalypse Now: Fear, poetry, and the end of the world (Daily Planet)
... Lao-Thai: Trade keeps growing at Chong Mek in Ubon Ratchathani (NNT)
... Soccer: Myanmar, Laos top regional quintet (FIFA)

... China’s Guangdong to boost tourism links with Laos (VT)

... Soccer: Azkals face Laotians in Suzuki Cup next month (ABS)

... Laos announces population census, calls for cooperation (Nation)

... Govt needs 30.69 trillion kip (~ $3.8 billion) to boost growth rate (VT)

... Presidential term limits discussed at constitution-amendment seminar (VT)

... UXO accidents within MDG target, rates remain too high for complacency (VT)

... Authorities seek more interest, entrants for Nam Ngum tourism development (VT)

... Rugby is more than a game in Laos (IRB)
... Seven days for census survey in Laos (VT)
... Laos - Through the Eyes of the Locals (NG)
... Closer eye cast over current, future investments (VT)
... Policy developers shape constitutional amendments (VT)
... Xieng Khuang UXO education project enters 2nd phase (VT)
... North Korean defectors SK-bound after Laos release (NK News)
... NGOs Petition Malaysian Human Rights Body Over Laos Dam (RFA)
... Youth Friendship Village Launched In Laos-Vietnam Border (Bernama)
... Mining Visit Strengthens Ties Between Laos And Australia (Brunei Direct)
... Pro-environment group wants Suhakam to probe dam project in Laos (Yahoo)
... Provincial Assembly establishment debated at constitution-amendment seminar
... Hungary, Laos discuss agriculture, trade (BBJ)
... Laos moving to sustainable economic growth (VT)
... Lao-Australian: Turning A Hobby Into A Business (Yahoo)
... Thai Airways resumes its service to Luang Prabang (NNT)
... New project in Laos to strengthen public administration (VT)
... Local authorities in Vientiane: Don't encroach on forest areas (VT)
... Nationwide awareness critical to the advancement of women (VT)
... Pick up the pace on poverty alleviation as per President's advice (VT)
... Soccer: Laos and Myanmar through to 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup (ESPN FC)
... Eternal Harvest: The Impact of War’s Legacy on Farming and Food in Laos
... Triple heart bypass survivor raises $4,000 for two Laotiam schools (AsiaOne)
... Vietnam’s growth rate could fall behind Laos, Cambodia: experts (VietnamNet)

October 13-19, 2014

Laotians Bristle at Plan to Erect Ho Chi Minh Statue in Vientiane (RFA)
Laotians expressed concerns that placing a statue of Ho Chi Minh in the capital of Laos would suggest that the country is under the influence of Vietnam. “I think it’s strange to erect a monument to Ho Chi Minh in Laos,” a Laotian said in an RFA call-in show recently. “We are an independent country. If Lao leaders do this, ... this land may no longer belong to Laos.”
Mekong communities seek injunction on Xayaburi Dam deal (Nation)
A NETWORK of Thai people living in provinces along the Mekong River yesterday lodged a petition with the Administrative Court in Bangkok, seeking an injunction on the power-purchasing agreement of the controversial Xayaburi hydro-power project in Laos. "Today's plea for an injunction follows the decision by Thailand's Supreme Administrative Court
Laos silently side-steps scrutiny of controversial Mekong dam project (Nation)

Following a meeting of the Mekong River Committee's (MRC) Joint Committee earlier this month in Phnom Penh, the MRC has finally confirmed the start date for prior consultation on the Don Sahong Dam as July 25. The Don Sahong is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River in the Siphandone area of Champasak Province, southern Laos. 
Don Sahong Dam ‘Prior Consultation’ to Begin (Cambodia Daily)
The Cambodia National Mekong Committee will soon begin meeting with villagers in Stung Treng province to gauge their concerns over the controversial Don Sahong dam, which Laos has proposed to build on the Mekong River 1.5 km from the Cambodian border. In 2013, Laos announced its intention to begin construction by that year’s end
Laos issues third lot of baht bonds in response to high demand (Nation)
Laos has underscored its confidence in the Thai capital market with the third batch of bond issues totalling Bt4.5 billion with the option to add more, the funds to be invested in development of the energy sector. This third lot, made available early this month, is a response to overwhelming demand shown in the previous two bond issues. 
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos opens new attraction (TTR Weekly)

... Unite to tackle gender equality in Laos (VT)

... Health coverage in Laos goes universal (VT)

... Academics touchdown as EU increases links (VT)

... New Nam Theun 2 outlets to serve agriculture (VT)

... China approves rail links to Myanmar and Laos (Rail Journal)

... Lao Govt speeds up social security coverage expansion (VT)

... Encroaching on conservation is prohibited, Lao officials say (VT)

... Six N. Korean defectors caught in Laos, activists demand release (Arirang)

... BeerLao Awards Scholarships To Underprivileged Students (Brunei Direct)

... Roads paved with tourist traps (BP)

... Lao PM asks auditors to work diligently (VT)

... Laos' EDL-Gen to raise B6-8bn for projects (BP)

... Lao Brewery Company puts 300 scholarships on tap (VT)

... Sacombank Launches International Bank Cards In Laos (BD)

... Thai NEDA may provide loans for road infrastructure in Laos (VT)

... Luang Prabang Escape at Belmond La Résidence Phou Vao (LTM)

... Bangkok, activists and citizens file suit to stop Xayaburi dam (AsiaNews)

... Mekong residents file petition aimed at derailing Laos' Xayaburi dam (BP)

... Vietnam to open new flight path through Laos, Cambodia next year (TNN)

... Financial difficulties hindering road development, maintenance in Laos (VT)

... Laos takes pole position in ASEAN Football Federation Cup qualifiers (BSN)

... Local authorities slow to report back on communicable disease preparation (VT)

... Laos: Why you should visit in 2015 (AOL)
... Lao Govt needs to invest more in irrigation (VT)
... Soccer: Cambodia done in by late Laos' blast (PPP)
... Laos to generate 15,000 mln kWh in 2015 (XinhuaNet)
... U.S. to assist Laos with hydropower management (VT)
... Strategy on climate change awareness still awaiting funds (VT)
... High cost of state funded projects in Laos sparks concerns (VT)
... Door opens to foreign workers as locals fail to fill labour gaps (VT)
... UK Trade Envoy Makes Third Official Visit To Laos (Brunei Direct)
... Lao-Thai: Police rescue two minors from Nong Khai brothel (Nation)
... Laos Boosts Handicraft Production In Preparation For AEC (Bernama)
... York student planning volunteer trip to help elephants in Laos (York Press)
... Lao ambassador meets Thailand's Chief of Defence Forces (Pattaya Mail)
... Exhibition features Lao handicrafts (VT)
... Raising standards gets recognition (VT)
... Ministry hails diplomatic achievements (VT)
... Calls flow for Laos' dam to be canned (PPP)
... Cooperation efforts reaffirm Laos-Vietnam links (VT)
... Marijuana smuggled from Laos seized (Vietnam News)
... Public Discussions Planned for Controversial Laos Dam (VOA)
... Soccer: Laos and Timor Leste open Suzuki Cup qualification with victories
... Scientific seminar puts economics, agriculture, health under microscope (VT)
... Lao-Thai: Fibre optic link under study (Nation)
... Laos tourism school wins global award (Travel Mole)
... Logistic Park plays part in strengthening land links (VT)
... Lao Warrior Kenji's Story to premiere in Raleigh (WNCN)
... Lao-American Obituary: Ly Hemsouvanh (News Gazette)
... Plenty of challenges for Laos' home affairs to address (VT)
... 'In Laos, food is a focal point for family life' (Plymouth Herald)
... Consult quickly: Door closing on Laos dam input period (PPP)
... Laotian organic fertiliser companies look towards AEC (Nation)
... Lengsavad: Boost agriculture production for future population (VT)
... Lao Army Press Delegation Visits Viet Military Units (Brunei Direct)
... Powerhouse Laos Offers Burma a Fix to Electricity Woes (Irrawady)
... Shrimp stock rebound a welcome development in Luang Prabang (VT)
... Global commodity price drops knock resources revenue off target (VT)
... Chat with natives at Big Brother Mouse in Luang Prabang, Laos (LA Times)
... Connectivity among the main topics for 10th ASEM Summit in Milan, Italy (VT)

October 6-12, 2014

Enjoy a tranquil escape down the Mekong in Laos (City A.M.)
It’s a short journey from Chiang Rai in Thailand to the north-eastern corner of Laos – and to a border crossing that evokes the days before the onslaught of soulless airports and mega-brand domination. Despite the recent opening of the “Friendship Bridge” spanning the Mekong River the small town of Houeyxai is still a good place to drop your gear, grab a Beer Lao
Boat racing festivities mark the end of Lent (VT)
Lao people across the country flocked to their nearest temples yesterday morning or travelled further afield to join relatives in their home towns to present offerings to monks and mark the end of Buddhist Lent ( Boun Ork Phansa ). In the early morning most of the temples were packed with devotees, with both the young and old arriving in traditional dress to give alms
Lower Mekong dams [like in Laos] continue to draw protest (FSRN)
In northern Laos construction is underway on the $3.5 billion Xayaburi Dam. There’s also a planned 260 megawatt Don Sahong dam near the border of northern Cambodia and Thailand. The Xayaburi Dam is being built by a Thai construction company with financial backing from Thai banks. Almost all the electricity produced is to be sold to Thailand.
Lao economic growth expected to moderate to 7.5%: WB (China EN)
Lao economic growth is expected to moderate to 7.5 percent in 2014 due to lower direct output contribution from resource sectors, according to the World Bank's biannual East Asia and Pacific Economic Update on Monday. The 7.5 percent figure was revised from an initial projection of 7.2 percent due to updated information on the performance of wood exports
UK cigarette firm criticised over Laos tobacco tax deal (Guardian)
A British tobacco giant has been accused of depriving taxpayers in Laos, one of Asia's poorest countries, of tens of millions of pounds, having struck a special tax deal with its government lasting a quarter of a century. Health campaigners claim the agreement has kept cigarette prices in the country low, which encourages younger people to take up smoking.
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Norway pledges continuous UXO assistance (VT)
... Traditional boat racing crown goes to Luang Prabang (VT)
... KOICA to assist village development projects in Laos (VT)
... Southeast Asia Gets Crafty In Luring Visitors (Travel Pulse)
... Vaccine help a shot in the arm for health sector in Laos (VT)
... Lao boat racing festival captures nation's heart (Global Post)
... Public offices in Vientiane close without official announcement (VT)
... Thailand-Laos jointly host annual boat race event in Mukdahan (NNT)
... Task force helps 55 Lao-Hmong immigrants earn U.S. citizenship (CT)
... Laos: ASEAN discusses strategies to strengthen assistance for victims of UXO
... Vietnam, Laos share experience (VNN)
... Savannakhet attracts more tourists (TTR Weekly)
... Obituary: Chanla Sisoukrath, 84 (Davidson News)
... South Korea Pledges To Fund Laos' UXO Clearance (BD)
... Village organisational structure, a hot Sam Sang topic (VT)
... Ministry undertaking survey and design on Road No. 11 (VT)
... There are ways to repay unapproved debt, minister says (VT)
... Domestic, foreign sources tapped to cover revenue shortfall (VT)
... One million Asian children living with blindness (Medical Express)
... Calls For Transboundary Impact Studies For Mekong Dams (RFA)
... US Satellites to Help Mekong River Region Deal with Climate Change (MS)
... New state investment projects get the cut (VT)
... Lao Govt: Govt: Poor families target 7.11 percent (VT)
... Teachers give paymasters poor grades for wage wait (VT)
... Madison in 100 objects: Lao-Hmong story cloth (Wisc. SJ)
... Lao officials assess irrigation and flood control project (VT)
... Laos learns economic management ideas from Vietnam (VT)
... Vietnam cops arrest wanted drug trafficker at Lao border (TNN)
... Laos: Ka Xiong Proud Of Winning American Film Week 2014 (BD)
... Laos Releases House Church Christians, But Pastor Detained (BNL)
... Up to ten mine projects in Laos could have concessions revoked (VT)
... Lao-Thai Border: Tourists arriving in Nong Khai for Naga fireball phenomenon
... Laos, Finland cement cooperation (VT)
... Too many Laotians still waiting for toilets (VT)
... China Gives New Pledge on Lao Rail Project (RFA)
... Social security system opens up for individuals (VT)
... Laos flood damage assessed at over US$20.44m (ANN)
... Deputy PM Lengsavad advises on energy policy review (VT)

... New UNICEF representative in Laos speaks on nutrition (VT)
... 13 trafficked Lao females rescued in Thailand (Bangkok Post)

... Teachers in Laos need to develop themselves continuously, PM says (VT)

... Lao-Thai Border: Tourists flock to Nakhon Phanom to view boat procession

... USAID, Nasa Using Technology For Development In Lower Mekong (Bernama)

... Laos extends yield curve (IFR Asia)
... Son Ho Joon cries as he leaves Laos (AllKPop)
... Southern Lao officials learn to be project writers (VT)
... Lao-Thai: 330kg ganja seized in Nakhon Phanom (BP)
... Students debate to celebrate World Population Day (VT)
... DPM calls for speed-up of labour skills training in Laos (VT)
... Lao-Hmong population one of the fastest growing in U.S. (SR)
... Southeast Asian Cinema: A Seedling Straining to Thrive (Yahoo)
... Vietnam police on Laos border seize over 53 kilos of heroin (TNN)
... Kids in remote areas of Laos to benefit from better oral health (VT)
... Four Luang Prabang hotels and restaurants achieve ‘The Mark' (VT)

... Fred Branfman, who exposed secret U.S. bombing of Laos, dies at 72 (WP)

Sep. 29 - Oct 5, 2014

Australians part of Lao plane memorial (AAP/Yahoo)
Laos will invite the families of six Australians, who perished in a 2013 Lao Airlines crash, to memorial ceremonies in November. The ATR 7620 twin turbo prop aircraft crashed in severe weather into the Mekong River on its approach to the Pakse Airport in Champasak province in southern Laos on October 16 last year. All 49 passengers and crew were killed.
Eucalyptus planting starts before approval granted (VT)

Boualapha Agriculture and Forestry Company has already planted some areas of eucalyptus in Hinheup district, Vientiane province prior to being given official approval.  A provincial official of the National Resources and Environment Department Mr Ounheuan Keophomma told Vientiane Times on Wed. that the company was planning to plant over 4,000 hectares
Experts say assessment of Laos’ dam unconvincing (VietnamNet)
Speaking at the conference on Laos’ Don Sahong hydropower project held in Can Tho City on September 25, Nguyen Huu Thien, an independent expert, said when a certain project is suspected to cause harms to humans or the environment, the investor has to prove the contrary. “In this case, Laos has to prove Don Sahong hydropower dam will not impact
Seven Christians Arrested in Laos for Meeting for Worship (CM or BNL)
Local officials in Laos arrested seven Christians for meeting for worship on Sunday (Sept. 28), according to a rights group.  The chief of Boukham village, in Atsaphangthong District, Savannakhet Province, along with village security officials and police arrested the Christians as they ate lunch after meeting for worship in the home of pastor Sompong Supatto
Japan Inc. Goes Deeper Into Southeast Asia like Laos (Wall Street Journal)
Japanese companies are turning to Southeast Asia's frontier markets in search of cheaper labor, stepping into territory that until now has been firmly in China's sphere of influence. Take Savannakhet, a town on the banks of the Mekong river where eight Japanese companies have recently started operations. They include camera-lens producer Nikon Corp
Chinese tourist numbers continue to soar (VT)
 The data shows the number of Chinese visitors was put at 111,898 in the first quarter of 2014, an increase of 50 percent compared to the same period last year. In 2013, over 245,000 Chinese tourists visited Laos, which was an increase of 23 percent over 2012, thanks to improved facilities and better connectivity between Laos and China. 
Other stories about Laos around the world
... Laos to welcome 4 million (TTR Weekly)

... Laos' dam promises are ‘a facade’ (PPP)

... 175 people killed in Vientiane road accidents (VT)

... Laos marks International Day of Older Persons (VT)

... PanAust’s Phu Kham operations back to work (FNN)

... Urban beautification project slated for Mekong riverside (VT)

... 2nd America Film Week Held In Vientiane Capital (Brunei Direct)

... Lao Pop-up Restaurant To Open in San Francisco (Asian Week)

... Child Sexual Exploitation to Worsen in SE Asia (Voice of America)

... Lao Govt creates more than 250,000 jobs over past four years (VT)

... NUOL begins e-Learning for Economics, Business Management (VT)

... NGOs Say Proposed Guidelines Would Hamstring Lao Civil Society (RFA)

... Laos to re-open its embassy in London (VT)
... HotelQuickly enters Myanmar and Laos (e27)
... Lao Govt announces poverty reduction week (VT)
... Bokeo slated for international airport (TTR Weekly)
... Govt in charge of surveying for alabaster in Attapeu (VT)
... Hintonburg's hidden Southeast Asian lunch counter (OC)
... Govt draws up labour training, social welfare roadmap (VT)
... Laos and Cambodia: Quick trip for travelers in a hurry (LA Times)
... UI teaching assistant researching rare Lao language (Daily Iowan)
... Soutsakhone Soukphaly: Building Her Dreams, Insuring Yours (SST)
... Laos receives more aid than planned (VT)
... Work of love aids Lao people (Liverpool Champion)
... Global unrest affects LDC development efforts (VT)
... SN Power takes shares in Laos project (Water PM)
... Military hospitality to add new image for Vientiane (VT)
... Korean govt supports green development in Laos (VT)
... War and Peace: Jewelry for the Next Generation (EonI)
... Deputy PM calls for teleconference improvements (VT)
... PanAust worker injured amid security scare (SBS or DT)
... Lao delegation on ICT study tour in Thailand (Pattaya Mail)
... British, Lao officials meet ahead of Lao embassy reopening (Global Post)
... Mega First Berhad : Laos dam threatens fishermens' livelihoods (4-Traders)
... Persecution continues in Laos as Christians are detained for meeting to pray
... World's stability, prosperity inseparable from China's development: Lao official
... Vietnam, Laos talk human rights (VNN)
... Luang Prabang on the Mark (TTR Weekly)
... Laos popular among Chinese travellers (Nation)
... Panyathip family funds Sangha college upgrade (VT)
... Govt purchases electricity for centralised management (VT)
... MOFA urges Taiwanese to beware of personal safety in Laos (TN)
... Canada Rare hired by Laos refinery for BD services (Stock Watch)
... Efficiency must be a priority in the transport sector, minister says (VT)
... Copper and gold mining ‘major source of revenue’ despite price falls (VT)
... Adverse conditions stop poorer countries reaching devpt goals, Laos tells UN
... Lao-Thai: Bugs in the system (Economist)
... Laos tourism targets affluent Thai visitors (Nation)
... Vietnam, Laos Boost Cross-Border Trade (Bernama)
... Vientiane authorities design city plan for 450-Year Road (VT)
... Korean customs sector to assist Lao revenue collection (VT)
... Lao-American: Services this weekend for slain hunter (13 WHAM)
... Lao farm products to enjoy Chinese market access, minister says (VT)
... A Hmong-American leader describes the changing role of women (PPG)
... Ubon sees ‘arn ma’ as permanent check point to Laos & Cambodia (NNT)
... Laos: Ministry launches competition to promote highest achievements (VT)
... Laotian family returns to region years after a local church sponsored ... (TN)
... Hmong families, once fleeing violence in Laos, now living the American Dream

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